Instagram Takeovers

Instagram is a fantastic place to find inspiring design ideas, styling tips and gorgeous images on just about anything that interests you. We share A LOT of cool projects by designers, decorative painters, DIYers and more on our Instagram feed and love seeing all the amazing projects shared by YOU with us.  Some of our creative customers have a passion for Modern Masters and use our products frequently – and since just one share won’t do, the’ve started taking over our Instagram account! We’ve picked one project from the many they shared during their takeover time to showcase their artistry. Take a look…


Love Canvas Art by kenT Youngstrom | Metallic Paint and Metal Effects by Modern Masters

Our most recent takeover was by artist kenT youngstrom. He creates striking canvas pieces for private clients and retailers such as CB2. For this love-ly piece, he used both our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects for the beautiful effect.


The Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection helped Decorative & Faux Finishes create this gorgeous block wall | Design by Missy Stewart Designs

Cindy Howard and Dana Debuck of Decorative & Faux Finishes are a decorative arts team who’ve been in business for close to 20 years. They create custom faux finishes and murals for homeowners, designers, businesses, and contractors. Working with Missy Stewart Designs in this gorgeous home office, they used our Metallic Paint Collection to help create multi-toned, metallic block walls. #officegoals


Gallery Wall of Frames painted with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Tobey Renee Sanders of FauxDecor

Tobey Renee Sanders is the faux pro at FauxDecor and she also works as an art director and set designer in the entertainment industry. This is a formal dining rooom she worked on – it’s a space you might see flash across Bravo TV! For the gallery wall of picture frames, she removed the glass from the frames and then painted them with Statuary Bronze, Steel Gray, Black Pearl, Pale Gold, Pewter, and Silver Metallic Paint. Bravo, indeed.


Invitations painted with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Katie Gaines of Love Paper Paint | Wedding Ideas

Katie Gaines of Love Paper Paint runs a stationery design business while working as a decorative painter. Here is an invitation she created that used our Metallic Paints in a few ways. The box lids were painted with a mixture of Brass and Champagne Metallic Paint and then she dry brushed Chalk Paint® over the mix. The feather tips were brushed with the same Metallic Paint combo and dipped in glitter.


Flash Blue Metallic Paint by Modern Masters on the Ceiling to mimic an Iridescent Abalone Shell | Project by Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studios

Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio is an incredible decorative artist out of New York. She finished a coffered ceiling with an iridescent decorative paint treatment incorporating our Flash Blue Metallic Paint. She says, “My client wanted it to look like she was looking in a shell. It’s actually one color but changes as you move around the light source!”. So pretty!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @ModernMastersInc to see pretty pics and all the inspiring takeover projects! Coming up soon are Stephanie Jones of me & mrs.jones, Nena Garza Sexton of NCF Studio and Shannon Kaye of Plein Heir. What a line-up! If you’d like to share your amazing projects with us, tag us or use #modernmastersinspires in your copy – we can’t wait to see what you’re doing with our products! Of course, if you love Modern Masters and would love to share your many projects, e-mail us at for a chance to be chosen for your own Instagram Takeover. Stay inspired!

Be Something. If You Want to Make Something.

We were introduced to artist kenT Youngstrom on Instagram and have been happily following his beautiful art projects since then. We recently did a Modern Mastery feature on his creative works and are honored to have him back on the blog! He recently added ‘author’ to his many list of accomplishments as he released his first book last month, be something. if you want to make something. In the book, he encourages makers to stay in the moment and teaches how to allow ingenuity be the pace car. He’s sharing an excerpt from the book with us and we hope you enjoy his unique style, passion for inspiration, and his effervescent (yet very grounded) work ethic – take it away, kenT!

Artist kenT Youngstrom shares an excerpt of his book, be something. if you want to make something. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

good day master minds.  i’m kenT and i’m an artist + now an author.  but still not the tortured kind.  i’m on a mission to make the walls of your home, office or secret lair as memorable as you are.

to that end i am an unofficial ambassador of modern masters products.  modern masters products are memorable.  i may not remember everything about a room i am in, but a rust wall finish stays on my mind. a translucent metallic painting sticks to my brain.  a twinkle from a pearlescent finish does not go away.

below are a few words from my new book – be something. if you want to make something.  i’ve sprinkled in a few tidbits about modern masters products i use as well for a bit of spice.  you can find the book on

be something. if you want to make something.

i’m pretty quiet – most of the time. yet i’m capable of volcanic eruptions of energy and frenzied moments of eruption. it’s just that i’m better with a brush than i am with verbalizing my words. i have said this repeatedly, but in many ways it can be hard for me to talk about my work. that’s why i paint – i’m trying to show you how i feel. and modern masters products give my a loud booming voice.

