Shine On with Venetian Plaster Projects!

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with Stenciling on Bedroom Walls | Project by Caroline LizarragaOne of the most versatile decorative surface treatments is Venetian Plaster.  It is a troweled plaster finish applied in thin layers and burnished to create a smooth surface with texture and depth. From ultra-chic modern spaces to traditional homes to projects with a rustic, elegant flair, Venetian Plaster is one of the few finishes that can seamlessly flow within design styles without skipping a beat.  We were the first US company to manufacture the acrylic plaster and it has since been used by professionals and DIYers on thousands of projects. We wanted to share a few of our favorite spaces with you!

Venetian Plaster on Fireplace and Wall | Caroline Lizarraga | Modern Mastes Venetian PlasterArtist Caroline Lizarraga has a drop-dead gorgeous style all of her own and you can see the results here in her design projects. She’s a big fan of our Venetian Plasters and uses it frequently to make a big impact. Caroline successfully pairs beautiful ornamental patterns within the Venetian Plaster as evidenced by the luxe bedroom walls and striking furniture surround (above). She’s also got a great eye for color – isn’t the blue Venetian Plaster feature wall below amazing?

Blue Contemporary Modern Venetian Plaster | Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Project by Caroline Lizarraga

Venetian Plaster with Metallic Stenciling with Modern Masters Products | Artist: Heather Bruno-Sears

Our Venetian Plaster is also a beautiful base surface for additional finishes, such as a shimmery stencil treatment. Artist Heather Bruno-Sears had the ivory color custom-tinted and used Pharaoh’s Gold from our Metallic Paint Collection for the stenciling.  Along with a selection of fifteen rich pre-mixed colors, you can simply choose a color from your favorite paint dealer’s fan deck and have it tinted right in the store! 

Venetian Plaster Ceiling by Tobey Renee Sanders | Modern Masters Venetian Plaster

One of the best surfaces to showcase Venetian Plaster is the ceiling. The shimmer and depth stands out in both the day and evening light – so pretty! Here, artist Tobey Renee Sanders creates a hip, colorful space for a very deserving young woman during a recent philanthropic design project we were proud to be a part of.

Handpainted Ornamental Design over Venetian Plaster on Coffered Ceiling | Project by Tiffany Alexander using Modern Masters Venetian Plaster

Stenciled Venetian Plaster on Dining Room Ceiling by Tiffany Alexander | Modern Masters

Showing off a flair for sophisticated drama, decorative painter Tiffany Alexander of Blank Canvas Design Studio uses several colors of Venetian Plaster on ceilings and other surfaces with both stenciled and hand-painted designs. She also likes to mix gold and silver leaf in her finishes. Venetian Plaster colors can easily be mixed and layered for a rich, multi-dimensional finish. Love the results!

The look of polished stone – isn’t it beautiful? If you’d like to add an extra layer of durability to your work, we suggest using our Protective Venetian Plaster Topcoat, which comes in Clear and also in Gold and Pearl for a translucent, decorative lustre. Our Venetian Plaster is acrylic, but if you were interested in lime-based plasters, please read more on our Italian Bellezza Series.  We hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful projects – and if you’ve used our Venetian Plaster (or any of our products!) we’d love to see the results so send them on in!

Design and DIY Ideas to Inspire!

Spring Decorating Ideas with Modern Masters!

As we (finally!) ease out of winter, fresh ideas are blooming to spruce up your home! Decorating for spring is easy with fun colors, elegant flowering scrolls and flower motifs on all types of surfaces – and Modern Masters makes it easy.  Read on to find out more about several smart and chic projects by some of our friends with our products!

Stenciled and Plastered Wall | Metallic Plaster by Modern Masters | Artistry by Kathy Anders of Atlanta Decorative FinishesStenciled Metallic Plaster on Walls | Project by Atlanta Decorative Finishes with Modern Masters Products

Kathy Anders of Atlanta Decorative Finishes used a custom stencil and several colors of our Metallic Plaster to create an elegant allover scrolling vine that enhance her client’s walls. It’s a beautiful finish to highlight a contemporary home with traditional touches. Be sure to check her site for her fantastic workshops with our products!

