Paint Glamorous Halloween Pumpkins With Gorgeous Metallics!

Glamorous Pumpkins with Gorgeous Metallics DIY | Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters

Boo! Can you believe it’s already time to think Halloween? Our girls are grown now, so October 31st just doesn’t have the allure like it did back in the day when we were choosing their costumes, decorating with spooky accessories, and trick-or-treating for the mother lode of candy.


A quick and enjoyable project for me, sans kiddos, is decorating our mantel in the den for the season. A few props found exploring cupboards, some orange twinkly mini-lights, black gauze and a sparkly Boo sign from the dollar store, and I was done! Well, almost.

I needed a pile of pumpkins to pull the effect all together. Painted with the Metallic Paint Collection from Modern Masters fall colors to set the mood, of course.


My daughter Mia and I drove from our home in central North Carolina, up to the rolling hills near Cana, Virginia to find real pumpkins, and do a little antique junkin’. We even enjoyed a touristy lunch in the quaint downtown of Mount Airy, NC. You know, the town near Mayberry, made famous by Andy Griffith, Opie, Aunt Bea, and Barney. It was a beautiful day and I was also excited to get home and create my holiday mantle.


– Your favorite array of pumpkins
Pure White Chalk Paint®
Black Pearl Metallic Paint
Copper Metallic Paint
Snowflake Metallic Paint

Once home, I scrubbed and hosed everything down in preparation to prime and paint.


Just like with any painting project, prep is key, whether you are using real pumpkins, or imitation ones. I painted on two coats of Pure White Chalk Paint®, then let it all dry.

Priming Pumpkins for Metallic Paint | DIY Glam Metallic Pumpkins by Modern Masters

Priming creates a necessary base coat to enhance the paint colors.


Modern Masters offers such glorious color choices that normally would make me crazy, trying to select my faves:


I decided to use Snowflake, Black Pearl, and Copper. The colors are semi-opaque and oh-so-buttery-soft to paint on.

Here you can see what one coat of coverage looks like. Two coats were all I needed to get good coverage.


Then, yippee, it was time to finish decorating. Who knew that a gnarly, warty pumpkin could look so awesome.


My weird grouping of clay masks, coupled with our raku cats, suddenly became apropos for Halloween, too.


Even piles of 1873 dumpster-find encyclopedias worked perfectly for layering in this vignette.


Aren’t the metallic colors stunning? They are warm, pearlescent, reflective, and amazingly, you can do oodles of projects with just one container.


Are you drooling over the possibilities for painting your Halloween decorations? Shop for paint here!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.






#ModernMasters Instagram Inspiration

We see so many great #modernmasters projects and finish inspirations on Instagram and love to share them on our Instagram account! We thought we’d share just a few of the beautiful projects here with you on the blog . Coincidentally, the five Modern Masters projects we’re featuring today all have calming blue, gold, pearl and silver hues. They’ve left us feeling blue – in a good way, of course!

Canvas Art painted by artist Brenda Allison with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Modern Masters Blog

Artist Brenda Allison is a versatile and prolific painter based in California. Her works have spread far and wide in both residential and commercial locations, including 150 paintings for The Venetian Las Vegas alone. Of this piece she says, “Pearl Raindots bring on rain in California and cooler weather” and it’s so lovely to see the ethereal way she used our Metallic Paints. Find her on Instagram: @brendaallisonart

Metal Effects Rust Finish on Furniture Hardware | Project by Junk'd Up

Our Metal Effects Rust Finish looks amazing on this hardware handle! Junk’d Up thought it would be the perfect accent for the chippy dresser they were working on and we agree! Find them on Instagram: @junkdup

Metallic Paint and High Gloss White to Contrast | Wall Stripes | Project by Guided Home Design

Of this office project, Guided Home Design says, “A bold stripe on the wall can transform a room! Here we used Modern Masters Metallic Paint and a high gloss white to contrast.” Looks like an inspiring space to work! Find them on Instagram: @guidedhomedesign

Metallic Plaster Wall Treatment on Wall by Bella House Faux | Modern Masters Blog

Bella House Faux shared this gorgeous bedroom wall treatment created with our Metallic Plaster. We love the movement they created with the color combinations! Find them on Instagram: @bellahousefaux

Metal Effects on Silver Leaf by artist Allison Cosmos | Modern Masters Blog

Artist Allison Cosmos creates amazing canvas art pieces and she’s been featured in publications such as Veranda, House Beautiful and Elle Decor. Here, she shares how Metal Effects patinas react on silver leaf – so beautiful. Find her on Instagram: @allisoncosmos

We’ll be sharing more of the incredible Modern Masters projects we come across on Instagram soon! If you’d like to share yours, be sure to use the #modernmasters hashtag and feel free to tag us on the pic. Have a creative day, everyone!






NEW Modern Masters Website!

