Metallic Paint Dresser by Swea Hantverk

Metallic Paint is not only fantastic for walls and ceilings, but can also to add elegance and depth to your furniture, cabinetry and accessories! This beautifully finished dresser was created by Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk in Sweden using the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection! We first came across this wonderful project on our Facebook Fan Page where you can find many inspiring works of art shared by creative people from all around the world!

Swea Hantverk Book Cover - Final

Annette runs a tiny little workshop in Sweden where she refinishes and transforms old furniture into wonderful works of art to sell! She looks for fun and unique projects to work on and usually finds them in thrift shops and online adverts. When she found this dresser, it was a regular dark brown piece with flaking paint and in need of some good TLC. Not sure of exactly how to paint it, she found the perfect inspiration in one of her design magazines. She was now ready to paint!

Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk As with most unique finishes, layers are a big part of the process and this piece was no exception. After cleaning the bureau, she used shellac to stop the dark paint from bleeding through into the new finish. She then applied a dark gray base coat followed by a blend of various colors in a vertical striae fashion to provide a great base to work with.

A dresser with the beginning layers of paint | By Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk

Modern Masters Pale Gold and Champagne were used to give a beautiful shimmer to the entire piece, lightly distressing it here and there as she went along. “The paint covers so well, is durable and has such a pleasant flow!” she says.

Feeling like it was still in need of a little something, she designed this graphic on her computer and transferred onto the front to really give it an elegant, ornamental lettered graphic! Using white paint, she then outlined and accented the design.

A dresser being transformed with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk

Notice the multiple layers of this yummy distressed finish?

Close up of this beautiful finish created with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | By Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk

The final results give off a soft, warm glow that radiates with tranquility.

A dresser beautifully finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | By Swea Hantverk

We want to thank Annette for sharing her wonderful work with us this week. All of her pieces are for sale on her website and please take a closer look by visiting her Facebook page as well.

Be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and check out the Metallic Paint Projects for even MORE inspiration!  We also share more project and design inspiration on our Facebook fan page, so be sure to “Like” us!  We hope you’ve enjoyed Annette’s work and have been inspired to create something beautiful of your own! Have a wonderful week!

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