Venetian Plaster Canvas Art by Jane Head

Jane Head

Many artists use unexpected materials to create their artworks, and in doing so, their work takes on a wonderful, unique quality and feeling. We recently spied lovely canvas pieces by California artist Jane Head and discovered that they were created with the help of Modern Masters Venetian Plaster! We had to find out more and contacted Jane to chat art, interests and of course, Venetian Plaster.

Jane originally hailed from England and as a youngster, would play in the woods and fields of her native Oxford.  At age seven, she painted her first collaborative mural for her classroom — on a 12′ canvas! As she grew older, she entered (and won) several art competitions and acquired a Foundation Art college degree. After moving to California, she met her mentor, Charlene Clouse, who encouraged her to try painting on alternate surfaces, including walls, ceilings and floors! She also honed her marbling and woodgraining skills with the English architectural master William Holgate by painting at his home studio in Clitheroe, Yorkshire.

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Point Arena Safari" by Jane HeadPoint Arena Safari

We have the public B. Bryan Preserve here that has some wonderful exotic animals. It’s really fascinating to see these wonderful creatures.


“I was really fortunate to have worked as a decorative painter in many beautiful Bay area homes. The most memorable took many years to complete. We moved to Mendocino twelve years ago and now my art is inspired by the beauty and gratitude I have to be able to live in such a magnificent environment.  Many of my paintings are large panoramic ocean scenes, simple and subtle, that shimmer the way light hitting the water does.  For me, these pieces have a meditative quality and are very serene,” Jane explains.

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Winter Dance" by Jane HeadWinter Dance

This one has beautiful silver leaf ginkgo leaves.


Her current medium, Venetian Plaster, was developed as an art form after years of experience working with them in the fine homes of San Francisco.  “I tried many brands, some of which were too brittle.  Others did not give the luster I wanted to achieve or they were difficult to apply. Modern Masters Venetian Plaster gave me all the qualities I needed.”

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "What Shall We Tell The Children" by Jane Head

All Alone in the City (above) and Rose and Butterly (below)

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Rose and Butterfly" by Jane HeadJane is used to “working large” so large structural canvases give her the freedom to work broadly and boldly.  She tries to capture the ocean, earth and sky in her paintings and the Venetian Plaster adds movement and life to her work with the help of the lustre of the polished and burnished materials.

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Titanic" by Jane Head


This was my very first Venetian Plaster painting and was inspired by a National Geographic underwater photo of the remains of the Titanic.


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Jane Head’s work as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you!  If you find yourself near the Mendocino Coast, please stop by the Barking Rocks estate as her work will be showcased in an art exhibit entitled AS WE SEE IT – Seven Unique Views from November 29 – December 31. If you are interested in learning more about these incredible techniques and textures, Jane holds regular workshops at Gualala Arts.  Many thanks to Jane for allowing us this peek into her works and process – we wish you much continued success!

Modern Mastery: Taurie Goll

Modern Mastery Artist Profile: Taurie Goll of Beyond WhiteWe’re excited to bring you this week’s Modern Mastery Artist Profile on a wonderful decorative artist, Taurie Goll of Beyond White. We had a chance to catch up with her and find out a bit more about her love and passion for decorative finishing.

In 2003, Taurie left a career in marketing and advertising to submerse herself in the world of paint and color. Soon after she started Beyond White. Since then, her clothes, fingernails and hair have been in a constant state of paint mediums!  She has been very fortunate in that she started painting in the southwest and learned how to work with decorative finishes on textured walls and selecting colors and designs that are more indigent of a warm weather climate. Taurie has since moved east and learned to work on plastered and smooth walls with very different architecture, colors and decorative techniques that suit a four-season climate.

This line of work has also allowed her to go Beyond White in several cities across the globe and add her experience and creativity to her client’s walls. Let’s take a closer look at some of Taurie’s work.

Modern Masters Platinum Series Colorants and MasterClear® Supreme Matte Topcoat on stained signage | By Beyond White

The exterior sign for Café Muse was beautifully stained and smoked around the edges with tHE Platinum Series Colorants in Tobacco & Van Dyke Brown. MasterClear® Supreme in a matte finish was then used for protection.


What is your dream finishing project?

I have painted wonderful homes along with small businesses and each one is always special to me. However, I think that my dream finishing project would be to work on a set design for a television series or motion picture. When I watch them, my focus is usually on the background and what was applied to the walls. Odd? Not if you are a decorative painter, trying to create an atmosphere for a space. I am sure all of us in this field would agree!

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish on walls of a restaurant | By Beyond White

For the interior walls of this restaurant, Taurie used Metal Effects Iron Reactive PRODUCTS to create a gorgeous rust finish for an accent space for her clients.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish on panels and Tequila Gold Metallic Paint on ceiling | By Beyond White

Taurie used both Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paints for the wall panels and Tequila Gold from our Metallic Paint Collection for the ceiling. Both finishes work nicely together in this dining room.


What is the most inspiring place you have visited?

I found that inspiration can come from anywhere. My favorite place that inspired me is the MONA in Hobart, Tasmania (Museum of Old and New Art). This funky, ingenious and beautiful museum houses true “outside of the box”, thought provoking and controversial art and exhibits. For me, it inspires the drive to paint left-of-center and attract clients who want their home or business “different”. I believe all artists need to be stimulated to create their own special niche and MONA does that for me. When I am unable to visit in person, I can always visit through the internet.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints used to create a block/tile finish using Olympic Gold, Tequila Gold, Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze and Blackened Bronze | By Beyond White

The metallic blocks of this bath were created to match and enhance the rest of the room using a blend of Metallic Paint colors such as Olympic Gold, Tequila Gold, Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze and Blackened Bronze.