Modern Masters: New Experience, New Inspiration, NEW Website

New Experience, New Inspiration, NEW Website! Go ahead, click on Modern Masters. You’ll see a whole new experience with our new site and we’d love for you to experience it. Find product lines tailored to DIYers and Pros alike, new How-to’s and new Inspiration galleries. Our Resource Center has links to video tutorials and of, course, those needed technical and safety data sheets. There’s also a handy Retail Locator for a shop near you.

Our Cafe blog will also undergo a new look coming soon and be renamed The Hive. We’ll keep you abuzz of all the action!

Let us know what you think in the comments! We hope you love the new look – we’re ready to greet the holidays and new year in style!





Modern Mastery: Heather Jozak

Heather Jozak’s beautiful artistry caught our eye on Instagram. She’s not only a proficient decorative painter, she’s also put together beautiful display windows for companies such as Bergdorf Goodman and Anthropologie. We’re excited to share some of her amazing Modern Masters projects with you!

Modern Mastery feature on the fab Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Masters Blog

Artist Heather Jozak as photographed by Richard Marko Photography

The eponymous Heather Jozak Studios has over 15 years of decorative painting experience working throughout the New York metro area as well as New Jersey and Connecticut. The studio’s finishes cover traditional and modern styles for walls, hand painted furniture, cabinetry and custom canvas paintings. Some of their beautiful surface treatments include Venetian Plasters, stone finishes, glazing, murals, metal leafing, stenciling, stripes, suede, faux marble and faux wood graining.They also help with styling of windows in New York City – in fact, take a look at some of their incredible retail window displays. We had the good fortune to have a chance to e-chat with Heather as she shares more on her studio, her favorite finish and her top decorative painting tip. Let’s get started!

Custom Canvas Art by Heather Jozak Studios | Interior Design by Eleanor Rivara of Nature's Window | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Feature

Heather worked with Interior Designer Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window for this project. She created the gorgeous custom canvas art with the help of our Metallic Paint Collection. Isn’t it perfect for the space?

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster enhances the foyer of a commercia space | Decorative Artistry by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery feature

A rich Venetian Plaster finish enhances the foyer of a commercial foyer. Love that color!


Recently, I have added many new modern samples to my portfolio. Many use my favorite Modern Masters products such as the Venetian Plaster. With the help of Modern Masters Venetian Plaster, I am able to go beyond the characteristic old world look and manipulate the plaster into more modern, cutting edge samples. Recently, I have created samples resembling the look and feel of a charcoal colored elephant ivory texture, one that mimics the look and feel of grasscloth, and one that will make your wall pop with embossed pattern. The Modern Master range and depth of color that can be easily achieved has had me loyal to this product for a good 15 years.

Stained and Glazed Cabinet Buffet by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Modern Mastery Feature

The Tintable Glaze helped Heather complete this stained and glazed modern cabinet. Wow!

Gorgeous Foyer Walls and Ceiling by Heather Jozak Studios created with the help of Modern Masters Texture Effects | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Who wouldn’t love going up into this beautifully finished walls and ceiling? The treatment was created with the help of Texture Effects.

Incredible Patina Wall by Heather Jozak Studios | Beautiful Interior Design by Robert Jenny Design |Modern Masters Metal Effects | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

This is such an incredible patina wall finish with our Metal Effects! Heather worked with Robert Jenny Design for this collaborative design and decorative painting project.


Modern Masters has enhanced my business through their vast palette of not only fabulous colors, but finishes that no other company has to offer. Metallic finishes are popular right now and being able to mix and match metallic colors to a client’s specific needs is crucial. Many times a client or interior designer will come to me with a fabric swatch or a corresponding wallpaper that needs to match or complement, and being able to customize the color so easily makes for a positive match every time. The Metallic Paint Collection’s colors are vivid and bright, unlike some competitor’s metallic, making them my absolute go-to products.

People constantly ask me about my patina and rust finishes, “How did you do this”?! I enjoy amazing my clients and showing them the possibilities in these products. They are great for commercial applications too, where putting in actual patina or rusted metal would be cost and structurally prohibitive. Knowing I have these incredible products on hand, I go into prospective job meetings confident and excited to show clients the possibilities they had no idea existed.

Textured Wall Finish with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Decorative Painting by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery Feature

A textured wall treatment was finished with our Metallic Paints. So lovely and ethereal!

Stenciled Girls Room Focal Wall with Pearl Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Interior Design by Eleanor Rivara of Nature's Window | Decorative and Stencil Artistry by Heather Jozak Studios | Feature and Accent Wall Ideas | Modern Mastery Studio Series

Such a pretty color scheme, don’t you think? Heather used our Pearl Metallic Paint to stencil a modern geometric design on the feature wall of a girls room. The pattern is the Linked In Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio. She worked with Interior Designer of Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window for this project.

Restaurant Cellar 335 Hospitality Project by Decorative Painters Heather Jozak Studios | Doors and Moldings Aged with Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Cellar 335 has a rustic yet very chic vibe. For this hospitality project, our Tintable Glaze was used to help add character and age to the doors and moldings. Tribeca Grain did all the beautiful woodwork and Heather did the finishing.