i am constantly asked by other artists how i’m able to make art a full-time gig. generally my answer is not taken well. it is not pretty, + it’s not easy. i didn’t start with a business plan, a studio, fancy business cards, or an art blog.

if i had only known then… actually – i did, and so do you. you know it now, + you can feel it – so do it. do what you love – now. do it at night. wake up two hours early. make it your second job. replace your television schedule with a making stuff schedule. whatever you have to do. do it. now.

don’t figure it out – because you won’t. i still haven’t; no one has. don’t wait for clients. don’t wait to be debt-free. don’t wait for the right situation, for things to settle down, for your kids to go to school, leave the house, or get out of diapers. don’t wait for less hours at work. don’t wait for summer. don’t wait for winter. don’t wait to settle down.

don’t wait.

every day you wait is a day you won’t get back.

the world is full of people and corporations who claim to be authentic, creative, game-changing, innovative, inspiring, and paradigm-shifting. sounds great, but that’s not good enough. i want to be with/ work with/ collect the work of someone who shows fall-down, crazy-stupid love for his or her work and want to be surrounded by people who are alluring, beguiling, blazing, bursting, epic, frenzied, ravenous, and volcanic. i want passion to erupt.

be now. be active. try something new.

it surprises people /

and really isn’t that what it is all about?  surprising people.

you know, like when it’s 7:30 pm, and i’m on the couch, flipping through instagram photos like my thumb has been injected with oxycontin. i glance through design magazines, and, while visually impressive, they all seem to land in the recycling bin. i’m assuming the bachelorette is kissing another dude and handing out more roses, someone is looking for a new house, or someone is naked and afraid. or maybe someone is kissing someone looking for a new house but is naked and afraid. i’m not sure. i can’t keep it all straight. the at screen remains off.

so what am i looking for?

i’m desperately seeking for something to grab my attention. it doesn’t even have to be susan.

what i want, what i really really want is for something to reach out, grab me, and pin me to the wall.

something to make my thumb halt. maybe even reverse. something more than just pretty. i need something to jump off the screen and into my repetitive thought system. i need a secret admirer. a mysterious fedex box. an exotic rendezvous.

or really all i need is a simple surprise.

something unexpected, a little out of the ordinary, something i don’t experience everyday.

want to make stuff for a living?

wake up. get off the couch. work your backside off. show up on time. and most importantly… surprise somebody.

i use modern masters products because they surprise.

Artist kenT Youngstrom takes over Modern Masters' Instagram on May 14 + 15, 2016

What did you think of the sneak peek? If you LOVE it so far, grab your copy of be something. if you want to make something. on Amazon today. Want more kenT inspiration? Be sure to also catch him as he shares more of his beautiful Modern Masters projects on our Instagram account on May 14 + 15, 2016. See you there!

Metal Effects Kits on the Monthly DIY Challenge!

Extraordinary Patina Projects with the Metal Effects Kits | DIY Monthly Challenge Bloggers Feature on the Modern Masters BlogWe recently teamed up with a fantastic group of bloggers of the Monthly DIY Challenge. The team  creates amazing projects around a common theme or product and the projects go live the second Wednesday of every month on their individual blogs – so creative! Established in Fall 2014, the bloggers have tackled crates, pumpkins, wood slices, plumbing pieces (!!), clear ornaments and dozens of other DIY projects. This past April, they banded together to create their own unique projects with our Metal Effects Kits. Each kit comes in three patinas – Blue, Green and Rust – and contains all you need to create a patinated work of art. We loved each and every project the bloggers created and the surfaces varied greatly – wood, glass, tile, plastic, metal and more! Want to take a closer look? Let’s go!

The Metal Effects Green Patina Kit transforms an IKEA Lantern | Project by Dwell Beautiful | DIY Monthly Challenge Feature on the Modern Masters BlogThe elegant Erica from Dwell Beautiful created an IKEA hack on one of their lanterns. Using the Green Patina Kit, she transformed the original surface with a gorgeous verdigris patina.

Patinating Hobby and Craft Letters with the Metal Effects Rust Patina Kit | Project by Houseologie | DIY Monthly Challenge Bloggers featured on the Modern Masters BlogLeigh Anne of Houseologie is so talented – and we loved seeing her rusty metal letters. Each galvanized letter cost her $1 and with the help of the Rust Patina Kit, they now they look like a million bucks!

Decorative Pot gets a makeover with the Metal Effects Blue Patina Kit | Project by Canary Street Crafts | DIY Monthly Challenge Feature on the Modern Masters BlogVicky and Amy are the dynamic duo behind the popular Canary Street Crafts blog. They shared their decorative pot makeover with the Blue Patina Kit – now it’s a beautiful garden planter! Amy says, “The best part is that we didn’t even use half of the paint, primer, and patina solution, so we can still do another project or two.” Gotta love that!

