Modern Mastery: Sylvia Thompson

This installment of our Modern Mastery series features the elegant works of New Orleans-based Sylvia Thompson of Sylvia T. Designs. She uses Modern Masters in unique and creative ways for many of her decorative finishes on various surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. We were so happy to come upon her work on social media and are equally happy to share her artistry with you.

Sylvia began painting as a teenager by taking lessons from local artists and then graduated from Louisiana State University with an Architecture degree. During this time, she developed an understanding of design, composition and color harmony. “I also grew up in the New Orleans area which helped form my artistic identity. I find the city inspirational with its raw and beautiful character,” she shares. With this knowledge, Sylvia began her decorative painting business, Sylvia T. Designs, in 1994, specializing in artistically rendered faux and plaster finishes, murals as well as furniture and cabinetry refinishing.

Metallic Paint and Stenciling on Elegant Powder Bath

Stenciling with Metallic Paints | ShimmerStone on Ceiling | Modern Masters Project by Sylvia T Designs Pale Gold and Antique Bronze Metallic Paint were used the stencil the Foliate Damask Stencil from Royal Design Studio on the bath walls. A lovely custom shade of ShimmerStone on the ceiling completes the look.


What are some of your favorite Modern Masters products?

My go-to Modern Masters products is the Metallic Paint Collection. My most often used color is Pale Gold.

Copper Metallic Paint on Range Hood | Project by Sylvia T DesignsAfter prepping the hood, Sylvia based it with Benjamin Moore’s Audubon Russet. She then applied Copper Metallic Paint to the insets and Antique Copper Metallic Paint to the trim while an English Brown Metallic Paint overglaze helped complete the look.


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Modern Masters products have allowed me to continually offer high quality and artistically rendered finishes to my clients!

Striped Walls with Metallic Paint | Project by Sylvia T Designs with Modern Masters

Stripes with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Sylvia T DesignsClassic stripes take on a modern look with a chic color combination of blue and white with our Brass Metallic Paint.


What has been your most rewarding project?

The most rewarding project I did was a mural for a nursing home, Colonial Oaks Living Center in Metairie, LA. Most of the residents have been life-long New Orleanians. I painted the mural on an exterior blank wall of their covered patio. The mural was based on City Park incorporating native plants, trees and shrubs.  It was so rewarding to see smiles on the residents and their family members faces as they watched me paint the mural! They really enjoyed interacting with me while I was working!

Metallic Paints on Door and Stenciled Walls | Modern Masters | Project by Sylvia ThompsonPale Gold Metallic Paint on Ceiling and Walls | Modern Masters Project by Sylvia T DesignsStunning Hallway with Modern Masters Metallic Paints on Door, Ceilings and Stenciled Walls | Artistry by Sylvia ThompsonThe hallway is quite long with bedrooms off to each side and the master suite at the end. The owner wanted to create greater interest in the hallway so sylvia sprayed the ceiling with Pale Gold Metallic Paint. she used the same to stencil with the Anna Damask from Cutting Edge Stencils on the walls above the wainscoting.


We hope you’ve enjoyed Sylvia’s beautiful decorative artistry!  Many thanks to Sylvia for sharing her wonderful Modern Masters projects with us.  Be sure to visit her website, Sylvia T. Designs, to see more of her work and follow her on Facebook to keep up with her future projects.  Have an inspired day!

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