Beautiful Decorative Finish Recipes to Master!

Our Modern Masters website was built to not only showcase our top-quality product lines, but also to provide you informative resources for creating extraordinary decorative and faux finishes. In fact, our Inspiration area has over 50 free Decorative Finish Recipe Cards giving detailed, step-by-step instructions on techniques tailored for both DIY and Professional projects.

Step-by-Step Decorative Finish Recipes for DIYers and Pros by Modern MastersThe Recipe Cards tutorials are in an easy to read, full-color PDF format. They are also ready to print and both tablet and mobile-friendly, making them simple to use in your preferred style! Among other Modern Masters products, the recipes above use our Metallic Plaster, ShimmerStone and Metallic Paint collection along with other easily purchased materials and tools. The techniques were chosen to be visually pleasing and relatively effortless to recreate! [Recipes above, clockwise from top left: Metallic Plaster Strie, Floral Shimmer Finish, Printed Linen Finish or Shimmerust Finish]

Decorative Painting Tutorials by Modern Masters

Clockwise from Top Left: Blue Treasure, Starry Night, Glazed Metallic Finish and Texture Effects/Metallic Plaster

The techniques range from contemporary to rustic chic to old world to traditional and many other design styles in between. Also, they are featured in a wide variety of neutral, cool and warm tones which, of course, can easily be altered to your preferred color scheme or to fit the specified design of your project. Some of the decorative finish recipes also feature additional stenciling and embossed patterns, many from our Modern Masters Stencil Collection. The possibilities for the interpretation of these finishes is truly endless!

Faux Finish Recipe Instructions and How-to's by Modern Masers

Clockwise from Top Left: Chrysanthemums, Alhambra, Rusted Finish and Smooth Trowel Venetian Plaster

The recipes are super versatile and can be used on furniture, walls, ceilings, floors and many other surfaces. All of the products and stencils are available through our Modern Masters online retail store and through your local retailers. So, whether you’re looking for a soft Venetian Plaster or a rich patina look with our Metal Effects and anything in between, you’re bound to find inspiring decorative paint finishes that will compliment your next project!

Feel free to leave us any questions in the comments and/or on our Modern Masters Facebook page! You can also catch plenty of inspiration in our Pinterest boards, too! We look forward to seeing the projects these Recipe Cards inspire you to create!


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