Contemporary Stenciled Design with Modern Masters Silver Metallic Paint | Guest Bath Wall Finish by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery Feature

Silver Metallic on a dark background looks gorgeous paired with a contemporary chain link stencil design. The marble completes the look with a rich, luxe flair. The pattern was a custom stencil designed by Stencil Planet. The incredible interior design is by Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window.


In order to have a great finish, you need to begin every project correctly. Each step in any finish, whether it be a set of dining room chairs or a foyer’s walls, need to be well executed and thought out. Finishes will not stand the test of time if not prepared correctly.

I spend a great deal of time making sure the proper foundation has been set. From experience, I will actually feel a surface and look closely at furniture or walls to calculate how much prep needs to be done. I am always extra cautious with projects and take extra steps to make a finish last such as: cleaning surfaces, sanding and then cleaning, sand off, using a high quality primer fit for the project, and of course, using the best painting products to finish. Prep, Prep, Prep – that is my best advice! When you finally get to the fun finishing part, it is so rewarding! It is also gratifying knowing your finish will last a long time.

Glazed Cabinet Doors and Molding by Heather Jozak Studios | Interior Design by Robert Jenny Design | Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Modern Mastery Feature

These antique glazed doors and moldings have an elegant finished look and feel due to Heather’s talented artistry. We’re proud that our Tintable Glaze helped her achieve this finish! The lovely interiors are by Robert Jenny Design.

Beautiful Fishtank patina created with Modern Masters Metal Effects by decorative painter Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery Projects Feature

We would absolutely stop in our tracks when seeing the patina on this large fish tank with our Metal Effects. Stunning result!

Incredibe Silver and Blue Patina Living Room Ceiling combining Metal Effects and Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Decorative Painting Project by Heather Jozak Studios |Interior Design by Maura Buckley of Millburn ETC | Modern Mastery Feature

This is a handsome silver and blue patina ceiling created in collaboration with designer Maura Buckley of Millburn ETC. Wonderful work with our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects! It was a pleasure following this project on Instagram as she shared the process.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at the talented works of Heather Jozak and her studio. She has such a versatile range of talent and artistry on applied surfaces! Please take a look at her website, Heather Jozak Studios, to see more of her projects and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, too. Many thanks to Heather for sharing her artistry with us. Have an inspired week!








10 Beautiful Furniture Projects with Metallic Paint

10 Beautiful Metallic Paint on Furniture Projects | Modern Masters Blog

Many of our creative customers have found that Modern Masters Metallic Paint + Furniture = A Perfect Pair. It’s also a versatile product as you can change something as small as the hardware all the way up to creating an allover lustrous project. We’ve found a few inspired projects with our Metallic Paint Collection to share with you.

Beautiful Buffet Transformation by Revive in Style | Metallic Paint on Furniture | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Revive in Style has a flair for transforming furniture! This oversized vintage buffet has been uniquely refinished in lamp black and smokey metallic glazes with exposed natural wood tones. It sold quickly, as you can imagine.

10 Ideas for Metallic Paint on Furniture Ideas | Bohemian House Tour via Apartment Therapy | Modern Masters Blog

A sheer metallic paint can work wonders by giving the underlying color a boost of shimmer. On an Apartment Therapy Bohemian House Tour feature, Iridescent Gold Metallic Paint was used to help transform a living room television stand that was originally discarded by a neighbor. The result is soft and lovely.

Armoire Details highlighted with Champagne Metallic Paint | Project by Vintage Charm Restored | Metallic Paint on Furniture Feature on the Modern Masters blog

Coral and Champagne Metallic Paint are an unexpected color combination but they look fantastic together! Vintage Charm Restored highlighted the details of an armoire with the metallic paint and protected it with MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat in Semi-gloss, for a glossier finish. Beautiful!

Mixing Matte Metallics and Metallic Paint from Modern Masters to create a soft, tone on tone finish on a chest | Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | 10 Gorgeous Metallic Paint Furniture Projects Feature

Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky created an unexpected metallic tone on tone finish on a chest with Pale Gold Metallic Paint and PlatinumSilver Matte Metallic. The varying shimmer of each line makes for a soft and lovely treatment.

Olympic Gold Metallic Paint highlights the legs and hardware of a blue willow inspired dresser by me & mrs. jones | 10 Ideas for Metallic Paint on Furniture | Modern Masters blog

Olympic Gold Metallic Paint fancies up the hardware and carved details of this stylish blue willow painted and stenciled dresser by me and mrs. jones. A little metallic can make a big impact!

Artist Shannon Kaye transformed this dresser with her signature torn landscape design and Modern Masters Metallic Paints | 10 Inspired Metallic Paint on Furniture Projects

Artist Shannon Kaye transformed a dresser with her signature torn landscape design and several layers of both Pale Gold and Smoke Metallic Paint for a rich, warm lustre. She says, “I just love mixing metallic paints together!” We love it when she does, too!