Creating a Rusty Finish with the Metal Effects Rust Patina Kit | How to & Decor Accent Project by Little House of Four | Modern Masters Blog FeatureThe creative Katie from Little House of Four used our Rust Patina Kit to ‘rustify’ a scroll wall hanging and make it look like the wrought iron had been outside for months – in a super pretty way, of course! Make sure you head to her blog to see the final results on the decor accent piece.

Faux Concrete Planters with a Rust Patina created with the Metal Effects Rust Patina Kit | Project by Brepurposed and featured on the Modern Masters BlogBre from the Brepurposed blog is a talented maven with her own graphic design studio. She created these lovely DIY concrete planters with a rust patina with the help of our Rust Patina Kit. They’re a perfect blend of the rustic and the elegant.

Coastal Coasters patinated with the Metal Effects Green Patina | DIY Project by Table & Hearth | Modern Masters Blog FeatureTile + Cork equals an amazing DIY project! Emily from Table and Hearth has great style and a coastal home to use her considerable design skills on. To create these beautiful coastal coasters, she patinated the tiles with our Green Patina Kit and then…well, you’ll just have to head to her post to see the complete how-to!

Patinating on Glass with the Rust Patina Kit by Modern Masters | Project by Little Red Brick House | DIY Monthly Challenge FeatureWho’d have thought you could rust glass? The Rust Patina Kit can – and the results look amazing in the talented hands of Sarah from Little Red Brick House! Small project, BIG impact.

Creating your own 'old' architectural details for your home with Modern Masters | Making it in the Mountains used the Rust Metal Effects Patina Kit to add character to a simple metal gate. Love it! | Modern Masters Blog feature on the DIY Monthly Challenge BloggersThe innovative Kristi from Making it in the Mountains likes to incorporate archictectural details with character into her home’s design. Love it! She took a simple metal gate and gave it lots of texture and interest with the Rust Patina Kit. See her blog for more details on the rusty farmouse wall decor project.

Metal Effects Patinas can patinate plastic! See how DIY Passion used the Blue Patina Kit for an awesome transformation! | Modern Masters Blog features the DIY Monthly Challenge Bloggers

Erin has a DIY Passion we love – plus her projects are always so amazing and informative. For this project, she decided to use the Blue Patina Kit on plastic Dollar Store bins and turn them into weathered metallic goodness. We told you she was amazing!

DIY Rusty Letters for a Boys Retro Room | Metal Effects Rust Patina Project by My Anything & Everything | DIY Monthly Challenge feature on the Modern Masters Blog

The artistic Tara from My Anything & Everything blog wanted to create a letter decor accent for her son’s rustic retro room and used our Rust Patina Kit. Isn’t it B-eautiful? (We couldn’t resist!) Head to her blog to learn how to create a rusty finished look on metal.

Gorgeous Jewelry Hanger created with the help of the Metal Effects Rust Patina Kit by Average but Inspired | DIY Monthly Challenge Feature on the Modern Masters BlogWe know the name of Bre’s blog is Average but Inspired but we think she’s anything but average! For proof, look at her gorgeous rusty iron scrolled jewelry hanger created with the help of our Rust Patina Kit. Love!

Giving a Lamp a Verdigris Finish with the Metal Effects Green Patina Kit! Project by The Inspired Hive | DIY Monthly Challenge Bloggers feature on the Modern Masters BlogNew mom Nicole has quite a buzz going with her blog, The Inspired Hive, and we adore her warm and stylish projects. Her Green Patina Kit project, an 80’s brass lamp makeover, is now cozily nested in her living room’s play area. Be sure to see her DIY post for close-ups of the pretty patina finish!

Aren’t these projects incredible? We thought each one was so wonderful and that they deserved a blog feature! The Metal Effects Kits are available online at and will soon find their way to your local retailer. If you’d like to know more about the line itself, head to our Modern Masters website and visit the Metal Effects page – lots of great info there! We hope you’ve enjoyed all the patina projects by the DIY Monthly Challenge team and have found new bloggers to follow. Be sure to use the #MonthlyDIYChallenge hashtag to see all their project adventures, too! Of course, if you have Metal Effects projects of your own to share, tag them with #ModernMasters or #ModernMastersInspires – we’d love to see them. Happy Painting!

DIY How-to: Embellish A Tray with the Tone-On-Tone Metallic Tool Kit

DIY How-to: Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish on Tray | Modern Masters Blog

Fabulous warm weather is finally here, and the other day I decided to drag my huge, hot citrus-color rug down from the attic. Purchased on a Marrakech trip, I loved how the old rug coordinated with the huge wooden screen that I rusted and stenciled for another Modern Masters DIY blog post. But even with some new pillows, I still craved something simple but special on the plain coffee table.

