Looking UP! Gorgeous Modern Masters Ceilings!

Ceilings are a fantastic surface to add a little shimmer and style and we always LOVE to run across and share gorgeous projects with you featuring our Modern Masters products.  A white ceiling can sometimes be harsh against an otherwise well-designed room and adding a bit of color to the “fifth wall” can take a room from cold and sterile to warm and welcoming. We rounded up some of our favorite ceiling projects from some of our friends to inspire you!

A Trompe l'eoil paneled arched entry ceiling using Modern Masters golds and bronzes | By Just Faux FunDecorative Artist Kathy Beck of Just Faux Fun designed this incredible trompe l’oeil arched ceiling with several gold and bronze colors from our Metallic Paint Collection. It makes for an incredible entry into the home!  Isn’t her dimensional effect incredible?

Modern Masters Metallic Paints were layered to create this gorgeous silver ceiling | By Sweet HuesEllen Moss from Miami’s Sweet Hues Studio shares that in order to create this elegant inset square ceiling, she layered several silver-toned metallic paints on top of one another to create depth and shimmer.  Just lovely!

Modern Masters Warm Silver Metallic Paint in a Chevron pattern on a ceiling | By PBJ StoriesOne of our fave DIY bloggers, Pamela from PB&J Stories wanted a fun yet elegant patterned ceiling for the nursery she was designing for her new little girl. Using a chic chevron pattern, she colored the ceiling using our Warm Silver Metallic Paint. We think the baby will love looking at it! Be sure to see the full reveal of the metallic painted ceiling of her baby girl’s nursery!

Modern Masters Tequila Gold Metallic Paint as a base for the wood grained beams & the glazes insets | By Garay Artisans

The decorative painting firm, Garay Artisans, was faced with a white ceiling for a bachelor’s home. Their client wanted a masculine feel with polish. They started with a Tequila Gold Metallic Paint base on the entire surface and proceeded to age the insets and woodgrain the beams with a marquetry pattern on the intersections. Quite the dramatic change and the client was extremely happy with the results!

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a coffered ceiling and range hood | By Artist Tom Henman

Talented decorative painter Tom Henman created a striking and uniquely beautiful coffered ceiling for a client’s kitchen.  Using our Metal Effects products, he patinated the Bronze Reactive Metal Paint with the Blue Patina Aging Solution.  Stunning!

A beautiful dome finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By NCF Studio of Decorative Art

Nena Sexton from the NCF Studio of Decorative Arts created a gorgeous dome ceiling by using a stria effect with several Metallic Paint Collection colors.  The metallic finish is both striking and subtle and gives a beautiful shimmery effect when the light casts on it — perfect ambience!

Too often, little thought is given to a ceiling’s contribution to the overall design of a room. Ceilings are a blank canvas that can be painted and finished to become a focal point or simply add a finishing touch to a room’s look. Even if it has a wide expanse, it’s one of the most budget-friendly way to add a fresh, new feel to your home or office.  We’ll soon share other inspiring projects with our plasters and textures — be sure to see the many projects we share regularly on our Pinterest and Facebook fan pages!

2 thoughts on “Looking UP! Gorgeous Modern Masters Ceilings!

  1. Love the look of all those ceilings, but can you tell us what colors were used in each photo? Just out of curiousity. I’m doing my upper hallway wall in metallics, and I want to use light colors, but colors that compliment each other, while being noticably different colors as well.

    Would love to read your thoughts.

    Thank you!


    Marjorie Hill

    • Hello, Ms. Hill! Your upcoming project sounds lovely! Some of the images do have the colors included in the copy below them but we will outline them as we think below. Please note that some of these images are by professional decorative paint studios and they usually not provide a DIY or specific colors as they might be trade finishes.

      1) Professional Studio – It appears Tequila Gold, Olympic Gold and/or Pale Gold were used, along with aging glazes and trompe l’oeil techniques.
      2) Professional Studio – She uses several silver-toned colors, possibly including Silver, Platinum and perhaps a bit of Warm Silver or Pale Gold.
      3) Blogger – The color, Warm Silver, is included as well as the link to her project reveal.
      4) Professional Studio – The color, Tequila Gold, is included. The studio created the woodgraining and marquetry technique over the metallic with water-based stains.
      5) Professional Studio – The color, Metal Effects Blue Patina, is included. Here is a link to a how-to video for the reactive effect, not the specific project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOGIuXeir70&t=15s
      6) Professional Studio – The strie colors appear to possibly include, Silver, Platinum, Oyster, and Warm Silver. There could also be a very light addition of Blackened Bronze.

      We hope this helps! Here are all the colors in online swatches to help see them with each other: http://shop.modernmasters.com/c/metallic-paint-collection_paint Also, take a look at our Matte Metallics as well. They have a beautiful metallic feel but have a more matte shimmer – they might be perfect for a hallway. Here are those colors: http://shop.modernmasters.com/c/matte-metallic-paints Please let us know if we can help further and do keep us posted on your project! 🙂

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