Modern Masters Metallic Paint Spotlight: Olympic Gold

Great project ideas with Modern Masters Olympic Gold PaintThe Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection has a wide variety of colors available, including the traditional metallic tones.  We have a versatile range of gold metallic paint but one of the most popular is the vibrant and rich Olympic Gold.

Gold Metallic Paint on Chair | Using Metallic Paint on Furniture | Project by Lovely Indeed

The Metallic Paints are perfect for painting on furniture. The effervescent Chelsea from Lovely Indeed used Olympic Gold to transform her dining room chairs from Ikea with metallic paint. She thought the color was perfect for the fun, laid-back style of her home. We think so, too!

Decorative Painting and Finishing with Olympic Gold Metallic Paint | Project by Anna K Studio using Modern Masters Metallic Paints

The Detroit-based Anna K. Studio went a little more old-world and classic for a client’s dining room.  She painted the trim and panels with Olympic Gold and then overglazed them.  The walls were painted an earth-tone sage and then toned with an Olympic Gold metallic glaze mix. Beautiful!

Metallic Chevron Stripes | Contemporary Interiors

This room has a cool, boutique hotel vibe and the walls have a fab look with the Olympic Gold paired with the fresh Chevron pattern. It’s the contemporary home of photographers Lou Mora & Sarah Yates which was featured in Design Sponge.

Fun and Funky Art Frames with Metallic Paint | Project by Kara Paslay using Modern Masters Metallic Paints

We love the fun and über-creative designs of stylist Kara Paslay! Here she created custom art with paint swatches and finished her work with frames painted with Olympic Gold. The metallic paint shines enticingly and yet lets all the colors stand out perfectly. Be sure to check out how she made these swatch paint panels.

Are you under the spell of Olympic Gold? We sure are — and all these amazing projects! If you’d like to check out ALL the other colors available, be sure to see our Metallic Paint Color Palette.  All use a unique combination of real metal particles, pearlescent pigments and traditional color pigments to create the palette of beautiful, non-tarnishing, shimmering colors.  You can check out all the metallic paint FAQs, too!  We look forward to seeing YOUR metallic paint projects (any color!) and we’ll be seeing you on our Facebook page and Pinterest boards, too. Have an inspired day!

Modern Mastery: Tamra Alexander Cook

Tamra Alexander Cook | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe’re proud to feature decorative artist Tamra Alexander Cook from the Central Coast of California for this week’s Artist Spotlight. We had a chance to catch up with Tamra and find out a bit about her artistry and how Modern Masters has impacted her creativity and career as a decorative artist.

Tamra Alexander Cook began a career in art about 7 years ago after needing a change of pace from the corporate field working in her family’s contract meter reading business. She knew that she wanted to do something creative since she spent most of her free time after work painting, sewing and decorating. Not knowing anything about decorative art, she just jumped right in and began learning some beautiful wall finishes and kept expanding from there. During these last two years she’s really discovered her true passion to be mirror and glass work with more emphasis on the fine arts.  “It’s been interesting to see how all the products I’ve used over the years for large projects like wall finishes and cabinetry work can be used in some way for both glass and fine art,” she says. Let’s take a look at some of her work!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Tamra used a custom mix of Modern Masters Metallic Paints for these brilliant decorative flowers on this iron gate. She then used the MasterClear® topcoat for for added UV protection!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters Finishes?

My favorite Modern Masters finish would have to be the Reactive Metal finishes, especially the Rust finish. Right after I first started in the biz, I had a call from someone opening a new Salon in the area. I had only a very small rust sample on hand but she asked if I could do it on the large wall in the front of the salon. She needed it done within just a few days for the grand opening. I of course said “sure!” although I had never done it on anything larger than a couple of small furniture pieces. She originally asked for the just the front of the wall to be done but I convinced her that if we went all the way around, it would look more like a really large iron wall. She loved the idea and I knocked it out in two days. I’m still doing work in her beautiful Salon because of that wall. It’s definitely a high impact finish and people are impressed when they find out it’s the real deal, actually rusted iron.  I love the reaction I get every time someone ask how I do that.

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a large freestanding accent wall for a salon | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

My Modern Masters “go to” product is the Dead Flat Varnish. It’s amazing stuff!  I have used it on so many things because it produces such a nice truly dead flat finish and it holds up so well to everyday use.  I make sure to ALWAYS have some on hand because I’m always using it on something!

Modern Masters Metallic Bronze with reactive patina over silver foil | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

This Moroccan style chalkboard was created with Modern Masters Metallic Bronze and reactive patinas over silver foil.

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a set of shutters | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

These shutters were beautifully finished in the Modern Masters Metal Effects products.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

I would have to say France and Ireland are the most inspiring places I’ve visited. So much of Europe is inspiring but the unbridled use of color in such unexpected ways is almost overwhelming. Paris, for me was nothing but pure eye candy! I love how you will have a somewhat monochromatic concrete or stone building with doors of unbelievable color and texture! The choice of color and beautiful, natural patinas everywhere you look, is awe inspiring!

Modern Masters Metallic Copper paint, furniture glaze and Metal Effects in Rust for the ornamentation detail of this fireplace mantel | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Modern Masters Copper Metallic Paint, Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream and Metal Effects in Rust for the ornamentation detail of this fireplace mantel | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

We want to thank Tamra for taking the time to share her story and artistry with us this week. You can find more of her work on her Facebook & Pinterest pages as well! As always, feel free to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards for more inspiration and be sure to “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!

Looking UP! Gorgeous Modern Masters Ceilings!

Ceilings are a fantastic surface to add a little shimmer and style and we always LOVE to run across and share gorgeous projects with you featuring our Modern Masters products.  A white ceiling can sometimes be harsh against an otherwise well-designed room and adding a bit of color to the “fifth wall” can take a room from cold and sterile to warm and welcoming. We rounded up some of our favorite ceiling projects from some of our friends to inspire you!