So back up to the attic to forage for more forgotten treasure. Voila! This very heavy, very boring, very dusty, large tray.

Tone on Tone Metallic DIY Finish | Before Pic of Tray | Modern Masters Blog

This tray is the perfect flat item for using the Tone on Tone Metallic Application Tool Kit! It’s used with the Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics to create a super pretty shimmery and matte metallic paint treatment. The finish adds a lot of interest to the metallic treatment and yet it’s so easy to do.

Tone-on-Tone Metallic Application Tool Kit | DIY How-to: Metallic Finish on Tray by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog

Along with easy step-by-step instructions, you get the sea sponge roller, a smooth roller, a roller handle, and a paint tray.

Materials for a beautiful Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish | DIY Decor Accent How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters BlogSimply choose a Matte Metallic color for the base coat, and then choose the corresponding Metallic Paint to create this Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish. The Copper Matte Metallic I chose worked nicely with the Copper Metallic Paint, especially I since I am in a summery wild Boho color mood.

Before you start, don’t miss Modern Masters’ quick application video for the Tone-On-Tone Metallic Finish:


Copper Matte Metallic (or your chosen Matte Metallic color)

Copper Metallic Paint (or your chosen corresponding Metallic Paint color)

Tone-On-Tone Metallic Application Tool Kit

• Optional: Florence Chalk Paint®, or any water-based paint color

• Painters Tape, small flat paint brush, rags, 220-grit sandpaper

First, I lightly sanded the sheen on the tray with 220-grit sandpaper, then painted 2 coats of Florence Chalk Paint®, which needs no priming. After it was dry, I taped off the edges of the flat bottom area. Then I cut in the Copper Matte Metallic Paint around the edges. This color is a bit sheer, so I let the edges dry and cut in once more to build up the color.

Chalk Paint® and the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Tray Decor Accent DIY | Tone-on-tone Finish Tutorial | Modern Masters Blog

Then, simply slide the short nap roller onto the frame, and roll two coats of the Copper Matte Metallic color (or your chosen Matte Metallic) for the base coat. Let dry completely between coats.

Clean the tray and the flat nap roller, and switch to the sea sponge roller.

Modern Masters DIY Tone-on-Tone Metallic Paint Finish | How-to on the Modern Masters Blog

Roll on the Copper Metallic Paint (or your desired Metallic Paint color). Be sure to leave open spaces, in order to get a two-tone effect. Blot any excess paint areas with the cloth, if necessary. Let dry.

Modern Masters DIY Tone-on-Tone-Metallic Finish on Tray | Before & After Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

It’s like magic in a couple of simple steps. The look of the two sheens of paint, combined with the perfect tools, brings the look all together. Wondering about sealer? Since this piece will not be handled, I opted to leave the flat Chalk Paint® as is. You could seal the metallic finish with Modern Masters’ MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat that is formulated to specifically protect the Metallic Paint Collection for items or areas that will receive lots of handling.

Tone on Tone Metallic Finish on Tray

But, around here, we just might have a kitty curl up in this pretty tray, and call it home.

Chalk Paint® and Metallic Tone on Tone Finish on Pretty Tray Decor Accent | Copper and Turquoise | Modern Masters Blog Tutorial by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Last year I had a blast painting an accent wall tone-on-tone finish in our hall bathroom using both the Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics. I still enjoy the effect, and the fact that the metallics and tool kit can be used on walls and flat objects to get an expensive-looking finish.

Modern Masters Tone on Tone Metallic Paint Wall Project | DIY How-to on the Modern Masters Blog

Are you ready to paint? You’ll be so surprised at how quickly this project goes! Modern Masters and I would love to see your projects!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Modern Mastery: Shauna Gallagher

California-based Decorative and Fine Artist Shauna Gallagher has been a creative friend of Modern Masters for many years. She teaches masterful workshops with our products while running a full-time decorative painting and fine arts studio. We recently caught up with her as she chatted about her studio and shared a few beautiful Modern Masters projects with us.

Artist: Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Shauna Gallagher

Shauna Gallagher is both a fine and decorative artist with more than twenty years of experience in the interior design industry. With a degree in Interior Design, and an education in Fine Art, she found the world of decorative finishing to be the perfect marriage of her love for art and interiors. Shauna is a nationally recognized instructor in the art of faux finishing, and has instructed over 1000 students throughout her career. Her work has graced many of the finest homes and businesses throughout Northern California. Some of her accomplishments include founding a decorative art school, guest appearances on DIY Channel’s House Crashers, and co-authoring Sunset’s book titled Faux and Decorative Finishing. Her greatest joy in work is the satisfaction of transforming clients’ spaces into personal retreats, and teaching other artists to develop their own viable creative career.

