Tips & Tools for Choosing the Perfect Front Door Color

Choosing the Perfect Front Door ColorA front door can make a big impact in the overall beauty and curb appeal of your home. It’s one of the first things a guest sees and has reemerged as the focal point that connects the occupants of a home with their personal style. Since recently introducing a new collection, Front Door Paint, we have received a lot of questions on prepwork and proper tools but also on how to choose the best color for an entrance.  Read on for our best front door color tips and a great tool we created to help you pick the perfect shade for an unforgettable first impression.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint


Whether a Georgian, Tudor, Mediterranean or Contemporary among other styles, the design of a home can help guide you on a great choice of exterior colors that are appropriate for the home. The bright pastels that work gloriously on a Victorian might not be the best choice for a more traditional design. A more modern home can support a bold color choice and a gorgeous monotone scheme as well. That being said, rules are made to be broken! Choosing a casual shade can make a formal entrance less rigid and an elegant shade can add a touch of drama to an understated entrance.


It’s important to also take into account many of the external factors.  Roofing, landscaping and the various materials used to create the home, such as wood or brick, can significantly help guide the final color choice for a front door. Coordinating other elements, such as shutters and trim, is also key to creating a complimentary color scheme that has room for wonderful contrasts.


Homeowners usually change the color of their front door every seven years. When choosing a new color, take advantage of the change to create the impact you’d like. A light or vibrant hue brings a fresh energy to a home and a darker, more subdued color can give a sense of peace and tranquility.  Choosing a color such as a daring yellow or a cheerful coral can look beautiful in the summer next to a blooming garden and add a dose of joy during the winter doldrums.  A deep purple is unexpected and yet can exert a distinguished sophistication. Note that doors with glass can handle brighter colors and that using an unexpected shade can add the perfect finishing touch to a carefully chosen exterior color scheme.  The front door is a blank canvas that can be used to reflect personality while adding a flattering style to your home.


Modern Masters Front Door Paint App

Using color theory, emerging trends and the Emotional Color Wheel as a guide, 24 distinctive Front Door Paint colors were created. Want to see which is the one for you?  Our free Front Door Paint Android App and Front Door Paint iPhone App instantly lets you see which color will transform your front door.

Front Door Paint Options

Keeping these three tips in mind, it’s wonderful to find The Perfect Color — and incredibly disheartening to see it fade due to a variety of elements, including winter weather, sunshine and a general breakdown of the paints. Front Door Paint was cover easily, dry quickly and NEVER fade. It’s also super easy to work with! Blogger Debbie Hays had a front door makeover and says, “This is the smoothest, easiest water based paint. Almost sad at how fast the project happened.” We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and are inspired to transform your front door.  Leave us any questions you’d like in the comments and be sure to share your projects with us!

You can find Front Door Paint at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardware shops, Amazon and the Modern Masters online shop.


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  6. You wrote in this article that you should choose a door that matches the roof, surrounding landscape, and various other materials used to decorate your home. I’ve been thinking about replacing my door and wanted to get some tips. I’ll probably base the door color on the overall color of my home, so all I need to do now is find a service that specializes in doors that provide high levels of security. Thanks for the great read.

  7. Hi, I have black wrought iron at front of house. What colour do you suggest for the front door? At present it is white. The house is a traditional semi with a support over the front door. At present the door is a tired white. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.

    Michael Quigley

    • Hi, Michael! You would need to take into account the color of your home (and shutters), too. If you’d like, let us know the colors. We have a free Front Door Paint app available on both iOs and Android. Snap a pic of your home and scroll through the colors to see which would work best. We hope this helps!

  8. I am having exterior of my home painted. Body is stucco, wood front door and siding. Presently it is a light gray with white trim and front door, and black awnings on side and back windows. Our HOA does have Dunn Edwards paint schemes but I am thinking dark gray, whitish trim and not sure if I should do front door black, navy blue or raspberry color. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Each one of your suggestions: black, dark blue, or a raspberry would look amazing! The raspberry color would bring the most pop of color. We would suggest trying out our free Front Door Paint app so that you can take a pic of your front door and try out the colors. Keep us posted, Cindy!

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