On P.A.C.E. with Modern Masters!

Modern Masters had an opportunity to work with decorative artist Ellie Ellis, owner of Platinum Training Center Elite Artistry, and the Cascadian Artisans Guild on a deserving school philanthropic project. We recently chatted with Ellie about the program and the resulting artistry by the group, who all volunteered their time and efforts.  We hope you enjoy the whimsical and colorful artistry that brought joy to both students and staff!

Decorative Artist Ellie Ellis in front of a Metallic Plaster Wall Mural

Decorative Artist Ellie Ellis

P.A.C.E. is a program of the North Clackamas School District in Oregon that provides teen moms a high school education, parenting skills and an opportunity to further their education and training for a career while at the same time, offering onsite childcare for their infants and toddlers. Without the P.A.C.E. (Parenting, Academics, Careers and Employment) program, many of these mothers and their children would be condemned to a cycle of poverty.

Oregon's Cascadian Artist Guild

Cascadian Artisans Guild

Decorative artist Ellie Ellis, who had a personal connection to the program via her daughter Talitha, was struck with the facility’s plain white and grey walls as well as their lack of beauty and stimulation.  She says, “Being an artist, I want to create beauty around me, and it is important for these moms and children to have beauty around them. I thought, What if our guild took this on as a philanthropic project and we bring our combined talents to beautify the school for the teen moms, their children and the dedicated staff that work at P.A.C.E.?”. The guild wholeheartedly agreed to donate their time and talents and with the help of a few donations, including products from Modern Masters, they converged on the facility while it was closed for spring break.

Cloud Sky Mural in NurseryWall Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colors were used by artists Kasey Shantz and Carolyn Johnson Bell to achieve a beautiful cloud mural in the nursery room. Kasey wanted a cool blue color that would emulate evening without being too dark and also set upon painting several ‘benevolent moons’ so that the children would feel comfortable and relaxed.

Hallway Kids Mural with Sun done with Modern Masters Metallic PaintsArtist Melissa Barrett wanted a bright entry spot after spying the dreary area. The walls were repainted a cheery yellow and she then used Glazing Cream Colors and Metallic Paints for her joyful mural which included a happy sun with rainbow eyes set against a plaid background with the school’s colors.

Metallic Plaster Mural by Ellie Ellis | Modern MastersMural with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster by Ellie EllisOne of the various areas Ellie tackled herself was the breastfeeding room for the young mothers. She used a mix of Metallic Paint, Wall Glazing Cream and Metallic Plaster for the beautiful wall finish and starry skyline mural. The silhouettes include New York, Portland and Rome amongst beautiful ocean blue evening colors.  An inspiring quote was stenciled along the top wall areas of the room.

Tree Mural with Modern Masters Metallic Paints by Terry Leibenguth

A Gustav Klimt-inspired tree was painted by artist Terry Hansen Leibenguth.  She used metallic paints in blue and yellow to reflect the school’s colors.  Each young mother will be able to put her and her child’s name on a foam flower to hang from the branches in order to give them a sense of belonging.

Toddler Room Mural | Modern Masters Project by Ellie EllisThe toddler room received an incredible mural makeover! Artist Kathryn Owens used the Glazing Cream Colors for her wraparound cottage mural which included an expanded faux doorway, a playful dog and a roofline with various birds and butterflies. A bus was also handpainted underneath the coat hooks and the children’s photos will be placed inside the windows of the bus.  Kathryn had never used the Glazing Cream Colors before this project but says, “They are the best paints that I have ever used!”.

Monochromatic Blue Mural by Ellie Ellis with Modern Masters ProductsAbove, Ellie is working on a monochromatic blue mural for the girls bathroom with Wall Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colors. She also incorporated several Modern Masters Stencils. At the school entry below, Ellie used Venetian Blue Metallic Paint to add an inspiring quote for the staff, students and children.

Lettering Mural with Modern Masters Venetian Blue Metallic Paint | Ellie EllisWhen the students and staff came back on the Monday after spring break, they found an entirely different school waiting for them. One staff person said, with tears rolling down her cheeks, “What we feel in our hearts for the children and moms is now expressed on our walls”.  We are so proud to have been involved in such a worthy project – many thanks to Ellie Ellis for sharing her story, images and project with us!

P.A.C.E. Group


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