Black Venetian Plaster on Walls by artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature | Modern Masters Blog

A beautiful ebony-colored Venetian Plaster on a bathroom feature wall. The product is the Venetian Plaster Ultra-Deep Tint Base that has been pigmented black and finished with the Venetian Plaster Satin Clear Topcoat.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Modern Masters has enhanced my business in many ways. The products are not only superior in quality, but they are consistent and dependable. I love that many of the products are considered green, as I am very conscientious of the environment. For me, even in this digital age, I like to do business with people. And knowing the history of the company, and the people behind the company, has made me an even more loyal patron to Modern Masters. I had the privilege of turning my decorative art school into a Modern Masters Training Center at the onset of the Platinum Series product line, and it gave me the opportunity to train further and know these products very well, and even mix and push them to test their abilities. I am a believer in Modern Masters, and I still teach and promote their products every chance I get.

Modern Masters Products used to enhance a Kitchen's Range Hood and Cabinetry | Project by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature

Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colorants and Glazes enhance Kitchen Cabinetry Finish | Artistry by Decorative Artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Kitchen Island Cabinetry Paint Treatment with Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors and Glaze | Project by Shauna Gallahger | Modern Mastery Feature

This project features a custom hood and kitchen island. The range hood is finished in Metallic Plaster. The wood carving is stained using Glazing Cream Colors and Furniture Glazing Cream, and the island is glazed with the same products.

Garage Doors with Patina | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on Modern Masters Blog

Incredible garage doors with Metal Effects! Shauna used the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint with both the Blue and Green Patina Aging Solutions. She overglazed the patina with the Wall Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colors and finally sealed all with the Permacoat Xtreme, a topcoat specifically for Metal Effects.

What is your go-to Modern Masters product?

My “go-to” Modern Masters product is hands down, without exception, the Dead Flat Varnish. I am never without a gallon in my studio!! It has great adhesion and I use it as a clear primer, I use it as a barrier coat, I use it as a glaze, I use it to shorten the open time of the Glazing Cream if needed, and I use it as a top coat. Sometimes I add it to a satin Varathane, if I desire a lower sheen for finishing cabinets or furniture. I use the Exterior Dead Flat Varnish on exterior projects of all sorts: Front doors, garage doors, outdoor glazing over stucco, brick, stone, concrete, pots, furniture, and just about any exterior artwork or project that I do. I love Dead Flat Varnish!!

Incredible Before & After Table Transformation with Modern Masters Products | Amazing Artistry by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Have you ever seen such an amazing Before & After on a furniture project? This table was made over from a damaged inlay to a solid marble inset look. On the inset, Shauna used Venetian Plaster, Glazing Cream Colorants, and Furniture Glazing Cream. On the apron and legs, she used Wall Glazing Cream, Glazing Cream Colorants and Dead Flat Varnish. Wow!

Gorgeous Stenciled and Luxe Wall Treatment with Metallic Plaster | Project by Decorative and Fine Artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

This wall is Shauna’s Broken Brocade finish for the Sacramento shop Urban 57. It features a Champagne base from the Metallic Paint Collection. The raised stencil from Royal Design Studio is created using Metallic Plaster in Gunmetal. The Metallic Plasters over the stencil include custom mixes of Champagne, Antique Lace, Silver Fox, and Parchment. The finish is over-glazed using Wall Glazing Cream tinted with Glazing Cream Colorant.

What is your most memorable and/or rewarding project?

My most memorable and rewarding project would be a custom 16,000 foot residence that I worked on for many months. This project was so rewarding because I was not only able to create gorgeous finishes at the top of my craft, but I was also able to put together a team of 12 people to help execute the project.  What a gratifying experience to provide a livelihood for so many artists while being privileged to work in a gorgeous estate. We did Venetian Plaster on all the walls, custom cabinet finishes, gilded and stenciled walls in bathrooms, Ornamental Plaster Relief on an elliptical 22 foot long ceiling dome, a gilded and antiqued dome, a dome with a mural, murals on two  33 foot long barrel ceilings, and other small specialty finishes throughout.  What a special home, and what an experience!

Decorative Finishes for Sacramento's Liquidology Bar | Artistry by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Unique Wall and Floor Finishes for the Liquidology Bar by Decorative Artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Gorgeous Wall Finish Treatment with Embedded Coins | Artistry by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Beautiful surface treatments abound at the Liquidology Bar! The walls are an Ombré Metallic Plaster with embedded mica coins from Madagascar. The ceiling ductwork is a Faux Galvanized Metal using the Metallic Paint Collection and glazed with Furniture Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants. The floor is glazed over the existing bamboo using first a floor primer, then a tinted Floor Varathane using Glazing Cream Colorants. Finally, the checkout counter and metallic barnwood wall behind it are both faux finished using Glazing Cream Colorants, Metallic Paint Collection, Dead Flat Varnish, and Furniture Glazing Cream. Incredible work!