Snowflake Metallic Paint helps stencil and paint a very special boyhood dresser | Project by Creative Customer Grace Doty | Modern Masters

Grace Doty is a frequent contributor to Hometalk and recently shared a very special project to her – the update of her husband’s boyhood dresser for their 25th wedding anniversary. Using Snowflake Metallic Paint, she stenciled the stained top with a French love poem and painted the body as well. She protected the piece with MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat in Satin. We feel the love in this piece!

Pewter, Platinum and Black Pearl Metallic Paints by Modern Masters on a glam buffet by Style Shabby | 10 Inspired Project Ideas for Metallic Paint on Furniture

Sometimes two is better than one but three tops all! The talented Sonia from Style Shabby mixed Platinum, Pewter and Black Pearl Metallic Paint to help create a showstopping buffet. She also used the colors to enhance the hardware. See her buffet transformation DIY for all the glam details.

Champagne Metallic Paint by Modern Masters helps repurpose a stunning vanity | Beautiful Project by Loft2Paint | 10 Gorgeous Metallic Paint on Furniture Projects

Tammera of Loft2Paint used our Champagne Metallic Paint to help repurpose a stunning vanity. We think the color will also help warm and enhance the lucky owner’s features! It’s a swoonworthy project all around.

Silver Metallic enhances a vanity for a rich finish | Artistry by Kim Gordon of Pretty Used Things | 10 Beautiful Metallic Paint Furniture Projects | Modern Masters

Kim Gordon of Pretty Used Things used her considerable talent to transform a vanity as well – this one with Silver Metallic Paint that was aged for a dark, rich finish. Stunning.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Metallic Paint projects – and if you love them, be sure to share the post! If you’d like to see even more furniture inspiration with our product lines, check out our Furniture Projects board on Pinterest. See you next week!













A Swimmingly Beautiful Mural

Since prehistoric times – think cave paintings – humans have created spaces with surfaces expressing meaningful artwork and patterns. These murals can be found on all manner of surfaces, including walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. They have also been created with a variety of materials, including oils, acrylics, fresco plasters, egg tempera and more. We’re always so pleased to see murals created with the help of Modern Masters products – especially when, just like time and again in history, the imagery is so meaningful to the owners.

Lake Mural by Amber Cunningham of Rare Bird Art | Modern Masters Pearlescent and Iridescent Metallic Paints

Amber Cunningham of Rare Bird Art has just such a project. She was asked by dear friends to transform the entry way of their newly remodeled lakehouse with a wall mural. The house is perched on a bluff overlooking Medina Lake in Texas and all felt that having swimming native fish art worked perfectly for the lake house. “I wanted it to have some elegance, but not too perfect or stuffy,” Amber explains. “The house is gorgeous, but it is still a pretty laid-back place! I chose the most commonly found fish in the Medina Lake, such as Big Mouth Bass, White Bass, Carps, and Catfish. I also included some of the other regulars of the Texas lakes for additional sizes, shapes, and colors.”

Amber Cunningham of Rare Bird Art with her lakehouse inspired mural behind her. Metallic Paint project feature on the Modern Masters blog.

The talented Amber Cunningham of Rare Bird Art.

Amber started with a basic two color glaze using pearlescent and iridescent colors from our Metallic Paint Collection. She used a slight criss-cross strie technique to lend a bit of a woven but also watery feel. She then laid out all of the fish into a school and drew, outlined, shaded, and under painted each fish. She shares, “Initially there were only 65 fish, but I’m a bit obsessive and felt they needed more than double that! The total number of fishies was about 134.” Here are some of the pics of her process.

Fish Mural by Amber Cunningham in Progress | Background Pearlescent Metallic Paint Wash | Modern Masters Blog

The two-tone pearlescent metallic paint wash and finish layout in charcoal.

Outlining the fish designs in a mural with brown acrylics | Artist Amber Cunningham | Mural Project Feature on the Modern Masters blog

Outlining the fish in an espresso brown acrylic stain.

The creation of a lakehouse inspired fish mural by artist Amber Cunningham of Rare Bird Art | Modern Masters Blog

Painting in ‘shadow’ fish for depth in the school. “You can see necessary outlaw fish in the corners,” Amber says. “You gotta have a few rebels straying from the stream.”

Adding color to a mural | Decorative Painting Wall Mural Project Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Starting to see Color!

Shimmery Fish Mural with Modern Masters Iridescent and Pearlescent Metallic Paints | Artistry by Amber Cunningham of Rare Bird Art

More Modern Masters iridescent and pearlescent Metallic Paints added.

Some of the natural colors represent the fish and also mimic the colors used in the house and in the rock chosen to frame the entry way. It was incredibly important for Amber to make this mural for her friends special and we think it’s perfect!

