Gorgeous Range Hoods with Modern Masters

The kitchen has always been one of the most important spaces in any home. At the center of our beloved kitchen is the often overlooked range hood, an important feature which can easily be transformed with the use of paints, plasters and patinas. Of course, its main function is to absorb odors, airborne grease and smoke but it can also have a much more aesthetic purpose – to serve as an excellent focal point to beautify the kitchen! We share a few examples of some of our favorite range hoods and how Modern Masters has helped bring these wonderful pieces to life with customized finishes that provide a crowning touch. Let’s take a look!

A gorgeous range hood finished in Modern Masters Metal Effects Bronze reactive paint and blue patina solution | By Tom Henman Decorative Painting | Modern Masters Cafe blog

Tom Henman Decorative Painting used our Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Paint and Blue Patina Aging Solution for this unique range hood. We love the juxtaposition of the smooth, light cabinets with the darker, weathered patina!

A range hood elegantly finished in Modern Masters Pewter Metallic Paint | By Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes | Modern Masters Cafe blog

This lovely, contemporary kitchen received an elegant stria finish on its range hood with Modern Masters Pewter Metallic Paint by Bella-Tucker Decorative Finishes. It adds just the right amount of sophisticated brilliance to this space!

This range hood was finished with Modern Masters Metal Effects in a rust finish along with copper foil | By Carmen Illustrates | Modern Masters Cafe blog

This range hood received a fantastic finish with our Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paint by Carmen Illustrates. The rust created with the real metal particles in our reactive paint was beautifully enhanced with the use of copper foils. The result is a striking accent piece that complements the rustic wood tones of this kitchen!

Modern Masters Red Russet Metallic Plaster was used for this beautiful range hood | By Craig Getty Painting | Modern Masters Cafe blog

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster works perfectly with the natural wood cabinetry of this inviting kitchen. Craig Getty Painting used our Espresso, Suede and Red Russet metallic plasters to create a subtle, shimmery finish for this range hood. What a great way to top off this space!

Modern Masters Metal Effects helped transform this unique range hood | By Broads with Brushes

Broads with Brushes embellished this range hood with the use of color glazes and our Metal Effects in order to tie in the colors of this fabulous kitchen! Doesn’t it look great against the rich, dark wood and tiled backsplash? We love the work of Andrea Blair Murrill and her team!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how the range hood can play an important part in your kitchen’s design by serving as functional art! Do you have one that may benefit from a little color? If so, which design style would you prefer?

It’s always a pleasure to see some of the amazing work created with our product lines. Be sure to catch more inspiration on our Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards. We look forward to seeing you there!


21 thoughts on “Gorgeous Range Hoods with Modern Masters

  1. Can you please share with me what products you used exactly and what was your method for the patina placement? My client wants me to replicate this but i cannot use the reactive paints, i’m going to have to use just the metallics because it’s a real iron drain pipe and i don’t want to responsible if it wasn’t sealed properly and eventually starting tarnishing and eating away at the real piple over the years.

  2. Hi, Stacie!

    Thanks for the great inquiry! Our Metal Effects Primer is a unique water base, acrylic primer designed to block Patina Aging Solutions & Rust Activator from reaching the metal or wood surface chosen as a substrate. It seals your surface properly. Here’s a link to read more about the primer: http://modernmasters.com/products.asp?mode=group&gid=67

    If you’d still like to explore using our metallic paints, please let us know which of the three featured patina range hoods your client was interested in and we can guide you from there. Thank you!


  3. Hola, mi nombre es Warner López escribo desde Lima Peru.
    fabricamos muebles para comercio, necesito saber si con este producto puedo llegar al acabado que estoy necesitando: Green Patina Aging Solution (PA901)
    si me pueden enviar un correo les puedo adjuntar unas fotos referenciales

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  5. I’m interested in aging my hood to look like aged copper that has a lot of the verdi green and turquoise. What colors of Modern Masters and what method do you suggest. Thanks so much for your help. Jeanette

    • Hi, Jeanette! Apologies for the late reply. The products you would want to look into is the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint as the base and both the Green and Blue Patina Aging Solution. We do recommend trying the products on another surface to test the final look that you’d like. Please let us know if you have further questions – thank you!

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  7. Hi,
    Is there a tutorial for the hood vent
    “Tom Henman Decorative Painting used our Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Paint and Blue Patina Aging Solution for this unique range hood”
    I’m in love, and love the minimal blue patina


    • Hi, Judy – We don’t believe there is a tutorial for that particular project but we will soon release new videos on creating the blue patina. Please stay tuned to the blog and our social sites for the release in a few weeks!

  8. My hood is painted with oil paint. can I still use your water based primer or will I have to do something else? Also how did you achieve the pewter effect? And how would I achieve a distressed iron look. Thank you

    • Hi, Gwynne!

      Thank you for your comment and questions! On the oil paint, you will need to use a good quality bonding primer first as water based products do not ‘stick’ to oil based products. On the pewter effect, it was a vertical strie finish with the Pewter Metallic Paint over a deeper gray. We recommend dry brushing the metallic paint vertically over the deeper base to achieve the desired effect. On the distressed iron finish, Ms. Benoit used a custom treatment to achieve the effect. Here is a video on working with the Iron Reactive Paint and Rust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HbQQnIsIXs For both finishes, we recommend creating samples prior to starting the projects. Please let us know if we can help further!

  9. I also like the blackish range hood. Can you use the black iron with the patina’s and if so do they still maintain their blue and green colors with the black? Thanks. Tammy

  10. I am shopping for a range hood right now for my tiny kitchen. Can I use your bronze reactive paint on a stainless steel hood or does it have to be wood?

  11. Recently I’ve been interested in seeing what is possible for range hoods, so this article was very helpful for learning on what is possible! Personally, I’m a fan of the hoods that have a subtle, shimmery finish with metallic plasters. It has a refined look to it. I’d be interested in learning more about the maintenance that goes into maintaining the sheen of it.

  12. I am interested in a metal weathered looking range hood and wanted to check into the possibility of you making one for a kitchen renovation.

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