Front Door Paint Transformations with Modern Masters

Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Your front door is one of the first things a guest sees when visiting your home, so why not make it as inviting as possible and let it project a bit of your personalty? Here at Modern Masters, this question recently lead us to develop an exciting new product line – our Front Door Paint Collection. Its quick-dry, water-based formula is specifically designed to make it easy to finish painting and close your door the very same day – plus, it never fades! By using the Emotional Color Wheel as well as the latest in color trends and home design, 24 Front Door Paint colors were carefully selected to allow you to enhance your curb appeal and make it an extension of your home’s personality!

Modern Masters Front Door Paint Colors

Last fall, we introduced our Front Door Paint Collection with our Adore Your Front Door Contest. We had a wonderful response with many different color and style combinations and are very excited to share a few of our favorite Before & After transformations with you! Let’s take a look.


A front door transformed with the color "Cheerful" from Modern Masters Front Door Paint | By Amanda StamperThis front door received a fresh, new look by Amanda Stamper when she fell in love with the color “Cheerful” – a color sure to uplift as one walks through the door. Be sure to check out Amanda’s post on painting her front door in her Dreamsicle Sisters blog to learn more.


A set of front doors transformed with the color "Spontaneous" in Modern Masters Front Door Paint | By Sarah Desjardins

Sarah Desjardins chose our Front Door Paint in the color “Spontaneous” in order to better complement her beautiful home. We love how well it ties in with the warm, earthy tones of her exterior’s brick work.


A front door painted in the color "Comfortable" in Modern Masters Front Door Paint | By Jane Head

Jane Head decided her front door needed to stand out a bit more as it was blending in too much with the rest of the home. She used the color “Comfortable” to achieve this lovely pop of color! “I love the color and the paint went on beautifully,” she says.


A set of front doors painted in the color "Calm" in Modern Masters Front Door Paint | By Julie Young

Artist Julie Young used the color “Calm” from our Front Door Paint line to paint her front double doors. The previous color was also getting lost surrounded by the beautiful arched, stone work. Don’t they just look great now in this soothing blue?

Now, you too can easily give your door a new look as part of a fun, afternoon DIY project! Front Door Paint flows and levels beautifully so it can be brushed or rolled on and it dries to a satin sheen. Plus, the fade resistant pigments are guaranteed to keep their color!  If you’d like to check out which of the colors would work best with your door, be sure to use our iPhone Front Door Paint app or Android Front Door Paint app! Just snap a photo of your door, choose your fave color and emotion from the Front Door Paint swatches and see how your door can express itself! We hope we’ve inspired you to take a second look at your home’s entrance and ask yourself, “Which color would I gravitate towards?”. If so, feel free to find your nearest Lowe’s or Ace Hardware shop, your nearest paint retailer or shop online via Amazon or our Modern Masters online store.  We’ll see you here next week!


Natural Patina and Oxidation Inspiration

Don’t you love seeing a finely aged copper sculpture or the fiery beauty of a rust finish?  We, like many others, think that these patinas can be so aesthetically pleasing. To that end, we developed our fast-working Metal Effects products to help many achieve these looks for their artworks as well as varied interior and exterior projects. Natural patinas form on the surface of bronze, copper and other similar metals and the tarnish and oxidation reflects weathering and wearing due to exposure to the elements over time.  Funnily enough, these patinas act as a protective layer over these metals. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite natural patinas and oxidized surfaces as well as sharing which products can help you recreate these most beautiful of organic finishes.

Verdigris Patina on Door

Long term exposure for copper generally results in the formation of a distinctive gray-green patina called verdigris. Here, both the weathered stained wood and verdigris doorknob create a striking doorway. To create this finish on your doorknob, simply use the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint followed by the Green Patina Aging Solution.