Gorgeous Lake Inspired Mural by Artist Amber Cunningham | Modern Masters Project Feature

Lake Mural by Amber Cunningham of Rare Bird Art | Modern Masters Pearlescent and Iridescent Metallic Paints

To protect her work, she applied MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat with added glitter. “It doesn’t diminish the flash of iridescent color that creates movement at certain angles. It sparkles big time in certain light, but does not distort the details of the fish when you are looking at them straight on,” Amber says. We love the idea that the flash of the iridiescent and pearlescent colors can give the idea of quick fish movement. Many thanks to Amber for sharing her beautiful project with us! Please be sure to visit her Rare Bird Art website and her fab Instagram feed, where we initially saw this project. Also check out her additional Instagram feed, Scatter Birdie, where she shares her sculptures and other artworks, some created with our Wildfire paints. We hope you’ve enjoyed her incredible art as much as we have!

To purchase Modern masters products, head to our online shop or find your local retailer via zipcode. Please call ahead to assure of stock and if not in-house, it can be ordered in for you. Have an inspired day!










5 Questions with Metal Effects

One of our most popular product lines is Metal Effects. The collection creates amazing blue and green verdigris and rust patinas – they’re so beautiful and so easy! Here at Modern Masters, we play around with the patinas weekly and also talk with creative customers around the world about the line. We wanted to share the Top 5 questions we receive and our best recommendations and suggestions!5 Questions with Metal Effects | Modern Masters Blog


Using the Metal Effects Primer | 5 Tips for Using Metal Effects | Modern Masters BlogWe recommend it. Metal Effects undergoes a true oxidation process and you want that process to stay on top of your surface – not penetrate it! The Metal Effects Primer is a unique water base, acrylic primer designed to block the Patina Aging Solutions & Rust Activator from reaching the metal or wood surface chosen as a substrate. Other primers are not recommended as they allow the Patina Aging Solutions & Activators to penetrate through to the substrate and may disrupt both the patina and the process.


5 Amazing Tips for Using Metal Effects |Modern Masters BlogThe Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint from the Metal Effects line are unique, water base paints that contain real metal particles meant to oxidize. The copper and bronze colors from our original Metallic Paint Collection are not meant to patina and will not oxidize when paired with the Patina Aging Solutions & Activators. Make sure to stay within the Metal Effects line for the best results!


5 Tips for Using Modern Masters Metal EffectsTiming is everything – and that sage advice works for Metal Effects Solutions and Activators, too! When using the Blue and Green Patina Aging Solutions, ensure you spray while the second coat of the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint or Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint is wet. For the Rust Activator, the Iron Reactive Paint needs to have two dry solid coats for best results. Please note: the second coat must be dry for one hour before activation!


5 Tips for Working with Metal Effects | Cabinet Door Patina & StencilsYou cannot control the oxidized colors too much and this is part of the beauty! As it is a natural patina finish, temperature and humidity play a part in the color development of Metal Effects patinas – just like Mother Nature.


5 Metal Effects Tips | Modern Masters BlogMany do like a deeper patina and saturate the surface with the Patina Aging Solutions. Beautiful results can occur! Do not over saturate the finish so much that you wash off the wet Reactive Metallic Paint – they are meant to work together!

We hope our sharing the five most popular Q&As we have help you with your next Metal Effects project! If you have a question about Metal Effects that is not covered, you can leave it for us in the comments! Be sure to share your projects with us by tagging us on any social site or using the #ModernMasters hashtag. Stay inspired!

To purchase Metal Effects, head to our online shop or find your local retailer via zipcode. Please call ahead to assure of stock and if not in-house, it can be ordered in for you. Have an inspired day!





















Modern Mastery: Casey and Vince Murray of Belle Arti

The Central Kentucky decorative painting and design studio, Belle Arti, has been successful for over 20 years and owners Vince and Casey Murray frequently use Modern Masters products in their beautiful projects. In fact, our jaws dropped when we first saw their extraordinary artistry and we reached out to them for a blog feature. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to share their work and a few words of wisdom as a part of the latest feature in our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Mastery Series: Belle Artiky | Modern Masters Blog

Casey and Vince Murray of Belle Arti. Photographed by Andrew Miller Photography of Wicklow, Ireland.

“Our company name, Belle Arti, is Italian for ‘fine art’ and we are a design and finishes studio located in central Kentucky. As a husband and wife team, we have been working together for over twenty years, both bringing unique skills to the table,” Vince says. Casey and Vince have also, by extension, incorporated a home’s overall design into their studio offerings. “We’ve had clients that want us to put together the wall finishes, any mural or trompe l’oeil work, glazing of any casework and cabinetry, as well as fabrics, etc., and we are happy to oblige them by being their go-to designers and artists for the whole process,” Vince explains. “We both come from design backgrounds. I literally designed, drew the blueprints, and decorated homes for my father who was a building contractor from the time I was sixteen years old, while studying drafting and specialized art in high school. When I decided to pursue my art and design full time, I attended the Miller Wagner School in Chicago to receive the needed training and credentials. My wife also grew up around design, working with her mother who is a licensed interior designer, doing everything from painting, wallpapering, and sewing, to installation of window treatments. So when we married, it seemed only natural for us to pursue art and design as our profession.” It’s an upbringing and partnership that has led to incredible work and success for their studio. Their passion for their art shines through clearly! Now about their work…

Coffered Ceiling Accented with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Series | Decorative Artists: Belle Arti

Coffered ceiling the Belle Arti Studio created and installed. The ceiling is a dark glazed finish accentes with several colors from the Metallic Paint Collection: Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze, Olympic Gold, and Pale Gold.