Modern Masters Ebony Venetian Plaster on end tables | By Beyond White

To complement the contemporary style of another one of her clients, Taurie used Ebony Venetian Plaster tinted to about 75% for these built-in end tables. She then used our Venetian Plaster Topcoat for added durability and shine!


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

One of my favorite things about Modern Masters has always been their launching of new products and continual support of educating us through application tips, recipes and sharing our work with others in the decorative community. I also know when I use Modern Masters products, I can count on their beauty and durability.

Some of my more successful residential and commercial projects were finishes that included Modern Masters products, whether blending of the metallic paints with a latex paint, textured mediums using their Platinum Series or any of the Platinum colorants and protective sealers when I woodgrain a surface. My favorite finish has always been the reactive rust patina finish from the Metal Effects line and I love to apply it when I can. It is part of the Modern Masters ethos that helps fuel creativity, and thus allows me to take creative risks to help create my own style.

~ ~

We’d like to thank Taurie of Beyond White for sharing her beautiful artistry and love of art and decorative painting with us! We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Beyond White with us! As always, feel free to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards for more inspiration and be sure to “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!

Adore Your Front Door Contest Winners!

Adore Your Front Door Contest Winners | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

A few months ago, we introduced our Adore Your Front Door Contest with our NEW Modern Masters Front Door Paint – a unique water based, quick dry coating specially formulated to Never Fade. This allows you to finish painting and close your door with no worries on the same day! We gave the first 50 entries a FREE quart of Front Door Paint in any of our 24 carefully selected colors. These colors utilize the Emotional Color Wheel and the latest worldwide home design color trends to give curb appeal that is personalized to YOU! Of the 50 entries, five would be chosen to win a $100 Gift Card. This week we are excited to showcase and congratulate these winners!

Adore Your Front Door Contest Winner Cheri Mello of Florida used Modern Masters Front Door Paint in the color "Cheerful" | Modern Masters Cafe BlogCheri Mello of Florida bought her little ranch 3 years ago and has been updating it ever since. She used the color Cheerful to transform her home’s entryway. “My door was white before painting and very blah, now it’s so inviting and it goes so well with the brown shutters. I’m very happy with the outcome and love this paint!”

Adore Your Front Door Contest Winner Karen Berg of California used Modern Masters Front Door Paint in the color "Confident" | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

California based Karen Berg of Redoux Interiors updated her home’s look by painting her front door in the color Confident. It was originally a Cherry Red but over the years, it had faded and started looking a bit tired. She picked “Confident” because it was such a mood lifting color and loved its name. “That is what I want my house to convey to everyone who sees it. I love the way my home looks now when I pull up and see my bright and confident front door. It has completely transformed my entrance.”

Adore Your Front Door Contest Winner Audrey Blanchard of Idaho used Modern Masters Front Door Paint in the color "Cheerful" | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Audrey Blanchard of Real Moms Real Views in Idaho picked the color Cheerful and even wrote a wonderful blog post on painting over her white front door. She debated on whether or not to go with a vibrant color, but ended up just going for it! “I am IN LOVE with how this turned out – I recommended this to anyone looking for a quick way to jazz up the front of your house!” she says.

Adore Your Front Door Contest Winner Jennifer Curtis of California used Modern Masters Front Door Paint in the color "Elegant" | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Jennifer Curtis of Always In Wonder in California redid her plain white door by picking the color Elegant. She also wrote a great blog post on the easy process of refinishing her front door. I love how a simple color change can totally reinvent things you already own,” says Jennifer.

Adore YouFront Door Contest Winner Jane Head of California used Modern Masters Front Door Paint in the color "Comfortable" | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Jane Head of California picked the color Comfortable for her home’s front door transformation. She explains, “I love the color and the paint went on beautifully!” We just love the way it complements the beautiful exterior siding of her home.

We’re thrilled at the wonderful response to this contest and want to thank all of you who Adored Your Front Door and shared such beautiful projects with us. Congratulations to the 5 winners above on their gorgeous transformations! We hope you enjoy your $100 Gift Card!

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Easy DIY Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Paints

Easy DIY Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Paints | Modern Masters Cafe blog

We love coming across great DIY projects that are easy to do yet provide extraordinary results using Modern Masters products. Whether it’s updating the hardware on your favorite dresser or completely transforming a set of nightstands, our Metal Effects products and Metallic Paint Collection will give your next DIY project that special touch you’re looking for! Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on Lamp | By Decor Adventures

This lamp base was given a shimmery makeover by Jessica of Decor Adventures using our Pale Gold Metallic Paint! The real metal particles in our metallic paint help give this lamp an ambient glow of its own. Read more on how Jessica used our metallic paints for various DIY projects around her home!

Transform Hardware with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Via Always In WonderJennifer of Always in Wonder shares how she made over the old hardware of her rustic industrial style storage unit using Brass Metallic Paint! Instead of purchasing all new hardware, she was able to beautifully update the original pulls for a striking new look! Read how Jennifer transformed the drawer handles and more with metallic paints!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on French Nightstands | By Vintage Charm Restored

This next project was done by Lori of Vintage Charm Restored. These beautiful nightstands were peeling, cracking and were in pretty rough shape. With just a little TLC, Lori was able to give them an elegant makeover with our Nickel & Champagne Metallic Paints! See how she used the metallic paints to refinish the nightstands!

Modern Masters Metal Effects on Table | By Redoux Interiors

Last but not least is a table that was given a rich patina effect by Redoux Interiors using the Metal Effects products. Our Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint, which has real metal particles, was used along with our blue patina aging solution to create this gorgeous weathered finish! Read more on how easy it is to use Metal Effects to create a variety of patina finishes on furniture!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how Modern Masters Metallic Paints & Metal Effects products can help your next DIY project achieve stunning results! For more inspiration, be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!