Warm Silver Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Painted Furniture by Vintage Charm Restored

Champagne Metallic Paint Highlights on Furniture | Vintage Charm Restored

Vintage Charm Restored is a big fan of our Metallic Paint Collection! They frequently use the line on their painted furniture projects and on these fun and bright pieces, they used the metallic paints as a highlight to the happy colors. The painted armoire pairs Champagne Metallic Paint with a beautiful coral pink while the patterned aqua dresser has the perfect complement with our Warm Silver Metallic Paint. We think both these pieces would make for inspired spring decor!

Flowered Canvas Mural Art with Metal Effects by Modern Masters | Artist: Ali KayCanvas Art Mural by Ali Kay | Metal Effects by Modern Masters

Canvas art is an easy, casual way to add sophistication to your home.  Artist Ali Kay used gorgeous flowers as her subjects for a wonderful series of paintings with our Metal Effects treatments. You can spy both our rust finish and vedrigris patina as a base and as accents. So lovely!

Painted Floor Mural | Metallic Paints by Modern Masters | Artist: Alfred Galvez

Painted Mural Floor by Alfred Galvez | Lotus Pond Floor | Modern Masters ProductsA painted floor always makes a statement and artist Alfred Galvez of AG Murals certainly created a gorgeous focal point! Using the Metallic Paint Collection, Alfred was able to paint a lotus pond on his client’s floors as well as lush and lovely blooms that shimmer enticingly.  Although we don’t recommend using the Metallic Paint Collection for floors, we couldn’t help but admire the creativity of AG Murals.  Painting is a wonderful way to refresh a tired floor — and talk about adding a little spring in your step!

Adding bursts of lively springtime motifs as well as energetic colors and patterns will help your home transition effortlessly into spring. We hope these projects have inspired you to create simple, stunning makeovers of your own – and be sure to share your projects with us!

More Spring Home Decor Ideas!

Theme Paints Help Create a Stunning Public Art Mural in Savannah!

Here at Modern Masters, we enjoy coming across very special projects — and a 66′ tall exterior mural by artist Matt Hebermehl certainly qualifies!  Matt was gracious enough to chat with us about this very special commission, his process and how our Theme Paints helped him complete the mural creatively and durably. 

Savannah Public Art Mural with Modern Masters Theme Paints by artist Matt Hebermehl

matt hebermehl, as Photographed by Trevor Jenkins of 98 Productions

In the fall of 2013, I was commissioned by the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) to paint a mural on the exterior of Montgomery Hall, the home of SCAD’s digital art and animation department. Vice President Glenn E. Wallace and Director of Ideation Amy Zurcher directed me to create an energetic, vibrant, abstract representation of the creative spirit that swirls in and around Montgomery Hall.

Painting a Public Abstract Art Mural | Artist Matt Hebermehl using Modern Masters Theme Paints(above, below) photographed by Adam Kuehl for the Savannah College of Art and Design

Painting a 66' Public Art Mural | Savannah Artist by Matt Hebermehl | SCAD's Montgomery Hall

The wall itself stands at 66 feet high by 30 feet wide and the work took almost two months. Fellow artist Troy Wandzel and I primed the wall and then artist Tim Foster helped me lay out a grid and sketch of the mural with a chalk snap line.  When it came time to decide which paint to use, I wanted a product that offered a bright, rich palette and the durability to withstand the Savannah sun and humidity.

Montgomery Hall Exterior Art Mural | Modern Masters Theme Paints | Artist: Matt Hebermehl(Top LEFT) photographed by Adam Kuehl for the Savannah College of Art and Design. All remaining images by Matt Hebermehl


I called fellow artist Aaron Marable as well as several historic preservationists and they unanimously recommended Modern Masters Theme Paints. Paul Muto at Star Scenic in Orlando, FL supplied me with the paints and couldn’t have been more helpful and knowledgeable about the product. As I painted the mural, I was amazed at the paint’s coverage, flow, and vibrancy. I used the Hi-Hide White straight and everything else I customized to make my own color mixes.

Exterior Public Art Mural in Savannah, Georgia by artist Matt Hebermehl using Theme Paints by Modern Masters

Public Mural at the Savannah College of Art and Design | Artist Matt Hebermehl | Theme Paints by Modern Masters

When I completed the mural, my friend Tim Piccin helped me apply the MasterClear® Supreme Clear Protective Topcoat in semi-gloss for extra durability. The work resulted in a layered chronicle of the rhythms of life combined with an ongoing exploration of my natural, gestural stroke.