What is your top finishing tip?

We both agreed that it is this: Do not be afraid to experiment! When you see a finish, or a pattern, or a color that either you or your client likes, dissect it in your mind and figure out how to replicate it. Use unconventional methods  and applications, and most of the time you will end up surprising yourself. We did this once on a project where a designer for a restaurant wanted molding to be painted to exactly match the counters and tabletops that were a solid surface. It took several tries, but we eventually got it perfect, and the client was delighted.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints accent a Glamorous Bath | Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Golden and Glam Master Bath | Decorative Painting Project by Belle Arti | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Metallic gold accents in a glam bathroom. The moldings, rosettes and ceiling are layered with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.


Dining Room Before Mural - Click Link to see Amazing After! Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Lush and Beautiful Dining Room Wall Mural by Decorative Painting Firm Belle Arti | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery Series Feature

This dining room features a French Rococo style pastoral scene mural. It adds an incredible amount of interest, as you can see by the before pic. There is a strié effect on the wainscoting and the crown molding using Oyster Metallic Paint. “We love the fact that the metallics show the brush strokes, and often we use that to our advantage, as with this effect,” THEY BOTH share. The pearly metallic blends perfectly with the silk draperies and elevates the space. As to the mural? “We protect our murals with Dead Flat Varnish.”

Rococo Pastoral Mural | Wainscoting and Crown Molding are painted with Oyster Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Gorgeous Artristy by Belle Arti of Central Kentucky

Dining Room Mural by Belle Arti | Rococo Pastoral Scene | Wainscot, Trim and Crown Molding have Oyster Metallic Paint | Modern Masters Blog Feature

What is the most inspiring place or space you’ve visited?

We narrowed it down to two, but for different reasons. We really LOVE the Galerie d’Apollon in the Louvre because of all of the gilding and ornamentation combined with the stunning mural work. The cartouches and pediments over the doorways give inspiration that just goes on and on. The second place was a little shop in Florence, Italy on a small back street close to the Pitti palace. It was a studio that does exactly what we do right here in Kentucky! The shop was filled with gorgeous pieces of painted furniture and screens, as well as sample boards of wall finishes and frescoes. We both at that point realized what an awesome and time-honored profession we are engaged in, that definitely has a rich history attached to it.

Glam Accents in Bar with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Crown Molding and Architectural Details are accented by Metallic Paints by Modern Masters in the very capable hands of Kentucky decorative painting studio Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Studio Series

A gorgeous bar area painted for a client. All of the moldings and appliqués are painted with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold, and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.


Before Shot of incredible Theatre Room Makeover project by Belle Arti with Modern Masters products | Modern Mastery Series Blog Feature

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Theatre Room designed, created and painted by decorative painting firm Belle Arti out of Central Kentucky | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Metallic Paints and Glazes grace a faux Theatre Room Entrance | Project by Belle Arti from Central Kentucky | Modern Masters Studio Feature on Blog

The pics showcase the Before & After of a Theater Room entry. “Our studio fabricated and installed everything, including the lighted sign. All of the moldings as well as the ceiling are layered with Tequila Gold and Pale Gold Metallic Paints. The harlequin panels are glazed in Pale Gold as well. The theater sign is painted with Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint as well as having accents of the two golds.”


What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

We still are both totally enamored with your Metallic Paint Collection. We have, of course, come up with recipes to achieve looks we like. For example, to achieve to look of aged gold leaf that has worn over time, we start with a base of dark brown, then add a coat of Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint, then a layer of Tequila Gold Metallic Paint. On top of this, we do a sheer layer of Tequila Gold and Iridescent Gold with a 1:1 ratio. We finally gently dry-brush any raised details with a warm black. It truly does give the effect of a time-worn patina.

Croc Panels with Glazed Metallic Paints | Modern Masters | Project by Belle Arti

Gorgeous Paneled and Glazed Wall with a chic Crocodile Pattern | Beautiful decorative painting by Kentucky's Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Blog Series

The crocodile door panels are painted with Champagne Metallic Paint and the overall antiquing glaze is done with Tintable Glaze.