~ ~ ~

We hope you’ve enjoyed the incredible artistry of Shauna Gallagher. Be sure to visit her studio website to see her portfolio and follow her latest painting projects on her Red Heart Art Instagram account. Many thanks to Shauna for taking the time to share her beautiful and stylish Modern Masters projects with us. We hope you’ve been as inspired as we are!

Rustic Chic RV Makeover

We love social media and all the great Modern Masters projects we come across during our online travels! One unique project we spied was created by decorative artist Karen Sabrsula of Artful Wanderlust. As her name suggests, she loves being creative and also loves to travel, especially in her RV. Read along as she shares how she transformed her traveling camper with the help of our Metal Effects. Take it away, Karen!

Where  does your inspiration start? I can be inspired from just about anywhere!  I find some of my best creativity comes when we are traveling in our RV.  Relaxation, the outdoors, and not a care in the world!  On a recent very rainy trip, while trapped inside, I noticed how much wood was in our RV.  Now, I love natural wood, but…this was a lot of wood cabinetry for a small space. The center island didn’t help either so it was time to break out the brushes!

RV Kitchen Makeover Project | Project by Karen Sabrsula of Artful Wanderlust | Modern Masters Blog

Sanding, priming, painting, glazing and distressing – I was starting to see the light! The lighter colors made a huge difference in the mood and feel of the RV. I transformed the multi-colored distressed cabinets using the Botanicals from Caromal Colours.

Metal Effects Rust Finish, Caromal Colours and a Royal Design Studio Stencil help transform an RV Kitchen | Project by Karen Sabrsula of Artful Wanderlust and featured in the Modern Masters Blog

Next was the island!  Once painted, the three panels stared at me like a blank canvas!  I have worked with the Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust finish before and thought it would be perfect for my ‘fun, boho, lighten up all the wood in the RV’ decorating style!  I have always loved the Arabesque Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio and used it for the panels (and electrical outlets!) as well. I haven’t sealed the design.  I love how it slowly continues to rust ever so slightly.

RV Kitchen Island Update with Paint, Patina and Pattern! The Modern Masters Blog features a unique, creative project by artist Karen Sabrsula of Artful Wanderlust

It certainly makes a statement and adds the perfect pop of light, color, and pattern. Three things I love in design!

Paint, Pattern and Patina come together for a beautiful RV Kitchen Update by Karen Sabrsula of Artful Wanderlust | Modern Masters Blog

We will be spending a lot of time in our RV this summer. We’re grabbing our family for a destination wedding and taking a much needed long honeymoon to some of our national parks and spending some time in the San Juan Mountains. The debate still rages as to continuing to paint the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  What do you think?

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your Artful Wanderlust RV Kitchen Cabinet and Island Update with us! Please be sure to follow Karen’s artful travels on her Facebook page and Instagram account. We hope this has proved inspiring for your own unique projects incorparting paint, pattern and patina for a gorgeous rustic chic look! Metal Effects can be purchased via a local retailer or via our online shop. Have a creative project to share with us? Send it to – we’d love to see them!

Modern Masters in the News!

We love seeing gorgeous projects with our Modern Masters products and it’s been exciting to see them pop up in the media as well! We’ve spied three recent projects in the press and thought that you might like to know a little about them as well – maybe they’ll even inspire the next update in your home!

Painted wood floor is protected with Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish | Project by Decorative Artist Shannon Kaye and featured in Elle Decor | Designer: Rita Konig

We’ve been a fan of artist Shannon Kaye for a while and love seeing her artistry with our product lines. She recently wrote about a fantastic project featured in the April 2016 issue of Elle Decor. It’s an eclectic North California home and it was designed by the incredible Rita Konig. Shannon wrote a follow-up on her blog on the project and how she used our Dead Flat Varnish over her work to protect the painted harlequin floor.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints help create a faux inlay furniture dresser | Project featured in This Old House

Want to dress up a dresser? Look no further than This Old House! They shared a video and step-by-step instructions on how to stencil a faux inlay on a plain dresser using the Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil Kit by Cutting Edge Stencils and our Metallic Paint Collection in the colors Venetian Blue and Snowflake! Pick up the April 2016 issue for so much more on this transformation for their #DIYDARE Challenge!