Timelapse Video of the SCAD Mural Project by Matt Hebermehl

We think it’s an incredible work by a very talented artist whose work we hope to continue to see! The project was also a collaborative effort between the school and SeeSAW (See Savannah Art Walls).  It’s the public art initiative that Matt co-founded in 2012, which creates opportunities for a more robust culture of murals and public art in Savannah. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the process of this wonderful mural by Matt Hebermehl and the capabilities of our Theme Paints.  Please be sure to visit the Hebermehl website and follow Matt on the Hebermehl Facebook fan page and the SeeSAW Facebook fan page as well.  What do you think of the mural? Let us know in the comments!

More Incredible Projects to Inspire!

Modern Mastery: Craig Getty

Craig-Getty-Metallic-Plaster-CeilingSocial Media is ALL about sharing and we were so pleased when Nevada-based decorative painter Craig Getty decided to feature some of his project pics on our Modern Masters Facebook page. The spaces, created with the help of our products, were incredible and we set out to learn more about his studio and artistry.

Craig-Getty-Anaglypta-with-Champange-and-Pale-Gold-MPCAnaglypta is a wonderful way to add pattern and interest to a ceiling. Craig took it a step further by painting and aging with our Metallic Paint Collection.

Craig-Getty-Anaglypta-with-Pale-Gold-and-Champagne-Metallic-PaintCraig Getty launched a painting contracting business in 1981 and in 2001, he shifted gears and launched Craig Getty Decorative Painting.  His range of work is quite varied and includes woodgraining, trompe l’oeil, airbrushed skies, stenciling, metallic patina finishes, decorative plasters and faux color blends. “What sets me apart are two things. First, is my color mixing and matching. Knowing color values and understanding the color wheel is the first thing I would suggest a new decorative finisher to learn. The second is my dedication to completing projects on time. I keep close communication with my clients and all other trades on every job. My goal has always been, once a client always a client,” Craig explains.

Craig-Getty-Champagne-Aged-Metallic-Paint-CollectionThe Metallic Paint Collection helps Craig Getty transform and update light fixtures on ceilings and walls. The ceiling below also features our Venetian Plaster.

Craig-Getty-Venetian-Plaster-with-Champagne-Aged-Metallic-Paint-on-LightWhat is the most inspiring place you have visited?

This last year we traveled to Italy. I can’t just pick one place in this beautiful country! From the Accademia and Uffizi Gallery and Il Duomo in Florence to the streets of Verona, the cathedrals and basilicas of Siena, Assisi, Como, Venice, and of course, Rome and the architecture of the Pantheon. I have never been so inspired in all of my life. There is now nothing I don’t want to learn and paint!

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters finishes?

As much as I love the Metallic Paint Collection, my favorite are the Metallic Plasters. I am a painter by trade, but put a trowel in my hand and I am as happy as can be! I love intermixing to create a custom color or use different layers of multiple colors. My go-to color is Suede but for multi-color layers, I like to use Espresso as the first layer to create a deep base for the next colors. This gives me a much richer-looking finish. Craig-Getty-Metallic-Plaster-on-Range-Hood-Custom-Red-Russet-Blend

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

I have been using the metallic paints and Metal Effects for ever. I’ve also used the Venetian Plaster for celebrity clients in Hollywood. But since I first discovered Metallic Plaster at the Reno Paint Mart, I started dabbling with this product on sample boards. These boards were well received by many of my designers and clients. They can be used to create an old world finish to a modern contemporary look. It has been an excellent addition to my portfolio!

Craig-Getty-Metallic-Plaster-Products-on-CeilingSuch incredible finishes – we always love to see creative projects with our product lines! Many thanks to Craig Getty for taking the time to chat with us about his studio and artistry. Please visit his website and become a fan of his fab Facebook page, where he shares much more of his wonderful work.  We hope this jumpstarts an inspiring day!

Take a look at more inspiring projects by talented artists!

If you’d like to be considered for our Modern Mastery series, please send final images to – look forward to seeing your work!