Such exceptional work, don’t you think? Vince and Casey have used Modern Masters products for years and have never been disappointed. “We love the metallics, and the clear coats for interior and exterior applications. Their durability is unsurpassed,” they say. “We both truly enjoy what we do, but we realize that it is fantastic products like the ones from Modern Masters that enable us to achieve those looks and finishes, which amaze our clients, and keeps them coming back for more.” We’d like to thank both Casey and Vince for their beautiful artisty with our products and the time they took to share their projects with us! Please make sure you head to their Belle Arti website for more and follow them on both the Belle Arti Houzz page and @belle_arti_studio on Instagram to keep on top of their decorative painting adventures. Until next time – stay inspired!

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Get Comfortable Using Front Door Paint On Your Back Door

Back Door Redo and Transformation with Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint | DIY How-to Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Check out our two pretty back doors that I just painted with Modern Masters Front Door Paint. Never one to follow the rules, I figured what’s good for our front door must be good to spiff the doors that face our big deck, too.

A couple of years ago I got hooked on Front Door Paint. Seriously. In a big way. So much so that I have painted our front door not once, but twice. This magic, buttery-smooth paint does not fade, and lasts for ages, but recently I was in a “let’s change the front door color mood” and repainted on a whim. The color Fortunate is such a wow, that we get lots of compliments from the neighbors, and even the delivery folks.

Bright Pop of Color on Your Front Door | Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Non Fade Front Door Paint

During the spring of 2015, I painted our shutters with the grey Mysterious Front Door Paint color. We love it so much, I think this color will remain indefinitely.

Paint Your Shutters with Modern Masters non fade Front Door Paint | Window Shutter Color Ideas and Inspiration

This week I painted our two back doors, including storm doors, with the color Comfortable. I have to laugh a bit at the name because here in North Carolina it’s hot as a firecracker and steamy. But my efforts paid off. Loving our warm new look, even in this area where we never use this back door, originally intended for loading up firewood. Can you just see the humidity hanging in the air?

Color and Design Ideas for Your Back Door | Exterior Back Porch Updates | Modern Masters Non Fade Front Door Paint | Project How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky

Usually, if you begin in the morning on a nice day, you can have your project complete by the afternoon. Since I had two doors and storm doors, I worked at it overnight.

First, I chose my color from the gorgeous color palette. Comfortable was perfect, since we have some new red-orange cushions on the deck, and we always plant orange impatiens.

While selecting your color, don’t miss the free Front Door Paint iPhone App and a free Front Door Paint Android App – on both, you can take a photo of your door and scroll through the Front Door Paint colors to see what your door would look like with the different colors. There are 25 Front Door Paint colors based on the emotional color wheel (like Hopeful, Mysterious, Elegant and more).

Non Fade Front Door Paint Color Palette | Modern Masters | Quick to Dry and Easy to Clean


How to Paint a Back Door | DIY Project by My Patch of Blue Sky

• Front Door Paint: Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint. You can purchase it online at, and the Modern Masters Online Shop.

• Primer, if needed: Zinsser Cover Stain Primer

• Tools: Paint pan, low-nap paint roller, 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for water-based paint and if needed, a 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for oil-based paint and paint thinner

• Incidentals: Razor blade, Tape, Rags, Stir sticks, Screw Driver or Drill, Dropcloth or Newspapers, Step Stool

If your door is painted with oil paint, you will need to apply a bonding primer first before you can use the water-based Front Door Paint. Go here for complete directions.

If your door is now painted with water-based paint, like mine, you can choose to paint one coat of primer first, depending on the color you chose. For example, if you have a black door and you want to paint a lighter color, priming first will save a coat or so of paint.

Plan your project for good weather, between about 40 to 90 degrees. Front Door Paint dries quickly but do allow drying time so that you can close the door without the paint sticking.

Wash off dirt and grease with detergent and let dry. Remove loose paint.

Tips & Tricks for Painting a Back Door | Modern Masters Non Fade Front Door Paint | DIY Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

The before. Don’t laugh, but I had never gotten around to painting both doors the same color.

Back Door Redo Transformation Tips | DIY Project and How-to by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters non fade Front Door Paint

Sand lightly if required, then wipe off the residue. Tape off any areas like the glass on a storm door, and normally I recommend removing all hardware for a professional paint job. but for our back doors, I taped off the hardware this time, because we need to replace it all.

How to Paint a Back Door | Back Porch Updates | Project How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky

Cut in the panels first, and paint away. You can use a brush for the entire door, or choose the roller for flat areas. I used a brush for this project since I had a lot of smaller areas. Even though a sash brush fits nicely into the paint container, I used my Modern Masters roller pan, since I can be a klutz at times. One coat covered the grey and brown colors pretty well, and two coats were perfect.

DIY Back Door Project with Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint | My Patch of Blue Sky

Dry time is one hour, and re-coat time is two hours.

Back Door Color and Design Inspiration | My Patch of Blue Sky Project with Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint

I did have to juggle painting the four doors, due to drying times, coming and going, trying to paint in the shade to beat the heat, and a huge deluge one day.