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster Wall Treatment by artist Caroline Lizarraga and featured in Rue Magazine | Interior Design by Elena Calabrese

The talented decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga uses our products in ever more innovative ways and we love sharing her artistry. Rue Magazine recently featured her ethereal Metallic Plaster wall finish in a luxurious dining room in Napa Valley. The home’s interiors were designed by Elena Calabrese who collaborated with Caroline to create the one-of-a-kind treatment, while maintaining her design vision of creating layers of ‘luxe materials with earthy, organic elements for balanced look’. Mission accomplished!

What do you think of these projects? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned because we have more beautiful projects coming up soon, including a restaurant re-do for Restaurant Impossible. Stay creative!

Spring & Summer Garden Decor How-to with Metal Effects Kits!

How to Patinate Decor Accents with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Spring and Summer Garden Ideas and Inspiration

Spring is here! The cherry and Bradford pear trees are blooming beautifully, and folks are flocking out to their patios, front porches, and decks, to spruce up for the season. The farmers markets are swarming with eager gardeners like me, who start slowly, planting smaller container projects to get inspiring, magically instant gratification. Depending upon where you live in the country, frost can occur late into April and even May, so who wants to risk planting too many tender lovelies too soon?

Garden Accents with Metal Effects Patinas by Modern Masters | How-to DIY Tutorial

I was thrilled to discover that I could transform a formerly sad concrete planter using one of the new Modern Masters Metal Effects Kits – perfect for small indoor and outdoor projects. The small kits come in Blue Patina, Green Patina, and Rust, and they will be available exclusively for purchase at Hobby Lobby soon.

With Metal Effects, you can update any paintable surface in minutes, and it’s easy and fast, yielding beautiful results, with no experience required. Don’t you love how the blue patina pulls out the colors in the pink-blue blooms, the rusted chair, and my front door, painted with Playful Modern Masters Front Door Paint? And it looks like Mother Nature created it over decades.

Each kit comes complete with full instructions, all of the products you need to cover 1 to 2 square feet.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Kits are perfect for small crafts and are available at Hobby Lobby

One 2-ounce Primer

One 2-ounce Oxidizing Copper or Bronze Metallic Paint or Iron Reactive Paint

One 2-ounce Patina Aging Solution or Rust Activator & a Spritzer Cap Attachment

You just need a drop cloth or plastic to protect the area you work in, a container, and a paint brush.

Spring and Summer Garden Ideas | Metal Effects Patina How-to | Modern Masters Blog

When I found myself itching for something to paint, I wandered out to our very sad, wintery-looking deck. There, I re-discovered this concrete head, all cold, ugly and forlorn, and she was begging for a new look. I decided on the Blue Patina Finish.

Here are the three easy steps for the perfect patina:


Metal Effects Kits Garden Project How-to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky | Applying Metal Effects Primer | Modern Masters

Protect surrounding surfaces from spills and overs-pray. Clean your item well, if necessary, and let dry. Prime the surface with 2 coats of the Metal Effects Primer. Allow half an hour between coats, and 2 hours for final drying time.


Applying Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Paint | How to Patinate Garden Accents How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog

Paint the primed surface with 1 coat of Reactive Bronze Metallic Paint and allow to dry half an hour.


Step by Step Metal Effects Patina How-to | Garden Decor Accent Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog

Attach the spritzer cap to the Blue Patina Aging Solution bottle. Apply the second coat of Reactive Bronze Metallic Paint, and while the paint is still wet, spray on a light coating of Blue Patina Aging Solution over the entire surface. As the activated surface dries over 30 to 40 minutes, a real blue patina finish will appear.

Just look!

Metal Effects Patina How-to | Spring and Summer Garden Ideas for Curb Appeal | Modern Masters Blog

I know you are wondering about sealing outdoor items after you use Metal Effects. While the Rust Finish may require a topcoat (included in the kit), no protection is required for both the Blue and Green Patina Kits. Grab a latte, motor off to your favorite nursery for bright, cheery annuals, and your fabulous mini-garden container looks like a million bucks, with little time, energy, and expense. Truly, the kit is all you need for a small project.

Spring and Summer DIY Garden Ideas | How to Patinate Decor Accents with Metal Effects Patinas | DIY Tutorial on Modern Masters Blog

My neighbors, my guests and the UPS man are going to be soooo impressed!

Expect to see lots of posts, projects, and inspiration for spring and summer garden accent projects using Modern Masters Metal Effects Kits. You can also go to the awesome Modern Masters YouTube Channel and see video tutorials on using the Metal Effects Rust Patina Kit How-to, the Metal Effects Blue Patina Kit How-to and the Metal Effects Green Patina Kit How-to. The smaller kits will be available in Hobby Lobby soon while the larger kits are available online now at If you’d like to buy Metal Effects in individual sizes for custom projects, Modern Masters has hundreds of retailers across the US that carry their product lines. Questions and comments? Write them below!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Update your Front Door for Spring!

