Modern Mastery: Caroline Lizarraga

Caroline LizarragaWe are excited to showcase another phenomenal artist, Caroline Lizarraga, for our Modern Mastery feature! We first encountered Caroline’s gorgeous work on Pinterest when we spied one of her Venetian Plaster fireplaces. She is based in San Francisco, California and has trained for her craft as far away as the cobble-stoned streets of Florence, Italy. She’s passionate about creating amazing interior environments and helping her clients find their own distinctive style. Whether it’s a boutique hotel in Napa Valley or a private residence, her approach is always the same: create a space that is authentic and magically artful. We had a chance to catch up with Caroline to talk all about her artistry, her inspirations and of course, her work with Modern Masters.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

My first reaction to that question is whichever project we are working on. We are very lucky to have clients who let us push the limits with ideas, so I am in a constant state of being inspired. If I had to choose one place though, I would say an old church we converted to a house. The ceilings were old tin and I used some Modern Masters Metallic Paints to bring back the luster. We also did a hot pink Modern Masters Venetian Plaster in the dining room. And finally used the Metal Effects Iron Paint, with a coat of black wax on the fireplace to look like inlaid black stone.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster on walls and metallic wash on ceiling

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster on the walls and Metallic Glaze on the tin tiled ceiling.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Fireplace Collage

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with stencil on a fireplace

What is your top finishing tip?


Hmmmmmm. Break the rules and experiment! Sometimes my breakthrough ideas and finishes have come from layering materials that aren’t supposed to work together. I always practice on sample boards first of course. Also study what is happening in the design world. If malachite is all over the magazines, then I figure out how to achieve it.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster and ShimmerStone stencil | By Caroline Lizarraga
Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with a stencil done in Shimmerstone

Moderns Masters Metallic base with strie glaze | By Caroline Lizarraga


Modern Masters Metallic Paint base with a striae glaze to make walls look like silk.


Modern Masters Blue Venetian Plaster | By Caroline Lizarraga


A beautiful accent wall finished in a Blue Modern Masters Venetian Plaster


What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?


My go to Modern Masters product is the Venetian Plaster and my go to color is a version of black with a hint of brown for warmth, but the depth of black. It’s a custom mix.


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with a waxed stencil | By Caroline Lizarraga


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with stenciled wax detail


Stenciled Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | By Caroline Lizarraga


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster in a custom tint with an inlaid wax stencil.


Modern Masters ShimmerStone at Hotel Yountville Spa | By Caroline LizarragaModern Masters ShimmerStone on the walls of Hotel Yountville’s Spa.


We want to thank Caroline Lizarraga for sharing a bit of her gorgeous artistry with us! You can see more incredible work in her Online Collection, Twitter and Facebook Fan Page! It truly has been a pleasure to see some of the artistry created with our product lines!  Be sure to catch more Modern Masters inspiration in our Facebook Fan Page and Pinterest boards! Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Modern Mastery: Caroline Lizarraga

    • Hi, Michelle!

      Caroline used several colors from our Metallic Paint Collection to achieve the effect, most likely a mix of the lighter colors such as the Pearl and Champagne tones. We hope this helps! 🙂

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  3. Hi, if my walls are white to begin with and Caroline used the metallic colors pearl and champagne…was one color used first then another? Which steps would I use to try and replicate this beautiful wall?

    • Hi, Ms. Egan! It also looks like Pale Gold is also in the mix. We would deduce that the colors were used in a vertical strie finish with a wallpaper brush or something similar. Paint a base coat with one of the metallic colors and when dry, brush on the next metallic color and then drag the brush through to taste. You can use several colors for the vertical dragging to add even more interest. We would highly recommend creating samples to familiarize yourself with the finish so you can see the end results. We hope this helps!

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