Modern Mastery: Caroline Lizarraga

Caroline LizarragaWe are excited to showcase another phenomenal artist, Caroline Lizarraga, for our Modern Mastery feature! We first encountered Caroline’s gorgeous work on Pinterest when we spied one of her Venetian Plaster fireplaces. She is based in San Francisco, California and has trained for her craft as far away as the cobble-stoned streets of Florence, Italy. She’s passionate about creating amazing interior environments and helping her clients find their own distinctive style. Whether it’s a boutique hotel in Napa Valley or a private residence, her approach is always the same: create a space that is authentic and magically artful. We had a chance to catch up with Caroline to talk all about her artistry, her inspirations and of course, her work with Modern Masters.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

My first reaction to that question is whichever project we are working on. We are very lucky to have clients who let us push the limits with ideas, so I am in a constant state of being inspired. If I had to choose one place though, I would say an old church we converted to a house. The ceilings were old tin and I used some Modern Masters Metallic Paints to bring back the luster. We also did a hot pink Modern Masters Venetian Plaster in the dining room. And finally used the Metal Effects Iron Paint, with a coat of black wax on the fireplace to look like inlaid black stone.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster on walls and metallic wash on ceiling

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster on the walls and Metallic Glaze on the tin tiled ceiling.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Fireplace Collage

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with stencil on a fireplace

What is your top finishing tip?


Hmmmmmm. Break the rules and experiment! Sometimes my breakthrough ideas and finishes have come from layering materials that aren’t supposed to work together. I always practice on sample boards first of course. Also study what is happening in the design world. If malachite is all over the magazines, then I figure out how to achieve it.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster and ShimmerStone stencil | By Caroline Lizarraga
Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with a stencil done in Shimmerstone

Moderns Masters Metallic base with strie glaze | By Caroline Lizarraga


Modern Masters Metallic Paint base with a striae glaze to make walls look like silk.


Modern Masters Blue Venetian Plaster | By Caroline Lizarraga


A beautiful accent wall finished in a Blue Modern Masters Venetian Plaster


What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?


My go to Modern Masters product is the Venetian Plaster and my go to color is a version of black with a hint of brown for warmth, but the depth of black. It’s a custom mix.


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with a waxed stencil | By Caroline Lizarraga


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster with stenciled wax detail


Stenciled Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | By Caroline Lizarraga


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster in a custom tint with an inlaid wax stencil.


Modern Masters ShimmerStone at Hotel Yountville Spa | By Caroline LizarragaModern Masters ShimmerStone on the walls of Hotel Yountville’s Spa.


We want to thank Caroline Lizarraga for sharing a bit of her gorgeous artistry with us! You can see more incredible work in her Online Collection, Twitter and Facebook Fan Page! It truly has been a pleasure to see some of the artistry created with our product lines!  Be sure to catch more Modern Masters inspiration in our Facebook Fan Page and Pinterest boards! Have a great week!

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Decorative Finishing How-To Videos on the Modern Masters YouTube Channel!

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We’ve shown you the beautiful results possible using a shimmery plaster in our recent Metallic Plaster Post. Maybe a Venetian Plaster is more of what you’re looking for? In this video, we show you how to easily achieve a “skip-troweled” finish that will be sure to add depth and elegance to any room!



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Metallic Paint Dresser by Swea Hantverk

Metallic Paint is not only fantastic for walls and ceilings, but can also to add elegance and depth to your furniture, cabinetry and accessories! This beautifully finished dresser was created by Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk in Sweden using the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection! We first came across this wonderful project on our Facebook Fan Page where you can find many inspiring works of art shared by creative people from all around the world!

Swea Hantverk Book Cover - Final

Annette runs a tiny little workshop in Sweden where she refinishes and transforms old furniture into wonderful works of art to sell! She looks for fun and unique projects to work on and usually finds them in thrift shops and online adverts. When she found this dresser, it was a regular dark brown piece with flaking paint and in need of some good TLC. Not sure of exactly how to paint it, she found the perfect inspiration in one of her design magazines. She was now ready to paint!

Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk As with most unique finishes, layers are a big part of the process and this piece was no exception. After cleaning the bureau, she used shellac to stop the dark paint from bleeding through into the new finish. She then applied a dark gray base coat followed by a blend of various colors in a vertical striae fashion to provide a great base to work with.

A dresser with the beginning layers of paint | By Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk

Modern Masters Pale Gold and Champagne were used to give a beautiful shimmer to the entire piece, lightly distressing it here and there as she went along. “The paint covers so well, is durable and has such a pleasant flow!” she says.

Feeling like it was still in need of a little something, she designed this graphic on her computer and transferred onto the front to really give it an elegant, ornamental lettered graphic! Using white paint, she then outlined and accented the design.

A dresser being transformed with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk

Notice the multiple layers of this yummy distressed finish?

Close up of this beautiful finish created with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | By Annette Nilsson of Swea Hantverk

The final results give off a soft, warm glow that radiates with tranquility.

A dresser beautifully finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | By Swea Hantverk

We want to thank Annette for sharing her wonderful work with us this week. All of her pieces are for sale on her website and please take a closer look by visiting her Facebook page as well.

Be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and check out the Metallic Paint Projects for even MORE inspiration!  We also share more project and design inspiration on our Facebook fan page, so be sure to “Like” us!  We hope you’ve enjoyed Annette’s work and have been inspired to create something beautiful of your own! Have a wonderful week!

Product Spotlight: Modern Masters Metallic Plaster

Shimmery, easy to use, durable and a gorgeous luxe wall finish to boot! Modern Masters Platinum Series Metallic Plaster is a beautiful trowel applied architectural coating that provides a symphonic blend of luster, elegance and environmental friendliness! It’s also available in over 50 Pre-Mixed colors that can be intermixed as well!

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster Product Spotlight

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster brings an elegant and sophisticated look to your project with the many versatile finishes that can be created!  The plaster can be used on full or feature walls, ceilings, furniture and canvas art pieces to name a few.  It can also be used to emboss stencil designs and create custom dimensional effects.  It’s super versatile as well — translating from clean, contemporary designs to warm, textured old world finishes.

Modern Masters Metallic PlasterModern Masters Metallic Plaster Ceiling by NCF Studio

This gorgeous ceiling was finished in Modern Masters Metallic Plaster then topped off with beautiful stencil work by artist Nena Garza-Sexton of NCF Studio.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster by Articulate FinishThe walls and ceiling of this bathroom were beautifully finished with a blend of several Modern Masters Metallic Plaster colors by Articulate Finish. Stunning!

Of course, we have to show you a fun technique with the Metallic Plaster! Here’s a short video from the Modern Masters YouTube Channel showing you a soft textured plaster technique that’s easy to achieve and one that can easily be used as your inspiration to spice up that drab focal wall or niche! The Metallic Plaster is part of our Platinum Series Products, which are materials formulated in the USA with the finest ingredients available and with the intent of creating the most elegant, sophisticated finishes in the market.  Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery where you will see inspired finishes with the Metallic Plaster and our Platinum Series Pinterest Board with projects spanning the whole line! 


Whether you’re accenting home decor accessories or finishing a large accent wall, the Modern Masters Metallic Plaster is perfect for designers, decorative painters and DIYers to bring an elegant, luxurious look and feel to your next residential or commercial project! As always, feel free to share your Modern Masters project with us on our Facebook Page and look for design, patina & finish inspirations on all our Pinterest Boards!