Modern Mastery: Kindra Benge & Ashlie Bickford

We love when decorative painting studios share their Modern Masters projects with us! Ashlie Bickford and Kindra Binge of A Fabulous Finish posted a few of projects on our Facebook fan page and we were taken with their creativity and talent. We’re happy to share our chat with them about their studio and their artistry!

Kindra Benge and Ashlie Bickford of A Fabulous Finish Studio in TexasKindra Benge and Ashlie Bickford are cousins from The Woodlands, Texas and both are the artists behind A Fabulous Finish. Each has a passion for the arts and design that they learned from a very young age. Growing up, they helped in their grandfather’s family business, Houston’s Burkes Upholstery. Summers were filled with answering phones, interacting with interior designers that came through looking for the perfect fabric and helping the designers pick the perfect wingback chair or just the right feet for their sofa. They absorbed all their business and decor experiences and in 2002, decided to make their own mark in the design world by offering their artistic skills with their own decorative painting company. The economy in Texas is booming for them and they feel extremely blessed to have been working so many years in a business they love!

Beautiful Wall and Ceiling Finishes with Modern Masters | Artist: A Fabulous Finish

The master bedroom walls have a soft, random stencil in Antique Bronze Metallic Paint peeking through Venetian Plaster.  The Ceiling is done in a mixture of Antique Bronze, Antique Copper and English Brown from the Metallic Paint Collection.


What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?

We would have to say our most challenging project was one in which we had the largest indoor scaffolding inside a residence we’ve experienced. To say the project was stressful is an understatement. The project included lots and lots of Modern Masters Antique Bronze!

Handpainted Modern Masters Metallic Barrel Celing by A Fabulous Finish Studio

Modern Masters Metallic Plasters in Espresso and Aged Gold were first troweled over gold foil. Ornamental swirls were then handpainted with both English Brown and Pale Gold Metallic Paints.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

For a long time we struggled in getting our metallic finishes “just right”. We tried everything and nothing seemed to sparkle just the way we wanted it to! So, we tried Modern Masters and haven’t stopped since! We use Modern Masters on almost every job, from glazes, Metallics, Venetian Plaster, etc. It really is a great line of products.

Stenciled Cabinets with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | A Fabulous FinishStenciled kitchen cabinetry with Modern Masters Metallic Paints.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster and Metallic Paints on Bedroom Walls by A Fabulous Finish

The bedroom walls were based in champagne metallic paint. a tight layer of champagne metallic plaster was then dragged over the base to allow the metallic to shine through.

Metallic Paints help create cheetah spots for a striking nice | Modern MastersPale Gold Metallic Paint base is painted over with English Brown Metallic Paint for a fab faux cheetah spots look.

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

While Ashlie and I love to use the Metallic Paint Collection, we probably enjoy using the Venetian Plaster the most. We love to use it on canvas art in a “dragged textured style”.  They are smooth, easy to use and can be tinted to any color.

Art Niches with Modern Masters products by A Fabulous Finish

The art niches were done in Teal Metallic Paint and Aged Gold Metallic Plaster dragged in a linear fashion. Striking!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the artistry of Kindra and Ashlie – many thanks to them both for sharing their projects with us!  Please be sure to visit their studio website, A Fabulous Finish, as well as follow them on their Facebook page, where they love to give tips, share their projects and both encourage and interact with their fans. Have an inspired day!

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2 thoughts on “Modern Mastery: Kindra Benge & Ashlie Bickford

  1. I absolutely love these walls! Can you mix the metallic paints with glaze? To get the ceiling effect in the above picture with the three metallic colors, was there a specific technique that was used?

    • Hi, Rhonda! Thank you so much – and yes, we agree that their work is beautiful! Many artists mix our Metallic Paints with glaze and you can also work them into each other without it – it depends on the look you are going for. We do not know the specific technique they used to achieve their finish, but you can mottle the paints together with brushes, rags or other decorative painting tools. We suggest trying the mix on a sample board with various tools at your disposal to see which finish you enjoy the most. We hope this has helped – please keep us posted! 🙂

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