Natural Patina and Oxidation Inspiration

Don’t you love seeing a finely aged copper sculpture or the fiery beauty of a rust finish?  We, like many others, think that these patinas can be so aesthetically pleasing. To that end, we developed our fast-working Metal Effects products to help many achieve these looks for their artworks as well as varied interior and exterior projects. Natural patinas form on the surface of bronze, copper and other similar metals and the tarnish and oxidation reflects weathering and wearing due to exposure to the elements over time.  Funnily enough, these patinas act as a protective layer over these metals. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite natural patinas and oxidized surfaces as well as sharing which products can help you recreate these most beautiful of organic finishes.

Verdigris Patina on Door

Long term exposure for copper generally results in the formation of a distinctive gray-green patina called verdigris. Here, both the weathered stained wood and verdigris doorknob create a striking doorway. To create this finish on your doorknob, simply use the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint followed by the Green Patina Aging Solution.

Vertical Rust on SignGiven sufficient time, oxygen, and water, any iron metal will eventually succumb to rust. Unlike the copper and bronze patinas, rust will not protect the iron and will cause it to disintegrate. We wanted to maintain the beauty of a rust finish, such as this one photographed by Don Taylor, without the destructiveness of it. Using our Iron Reactive Paint and Rust Activator will provide both.

Artistic Rust Finish

This is an image of a rusted exhaust pipe at an abandoned warehouse by Scott Ex Rodgers.  Looks like an art piece! We think it showcases how varied rust finishes can be and can inspire artistic application methods when using our rust finish products.

Blue Patina on Door Handle

Bronze oxidizes as well though it is slower to change and will more than likely reflect the patina with flecks of a gorgeous blue. Our Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint with Blue Patina Aging Solution is the key to developing a bronzed patina. This weathered carved wood door with a patinated blue door knocker was photographed by Derek Winchester.

Copper Verdigris Patina on Exterior GateTime can create such rich, natural patinas like this showstopping oxidation on an exterior gate from Our French Garden. A combination of distressed paint and our Copper Reactive Metallic Paint with Green Patina Aging Solution can help towards recreating this finish.

Verdigris, Rust and Paint Patinas on Doorway

Oxidized metal and weathered paint finishes often go hand in hand. Rust finishes and verdigris patinas look beautiful together and the Metal Effects products to create those finishes can be used together as well. This door to an abandoned building was photographed by Tom McLaughlan.

Aren’t these patinated surface finishes gorgeous? We love the inspiration they provide for using our Metal Effects projects. To recreate authentic patinas, we do suggest using photographs as a guide on how Mother Nature touches her surfaces.  Be sure to also take a look at our Rust Finish Application Video and Metal Effects Patina Application Video for further guidance.  If you did want to protect your surface prior to patination, we have an excellent Metal Effects Primer that will block the reactive paints and metal solutions from reaching your surface.  To topcoat your rust finishes, be sure to use our Permacoat Xtreme for the best results.  We hope these have proved inspiring – please be sure to share your projects with us!

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