A Trompe l'eoil paneled arched entry ceiling using Modern Masters golds and bronzes | By Just Faux FunDecorative Artist Kathy Beck of Just Faux Fun designed this incredible trompe l’oeil arched ceiling with several gold and bronze colors from our Metallic Paint Collection. It makes for an incredible entry into the home!  Isn’t her dimensional effect incredible?

Modern Masters Metallic Paints were layered to create this gorgeous silver ceiling | By Sweet HuesEllen Moss from Miami’s Sweet Hues Studio shares that in order to create this elegant inset square ceiling, she layered several silver-toned metallic paints on top of one another to create depth and shimmer.  Just lovely!

Modern Masters Warm Silver Metallic Paint in a Chevron pattern on a ceiling | By PBJ StoriesOne of our fave DIY bloggers, Pamela from PB&J Stories wanted a fun yet elegant patterned ceiling for the nursery she was designing for her new little girl. Using a chic chevron pattern, she colored the ceiling using our Warm Silver Metallic Paint. We think the baby will love looking at it! Be sure to see the full reveal of the metallic painted ceiling of her baby girl’s nursery!

Modern Masters Tequila Gold Metallic Paint as a base for the wood grained beams & the glazes insets | By Garay Artisans

The decorative painting firm, Garay Artisans, was faced with a white ceiling for a bachelor’s home. Their client wanted a masculine feel with polish. They started with a Tequila Gold Metallic Paint base on the entire surface and proceeded to age the insets and woodgrain the beams with a marquetry pattern on the intersections. Quite the dramatic change and the client was extremely happy with the results!

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a coffered ceiling and range hood | By Artist Tom Henman

Talented decorative painter Tom Henman created a striking and uniquely beautiful coffered ceiling for a client’s kitchen.  Using our Metal Effects products, he patinated the Bronze Reactive Metal Paint with the Blue Patina Aging Solution.  Stunning!

A beautiful dome finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By NCF Studio of Decorative Art

Nena Sexton from the NCF Studio of Decorative Arts created a gorgeous dome ceiling by using a stria effect with several Metallic Paint Collection colors.  The metallic finish is both striking and subtle and gives a beautiful shimmery effect when the light casts on it — perfect ambience!

Too often, little thought is given to a ceiling’s contribution to the overall design of a room. Ceilings are a blank canvas that can be painted and finished to become a focal point or simply add a finishing touch to a room’s look. Even if it has a wide expanse, it’s one of the most budget-friendly way to add a fresh, new feel to your home or office.  We’ll soon share other inspiring projects with our plasters and textures — be sure to see the many projects we share regularly on our Pinterest and Facebook fan pages!

Get Pin-spired with Modern Masters Projects!

The Modern Masters Pinterest boards are a great way to find and share DIY paint projects of all kinds including tutorials, ideas and gorgeous design inspiration! Modern Masters products can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including walls, ceilings, cabinets, home accents and even custom wall art! Well, five particular projects caught YOUR eye on Pinterest! These projects are the most pinned and popular right now and we are excited to share them with you!

Lamps and lampshade liners painted with Modern Masters Gold Rush Metallic Paint | By Hi Sugar Plum

Lampshade liner painted with Modern Masters Gold Rush Metallic Paint for an elegant, rich glow | By Hi Sugar Plum

These table lamps were give the “golden touch” by Cassie of Hi Sugar Plum with Gold Rush Metallic Paint! Cassie also includes a great tutorial on how to achieve this look on her blog post tutorial. You can pin the metallic lined lampshades and metallic paint close-up here, too!

Modern Masters Iron Paint & Rust Activator at Studio 212 Hair Salon done by Claudia Jo Krumsee and Allyce Lees from The Paint Store Inc.

This rusted wall finish was achieved using stencils & the Metal Effects Iron Paint & Rust Activator at a hair salon designed by artists & Modern Masters Retailer, Claudia Jo Krumsee and Allyce Lees of The Paint Store Inc. So striking!

A gorgeous staircase accent wall stenciled with Modern Masters Champagne Metallic Paint | By Trash to Treasure

Stenciling with metallic paint is another way to create an elegant accent in any space. Artist Heidi Fox of Trash to Treasure did just that by choosing this beautiful accent wall of this staircase for the Royal Design Studio’s Acanthus Trellis Stencil and Champagne Metallic Paint!

Tissue Paper & Metal Effects finish by artist Arlene McLoughlin | Via Artisphere

This gorgeous powder bath wall finish was created with tissue paper and Metal Effects products by artist Arlene McLoughlin. The project and process was featured on Artisphere Online with a wonderful step-by-step tutorial!

Guest bloggers Dustin & Whitney from The Rooster & the Hen share these beautiful hand painted light fixtures created with Modern Masters Metallic Paints on the I am Momma Hear Me Roar blog.

Guest bloggers Dustin & Whitney from The Rooster & the Hen share these beautiful hand-painted diy metallic light fixtures transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with several of our metallic paint colors on the I am Momma Hear Me Roar blog.

The Modern Masters Pinterest boards are always chock-full of inspiration — from all types of design styles to beautifully painted surfaces! Looking for a great idea to redo your drab furniture piece? Check out our Modern Masters Furniture board. Would you prefer seeing how the Metallic Paints are used on a variety of surfaces? Look no further than the Metallic Paint Projects board. We also have Pinterest community boards where we share all sorts of Modern Masters projects and Patina & Oxidation inspiration with each other – be sure to join us! We hope you’ve enjoyed these pin-teresting projects and find more pin-spiration to help you decorate YOUR space!