Inspiring Doors of Europe

Doorways offer so many possibilities – they could be an entrance to an incredible space, the entryway to the warmth of family or a path into the unexpected, to name a few.  We love incredible doors and it’s part of the reason we recently introduced our amazing Front Door Paint with 24 colors based on the Emotional Color Wheel. We also love historic doors and we found several European beauties to share with you. Care to cross the threshold with us?

Ornamental Door in ParisThis is a gorgeous ornamental coral door in the historic Parisian district of Le Marais. If you like this beautiful shade, our Cheerful or Motivated Front Door Paint would be up your alley!

Art Nouveau-inspired door in Brussels, GermanyRed is one of the most popular colors for a front door. What do you think of this shape and shade?  Not all reds are the same so we have three reds to choose from – Ambitious, Sophisticated and Passionate – in our Front Door Paint line. Photographed by Berend.

Green Doorway in Bremen, GermanyGreen and Orange are secondary colors and work well for this entrance in Bremen, Germany. For this hue, we recommend Fortunate, Natural and Successful as your Front Door Paint Color choices.

Beautiful Yellow Door in PortugalPortugal is a breathtaking country and their doors are no less striking.  Here’s a bright yellow to add sunshine to your day!  If you are considering a bold front door and like sunny shades, consider Happy, Optimistic and Confident – three yellow colors that are sure to delight.

Incredible Patinated Oxidized Door in SpainYou can always have an oxidized finish for your door! This grand entrance, photographed by Hans van den Berg, is in Spain and makes you wonder what awaits behind the patinated portal.  You can recreate this look to a T with our Metal Effects products.

Stunning Doorway in Venice, ItalyVenice. Incredible city, incredible details. This doorway clearly showcases how weathered paint and distressed patinas mix easily to create wonderful surfaces.

Lavendar Lilac Parisian DoorPerhaps a touch of plum or a regal purple for you? This tall doorway in Paris’ Palais-Royal, photographed by M Jack, has incredible charm and might be your inspiration! Radiant Orchid was Pantone’s Color of the Year and if you love lilacs and lavenders too, try our Front Door Paint in either Spiritual, Playful or Spontaneous.

Paris Door with Hardware and Embedded DesignsParis also comes in brown – and patinas! This lovely door was photographed by Nichole Robertson. Want to recreate it? Our Metal Effects Rust finish is the key to this treatment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the visual tour of these gorgeous European entrances. Tell us – have you been inspired to enhance all your doors with color?

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