Modern Masters Decorative Finishing Videos!

Here at Modern Masters, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of unique and innovative decorative finishing options for the DIYer and Professional! Whether it be our Platinum Series Products or our Wildfire Luminescent Paints, our products can help you achieve that beautiful look you’re after!

Decorative Finishing How-To Videos on the Modern Masters YouTube Channel!

We are also excited to offer a great selection of free video tutorials on our Modern Masters YouTube Channel, covering some of our most popular products in order to help you achieve successful results! Each video contains great tips, techniques and examples of a particular product and finish!

Our Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection comes in a gorgeous selection of colors ranging from golds, silvers and coppers to blues, greens and even iridescents! Learn how to achieve a smooth, uniform look when rolling on the metallic paint using a few of these easy techniques shown in our Metallic Paint Application video!



We’ve shown you the beautiful results possible using a shimmery plaster in our recent Metallic Plaster Post. Maybe a Venetian Plaster is more of what you’re looking for? In this video, we show you how to easily achieve a “skip-troweled” finish that will be sure to add depth and elegance to any room!



Remember all of the beautiful possibilities we’ve shown you in our Metal Effects Rust Finish Post? How about adding a little verdigris patina to a few select accessories around the house? Picture frames, outdoor lighting or even gutter drain pipes all look gorgeous with our Metal Effects Reactive Copper and Bronze Paints! In this video we show you how easy it can be to achieve that weathered copper or bronze look with a beautiful verdigris like finish on just about anything you can imagine!



These are only a few of the videos available to you on our YouTube Channel. We hope you’ve enjoyed them and have been inspired to create something beautiful! If so, please be sure to subscribe to our channel for the latest info on all of our products and visit our Retailer Locator to find your nearest shop! You can also visit our Online Shop to order from the comfort of your own home!

As always, feel free to share your Modern Masters project with us on our Facebook Page and look for design, patina & finish inspirations on all our Pinterest Boards! Have a wonderful week!




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  1. I want to paint the brick around my fireplace with my new copper metallic paint. Should I prime the brick first? What about a sealer? Do you have any picture of brick makeover (for inspiration)? Thanks

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