Metallic Paints Shine a Light!


DIY Brass Pendant Light using Modern Masters Metallic Paint | By Teal & LimeMetallic Paint can help transform ordinary, drab everyday objects into extraordinary conversation pieces. In fact, DIY metallic paint projects not only come in all shapes and sizes – they also come in a beautiful array of colors as well! A DIY lighting project by Jackie of Teal & Lime is a wonderful example of this as she shares her process of using one of the many color options offered by the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection. The results? A truly unique, beautiful and affordable light fixture.

DIY-Brass-Pendant-Light-by-Teal-&-Lime-Before Jackie’s new brass basket pendant light started out as an inexpensive wastebasket she found at Home Goods. She was drawn to the beautiful oval shape of the piece and immediately started imagining its transformation into a light fixture! Incredible.


After searching everywhere to no avail for a true brass color, she fell in love when she opened her quart of Modern Masters Brass Metallic Paint! She liked that the paint “really looks like antique brass and is water-based for easy cleanup”. [She also said that she loved the color so much she saw “little cartoon hearts” upon opening the jar and called Modern Masters her “new Paint BFF”. Can’t get any better endorsement than that!] Using a short-handled paint brush, she then painted two coats on the inside and outside of the piece to ensure proper coverage.


“Turning the wastebasket into a light was just about as easy as painting it,” she says. After carefully drilling a 1/4″ hole directly in the center for the light cord, she installed a drum shade from one of her inexpensive stick lamps inside.



The brass contrasts beautifully with the white shade and accentuated the oval shapes that she loved so much! The small size of the lamp is perfect for her casual space as it doesn’t block the windows and allows plenty of natural light to come in.


Aren’t the results wonderful? It’s so thrilling to see the amazing finish transformations that can happen with our Metallic Paint Collection.  Many thanks to Jackie of Teal & Lime for sharing her DIY Brass Metallic Paint Pendant Light project with us and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this fun transformation! We look forward to continuing to share inspiring Modern Masters projects here and our Facebook Fan Page, Pinterest boards and Twitter stream! Have an inspired day!

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