Creating a Beautiful Woodgrain Finish with Modern Masters!

Creating a beautiful, realistic wood look can be a fun and fulfilling project with the right products! The artistic imitation of wood is frequently referred to as faux bois, the French term for “false wood” and its origins are traced back to the Renaissance period.  We found a thoroughly modern and wonderful faux woodgrain tutorial by Karen Berg of Redoux Interiors using the Modern Masters Platinum Series and Decorative Painter’s Products. We want to share how you too can achieve these same great results!

How to create a beautiful wood look with Modern Masters

There are a few techniques for achieving a wonderful woodgrain or wood look.  Most woodgraining techniques are a “medium” on the difficulty level and the technique by Redoux Interiors, which we are showcasing today, may certainly fall in that category. If you’ve never worked with glazes before, you may want to get a feel for them by glazing a separate small project first.

Glazes allow for a transparent layer of color to be applied over a color of your choice, thereby allowing some of the initial color to still show through. Glazes also dry a lot slower than regular paints and provide a good “open-time” to work with. This open-time allows you to manipulate the glaze as needed – which is crucial when woodgraining. Last but not least, glazes are perfect for applying several layers of color on a piece, allowing you to control just how dark or rich you’d like your finish to look!

Modern Masters Platinum Series & Decorative Painters Products | Redoux Interiors

Let’s get started and gather our materials!

Chip brushes, Cheesecloth and Foam Roller | Redoux Interiors

Step 1

Using the foam roller, apply Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish to a clean, lightly sanded surface. Use a high quality paint brush to smooth out the varnish in the direction of the grain.

Tip: You can also work directly over an existing flat or satin acrylic finish or use our Modern Masters Metallic Paints as a base color. Using a metallic base won’t give you metallic results but will give you a rich finish with added depth.

Before Modern Masters Woodgraining | By Redoux Interiors

Step 2

When the 1st step is dry, prepare your glaze by making a mixture of Tobacco Brown Glazing Color and Modern Masters Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream in a 1:6 ratio – 6 parts being the glazing cream. Glaze goes a very long way!  Start by making a small amount depending on how big of a piece you are working with. You can always make more.

Step 3

Using a chip brush, apply your Tobacco Brown glaze mix all over the surface following the grain. While this is still wet, apply your Aged Mahogany colorant straight out of the bottle. Redoux Interiors likes to pour some onto a paper plate and then use a chip brush to dab it on. It should look like this when you are finished with this step.

Modern Masters Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream | Redoux Interiors

Step 4

Next use your cheesecloth “pom-pom” to pull the glaze in the direction of the grain. The pompom will help absorb any excess glaze and soften the overall look. When the cheesecloth is loaded up with glaze, you can then use it to apply glaze to the sides and details. Also, use your chip brush to pick up and blend out any excess glaze that may have settled in corners and grooves.

Modern Masters Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream | Redoux Interiors

Step 5

This first layer of glaze can take a few hours to dry depending on humidity and temperature. You can speed up the drying process by using fans in a cool, dry space. In the meantime, prepare your next layer of glaze by using a mixture of Van Dyke Brown Glazing Color in a 1:1 ratio with the Glazing Cream. This will create a very strong mixture but if you want your wood to be lighter, use more glaze in your mix. Apply your Van Dyke Brown glaze with a chip brush the same way you did the first layer and soften and remove excess glaze with a cheesecloth “pompom” as you did in Step 4.

Modern Masters Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream | Redoux Interiors

By repeating Steps 3 – 5 as needed, you can add subtle layers of color to your piece and darken it until you get the desired results.

Modern Masters Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream | Redoux Interiors

When you have achieved your desired wood tone, use a high quality topcoat to seal and protect your new piece. We recommend using Modern Masters MasterClear® Supreme for the ultimate in UV protection & durability!

Woodgraining with Modern Masters Products | By Redoux Interiors

A dining room table woodgrained with Modern Masters Products | By Redoux Interiors

The final results will leave with a beautiful, durable and realistic wood-like finish that will be sure to bring warmth to any space. This woodgraining technique from Redoux Interiors can be used on just about anything — from picture frames to lamp bases to entire entertainment centers! Have fun and experiment! Many thanks to Karen Berg for sharing her tutorial and be sure to see more of her great projects on the Redoux Facebook page and Instagram account, too!

We hope we’ve inspired you to create your own wood look and if so, please feel free to share it with us on our Facebook Fan Page. For even more inspiration, be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards as well!

5 thoughts on “Creating a Beautiful Woodgrain Finish with Modern Masters!

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you so much for sharing my woodgraining with glaze tutorial. I hope it inspires many people to give it a try. I have used this technique time and again, from large built in cabinetry and kitchens to small nightstands.

  2. Hi, Janet!

    With any finish on difficult surfaces, investing in the right primer is absolutely key and once the layers fully cure, you will want to ensure that the primer has adhered correctly to the surface. Look for a primer designed to adhere to glossy surfaces as ordinary primers are not always meant to “grip” to specific surfaces. The paint shop staff can also expertly guide you to the right primer for your formica. Please note that if using an epoxy, it might cause adhesion issues so we recommend creating small separate samples to test your finish prior to tackling your project. Good luck — and keep us posted!


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