Vertical Rust on SignGiven sufficient time, oxygen, and water, any iron metal will eventually succumb to rust. Unlike the copper and bronze patinas, rust will not protect the iron and will cause it to disintegrate. We wanted to maintain the beauty of a rust finish, such as this one photographed by Don Taylor, without the destructiveness of it. Using our Iron Reactive Paint and Rust Activator will provide both.

Artistic Rust Finish

This is an image of a rusted exhaust pipe at an abandoned warehouse by Scott Ex Rodgers.  Looks like an art piece! We think it showcases how varied rust finishes can be and can inspire artistic application methods when using our rust finish products.

Blue Patina on Door Handle

Bronze oxidizes as well though it is slower to change and will more than likely reflect the patina with flecks of a gorgeous blue. Our Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint with Blue Patina Aging Solution is the key to developing a bronzed patina. This weathered carved wood door with a patinated blue door knocker was photographed by Derek Winchester.

Copper Verdigris Patina on Exterior GateTime can create such rich, natural patinas like this showstopping oxidation on an exterior gate from Our French Garden. A combination of distressed paint and our Copper Reactive Metallic Paint with Green Patina Aging Solution can help towards recreating this finish.

Verdigris, Rust and Paint Patinas on Doorway

Oxidized metal and weathered paint finishes often go hand in hand. Rust finishes and verdigris patinas look beautiful together and the Metal Effects products to create those finishes can be used together as well. This door to an abandoned building was photographed by Tom McLaughlan.

Aren’t these patinated surface finishes gorgeous? We love the inspiration they provide for using our Metal Effects projects. To recreate authentic patinas, we do suggest using photographs as a guide on how Mother Nature touches her surfaces.  Be sure to also take a look at our Rust Finish Application Video and Metal Effects Patina Application Video for further guidance.  If you did want to protect your surface prior to patination, we have an excellent Metal Effects Primer that will block the reactive paints and metal solutions from reaching your surface.  To topcoat your rust finishes, be sure to use our Permacoat Xtreme for the best results.  We hope these have proved inspiring – please be sure to share your projects with us!

More Metal Effects Ideas and Inspiration!



Paint It with Modern Masters!

Transforming a Dresser with Modern Masters Metallic PaintsDo you have a tired dresser that needs an update? So did Paint It magazine! In their premiere issue, they gave a lift to a used dresser with the help of stencils and our Metallic Paint Collection.  They chose both the Smoke and Warm Silver metallic colors to help add pattern to the drawers and dresser sides as well as some of the legs and trim details. What a beauty she turned out to be!

Using Metallic Paint on Furniture | Modern Masters as featured in Paint it MagazineIf you’d like to paint your own furniture pieces with our products, we have a few helpful hints and tips for using metallic paint:

  • Paint your preferred piece with an acrylic primer or latex paint tinted to a similar color as the chosen metallic paint. This will ensure beautiful coverage with our metallic paints.
  • Metallic paint can be brushed or rolled on. If rolling a bigger area, adding Extender will help add open working time.
  • When rolling metallic paint, always finish by rolling off in the same direction for a shimmery, polished look.
  • For a subtle glimmer, consider using Sheer Metallic Colors. They add a beautiful decorative accent over another paint color as they do not cover opaquely.
  • Try our Matte Metallics for a glamorous metallic look with a softer glow.
  • For added durability, use our MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat as it’s formulated to maintain the metallic value of the metallic paints. Most other clear coats dull metallic finishes.

Many thanks to Paint It magazine for the great feature on our metallic paints! You can find your own issue locally at all Barnes & Noble bookstores, supermarkets and Lowe’s, to name a few. For more furniture inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest account as well as our Modern Masters on Furniture board.  We also have step-by-step Recipe Cards for great finishes with all our products. We hope you’ve been inspired to add luster and shimmer to your projects!