With winter almost over, it’s the perfect time to tackle some of your exterior projects – such as that front door makeover that’s been on your To Do List for far too long! There are 25 colors in our non-fade, weather resistant Front Door Paint line and with our free Front Door Paint app, you can find the perfect one for you! Available for iPhone and Android, just take a pic of your door and use it to scroll through our colors to find the perfect one. Keep on reading to see how our Front Door Paint helped some of our creative customers start to adore their front door.

Front Door Update by Tale of an Ugly House in the color Sophisticated | Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring | Modern Masters

Amanda from The Tale of an Ugly House wanted a red front door. She explains, “Not only are red front doors classic and fit the colonial style, they are also known as a symbol of welcome.” She used the color Sophisticated to update her door and shares, “It was such a simple and quick project that made such a big difference to the curb appeal of the house!” Front Door Paint quickly became her new favorite exterior paint.

Cheerful Front Door Paint | Front Door Paint Project by Dreamsicle Sisters | Front Door Ideas for Spring

Amanda from the Dreamsicle Sisters used the color Cheerful, a beautiful coral orange, for a fast front door update. She shared that, “Front Door Paint goes on smooth and it has great consistency. This paint is amazing!”.

Front Door Makeover by Robb Restyle | Modern Masters Non-Fade Front Door Paint in color Happy | Front Door Ideas for Spring

Kristy and Corey from Robb Restyle always share great projects and their exterior door makeovers are no exception! They used the color Happy to paint their yellow front door as well as update the side door. We love how joyful and welcoming their home’s exterior is!

Front Door Makeover by Dukes & Duchesses | Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring | Modern Masters

“I love the way a painted door draws the eye, adds some character to the neighborhood, and gives visitors the first taste of your decorating style,” says Randi of the Dukes and Duchesses blog. She used the color Fortunate, a beautiful apple green, to transform her entrance. The best part for Randi is that it was easy to apply, covered well and dried fast so she could close the door quickly.

Make sure you take a look below at our video, How to Paint a Front Door, for great tips prior to starting your front door makeover. We also have a Top 5 Front Door Paint Questions blog post with more great resources. Keep us posted on your projects – and if you’d like to see more front door inspiration, browse through our Front Door Paint Projects board on Pinterest! Happy Painting!

Matte Metallic Finishes for any Surface!

Our Matte Metallics line showcases 15 gorgeous colors with a subtle glow – a perfect companion to our shimmery Metallic Paint Collection. Many of our creative customers have been using the Matte Metallics by painting them straight on, stenciling with them and also using them as highlights for furniture and decor accents. We’ve found a few recent projects for you that just might inspire those creative juices.

Brass Matte Metallic Paint on Mirror Frame by May Richer Fuller Be | Modern Masters

Brass Matte Metallic Paint helps May Richer Fuller Be transform a bathroom! Modern Masters Blog Feature.

Chaney of the blog May Richer Fuller Be had a purple bathroom and wanted a change to a light, bright design. First up, paint it all white – but then the ‘boring white medicine cabinet mirror’ blended right into the background. She decided to make it a focal point by painting it with Brass Matte Metallic and then adding a beautiful, painterly focal wall treatment. Looks lovely, Chaney!

Matte Metallics and the Metallic Paint Collection work together to create a soft, sophisticated furniture finish | Project by My Patch of Blue Sky

Matte Metallic Paint Projects | Modern Masters Blog

Having a turquoise dresser chest was once working with her design, but Debbie of My Patch of Blue Sky needed to change it up to a softer, more sophisticated finish. She used Pale Gold Matte Metallic and Platinum Metallic Paint to create a subtle tone-on-tone with both color and sheen. See her painted metallic dresser tutorial for all the details.

Stenciling with Matte Metallics by Modern Masters | Project: Bella Tucker of Nashville, TN | Modern Masters Blog

Incredible bath transformation with the help of Oyster Pearl and Brass Matte Metallics | Stencil: Royal Design Studio | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes

Dana and Brooks Tucker of Nashville’s Bella Tucker are no strangers to change – they are a pro decorative painting studio. Transforming their own bathroom was a happy challenge for them and one they tackled with the help of Matte Metallics. First, they painted a base of Brass Matte Metallic on all the walls and when dry, stenciled the Rockin’ Roses Stencil by Royal Design Studio with Oyster Matte Metallic. Doesn’t it look amazing? See their entire process as well as their top bathroom storage tips in their bathroom makeover story.

Aren’t these projects inspiring? All 15 Matte Metallic colors are available in 6 oz. sizes for small projects and quarts and gallons for larger ones. If you have any projects with our Matte Metallics, send them to as we’d love to see them, too! Have an inspired day!