Back Porch Redesign Ideas | Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Updating Your Back Door with Modern Masters Non Fade Front Door Paint | Project Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

Back Door Paint Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | DIY How-to & Tips | Modern Masters Non-fade Front Door Paint in the color Comfortable

Paint and Update Your Back Doors with non fade Front Door Paint | Modern Masters | DIY Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Now that I have put the upper deck area back together, I am so pleased with the results!

Be sure to watch the Modern Masters “How To Paint Your Front Door” video below. Modern Masters loves to see your projects, too, so don’t be shy about sharing your Front Door Paint makeovers! Send them to Happy Painting!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.











Turquoise Gem Patina Wall Art How-to

A few weeks ago, we shared an INCREDIBLE hanging wall art and floor project with Metal Effects by one of our creative customers, Jennifer Gibson. Well, it created a firestorm as our fans and readers absolutely loved the project and wanted to know more about how to create it. If you want a refresh visual, here’s the beautiful results:

Metal Effects Patina on Wood Wall Art and Floor | Project by Jennifer Gibson

We reached back out to Ms. Gibson and not only did she graciously agree to share her how-to, she recreated the wood wall art to accompany the steps for you. (Thank you again!) Are you ready? Here we go!


Materials for a Metal Effects Wall Art How to by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Small Pan with Roller

Small and Travel Size Spray and Squeeze Bottles

Paper Towels

Metal Effects Primer

Metal Effects Copper Reactive Metallic Paint

Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint

Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paint

Blue Patina Aging Solution

Green Patina Aging Solution

Rust Activator

Permacoat Xtreme Topcoat

Hydrogen Peroxide


One Zebra Muse (optional)

Metal Effects Wall Art DIY by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog


My inspiration for this look was a turquoise gem and I have several pieces that I could reference from. I would recommend reading and following all the instructions on the Metal Effects paints and activators.

Patina Wall Art DIY How-to | Modern Masters Blog

Metal Effects Art on Wood for DIY Wall Art | Project by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Begin with a clean smooth plywood board. Apply first coat of Metal Effects Primer and let dry. Apply second coat.

Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint from Metal Effects | DIY Step in Patina Wall Art How-to by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Paint large random splotchy sections of Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and let dry 30 minutes. You can see two examples above of how random they are along with starting some of “crack” lines. Don’t worry about making it all perfect because nature doesn’t make perfect turquoise gem rocks!

Metal Effects Patinas Oxidizing Reactive Metallic Paints | DIY Wall Art How-to by Jennifer Gibson on the Modern Masters Blog

Oxidizing Metal Effects Patinas | How-to DIY Hanging Wall Art by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Once dry, you can start with the second layer of each Reactive Metallic Paint over the first layer. Make sure you have the blue and green activators handy in the spray bottles because they have to be applied while the second layer of paint is still wet. I used the spray activators in different areas all over the board. As an added bonus, I also sprayed hydrogen peroxide on the piece and used spray water to help spray it around. It helped create some of the tone variations. As it dries, you should be able to start visualizing where to put the final lines for the “cracks” as the patina starts to oxidate.

Creating a Turquoise Gem Look with Metal Effects | DIY Hanging Wall Art How-to by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Once all was dry, I could clearly see the areas I wanted to outline as the cracks. I used the Iron Reactive Paint in a squeeze bottle and slowly drew my lines. Again, don’t worry about perfection, just enjoy the process!

Iron Reactive Paint patinating with Rust Activator | Metal Effects DIY Turqoise Gem Wall Art | Modern Masters DIY by Jennifer Gibson

Creating a Turquoise Gem Look with Modern Masters Metal Effects | How to Wall Art Piece by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters

Once the rust paint lines dry thoroughly, spray the lines with rust activator in a spray bottle. You can see the rust oxidizing process above.

Metal Effects DIY Wood Wall Art | Project by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters

Using Metal Effects to Create a Faux Turquoise Gem Wood Wall Art Piece | Project by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters DIY Blog Feature

Once all the patinas are fully dry, you can seal the oxidizing process on your hanging wall art with the Permacoat Xtreme Topcoat. The first layer of Permacoat Xtreme is diluted 50:50 with water. Paint and then let dry. The second layer is added on full strength. Let dry and voila!

Hanging Wall Decor Project with Metal Effects Patinas | Wood Art by Jennifer Gibson | Floor and Art featured in the Modern Masters Blog

What do you think of the results? Jennifer shares that Zsa Zsa the zebra was a tremendous help throughout the process and served as the perfect muse. :) Many thanks, Jennifer, for the additional project pics and process!

On our end, we would rate this finish as more of an advanced DIY project so we do recommend becoming thoroughly familiar with the Metal Effects line and the various oxidizing techniques. Creating a sample board from start to finish will ensure the the final look are the results you are going for. Most of all, have fun! We hope you’ve enjoyed the wall art project and turquoise gem finish. Enjoy!

To purchase Metal Effects, head to our online shop or find your local retailer via zipcode. Please call ahead to assure of stock and if not in-house, it can be ordered in for you. Have an inspired day!