Looksi Here! DIY Projects with Modern Masters

We’ve recently had the opportunity of working with a variety of wonderful bloggers. They each wanted to showcase how Modern Masters products could enhance their DIY and Craft projects in our “Shine Big, Shine Small” campaign with Looksi Square. Looksi is a submission-based site serving the DIY, crafting, home & gardening communities with a way to discover new bloggers, posts and projects. They provide top-of-the-line tutorials, how-tos and informative posts, all in one location. The “Shine Big, Shine Small” projects focused on how metallics have the ability to glam up a space in a small or big way. We’ve picked a few of those projects to share this week and are excited to show you the fantastic results!

Before photo of an urn planter transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects | By Tweak & Style

Debbie of Tweak & Style shares this urn planter as one of her craft projects. The plastic finish which offered a good design was just a bit too plain for her taste (above). By using our Metal Effects Primer and Iron Reactive Paint (below), she was able to give this piece an authentic rust finish. Since she planned on leaving it outdoors, it was protected with Modern Masters Permacoat Xtreme, a topcoat specially designed to stop the oxidized metal finish and minimize any further corrosion.

An urn planter transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects | By Tweak & Style

Doesn’t it look great? She also offers a quick tutorial on how to achieve this look on her blog.

Next, we follow up with DeDe of Designed Decor. She shares in her DIY project post that her drop leaf table and 4 chairs were in need of some serious TLC. Here is what it all looked like beforehand.

Drop leaf table and chairs before being finished with Modern Masters Champagne Metallic Paint | By Designed Decor

Now she was ready for the fun part! DeDe used our Black Pearl and Champagne metallic paints to give this set a completely new look (below). Black Pearl was used for the base coat which provided an elegant black metallic finish while Champagne accented the grooves and details giving new life to this old, run down table. She then used MasterClear® Protective Topcoat to protect everything.

Drop leaf table and chairs finished with Modern Masters Champagne Metallic Paint | By Designed DecorThe results are a fabulous transformation and we love how the new fabric ties everything together!

Laura of Pet Scribbles decided to redo her old box planters by “turning wood into metal” with our Metal Effects products! She shares her step by step tutorial on her blog as well.

Wood planter boxes about to be transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects | By Pet Scribbles

After some serious prep work on the beaten up paint finish (above), she applied 2 coats of our Metal Effects Primer which is designed to block the Patina Aging Solutions & Rust Activator from reaching the metal or wood surface. Once dry, the planters were now ready for the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint. Since it contains real metal particles, she could’ve walked away and left the planters to weather & patina on their own but who wants to wait that long? She used our Green Patina Aging Solution to speed things up and give these planters their striking new look (below). The shiny copper finish combined with the green patina make a great combination!

A set of wood planter boxes refinished with Modern Masters Metal Effects Products | By Pet Scribbles

Last but not least is a DIY project by Tara of Suburble. The natural rust finish of this old metal bench (below) may have been perfect for someone else but she had other plans in mind. She salvaged this bench from the scrap heap by transforming it with the same Copper Reactive Metallic Paint.

A metal bench before being transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects | By SuburbleAfter a bit of prep work and a few coats of the Metal Effects primer, a beautiful copper finish was ready for patina. Tara decided to go with the Blue Patina Aging Solution and gave this bench a knock out finish (below)!

Metal Effects Patina Transforms a Bench

Tara also shares her project and a cool set of mason jars finished with these same products on her blog post!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Before & After transformations! Be sure to check out the other big and small DIY projects with our Metallic Paints and Metal Effects:

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Patinated Patio Furniture and Crafts by A Nest for All Seasons
DIY Metallic Puppet Theatre and Valentine’s Day Decor by Fynes Designs
Metallic Paint Table and Wall Decor by Restoration Redoux
DIY Metallic Serving Tray by Sweet Song Bird
DIY Light Fixture with Metallic Paint by Seven Alive

Are you inspired now to bring a bit of shimmer or patina to your next project? If so, locate your nearest Modern Masters Retailer or Shop Online here and as always, be sure to stop by our Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page where you can find even more inspiration! We’ll see you there!