Modern Masters: Best of 2014

Best 2014 Posts, Pics & Products | Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe holidays are upon us and we will soon be closing out the incredible year that was 2014. As we reflect on some of our best moments, we’d like to take a moment and give our thanks to you, our readers, customers and fans, for a wonderful year. You shared gorgeous images, amazing projects and ever-creative ideas and we are incredibly thankful for your passion for Modern Masters. Thank you!


Front Door Paint Project by Bella Tucker | Modern Masters Front Door Paint in color FortunateWe had quite a few popular posts on our Modern Masters Facebook page but this porch makeover project by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes, featuring our Front Door Paint in the color Fortunate, seemed to capture everyone’s imagination. The share is nearing 2,000 likes and still going strong!


Gorgeous Range Hood Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Project by Tom HenmanEveryone loves a beautiful kitchen – it’s the most often-used room in the home! Our post sharing Gorgeous Range Hood Ideas, like the Metal Effects stunner above by decorative artist Tom Henman, certainly struck a chord with readers.


Are you hoping to enhance your curb appeal this coming year? Many of you tackled it in 2014 and especially wanted to start with your front door. Our How to Paint Your Front Door video on our Modern Masters YouTube channel was of special interest this year.


Modern Masters Best of 2014 | Top Instagram ShareOur @ModernMastersInc Instagram was one of our fastest growing social sites as we’re always sharing cool projects by both pros and DIYers alike. Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes struck gold again on Instagram with their fantastic porch and front door makeover with our Front Door Paint.


Metal Effects Wall Finish | Modern Masters: Best of 2014Artist Arlene McLoughlin shared an Activated Tissue Finish Tutorial with our Metal Effects products and at last count, it has been repinned nearly 1,200 times. Pin it here to grab both the image and how-to for your boards.


Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Best of 2014We’re always working in our studio for great new products for you and this year was no different. Front Door Paint came out of the gate a winner and its gorgeous colors, fade-resistant properties and ease of use charmed everyone. We can’t wait to see more of your front door makeovers and of course, stay tuned for even more new products heading your way in 2015.

Were there any surprises and new finds for you? We aim to please! Be sure to keep in touch with us here on the Cafe blog and on our social sites to see what we’re up to in 2015!

Ideas & Inspiration for Patina and Oxidation

We share a lot of Decorative Painting, DIY and Design inspiration on our Pinterest account but one of the most active communities is in our Patina & Oxidation group board. The board was inspired by our Metal Effects products and we thought it would be wonderful to see all the contributors share amazing images of patina and oxidation they’ve found across the web. We pulled some of our favorites together to inspire you plus we’ve shared some of the Modern Masters products you could use to help recreate the look. Ready to be inspired? Let’s go!

Rust Finish on Door Hinge | Patina & Oxidation Inspiration via the Modern Masters Cafe BlogA beautiful patinated door hinge looks outstanding on a weathered wood door. Both the rust finish and verdigris finish of our Metal Effects line can recreate this look with ease. Photographed by David DB.

Rust Finish on Garden Door | Patina Inspiration & Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

This rusted garden shed door was featured in the book The French Touch. You can achieve the same look using the combination of the Iron Reactive Paint and the Rust Activator from the Metal Effects line. You can ensure that your beautiful work lasts with Permacoat Xtreme.

French Patina | Patinas in France & other inspiring images via the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThis has a little of everything, no? While the rust is the result of the oxidation of metal, the lovely greenish blue patina is the natural result of copper or bronze continuously coming into contact with moisture in the air.  This verdigris and rust beauty can be found in France and was featured in the PlumSiena blog. Mixing the Metal Effects products would achieve this look.

Plaster and Crackle | Inspiring Images of Patinas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogAncient Buddha statues grace the landscape of Singapore, revealing color and beautiful patinas as they age in time. Using the glazes, crackles and textures within the Decorative Painter’s products can help imitate these time-worn natural patinas.

Patina Details from Chateau Gaudanes | Modern Masters Cafe BlogHave you ever dreamed of moving to Europe and buying an abandoned castle to restore and live in? One family is living this exact dream and blogging about their journey at Chateau de Gudanes. These small design details showing the layers of history can be found on the property. Using the Belezza Series lime products as well at the Metallic Paint Collection can provide a European touch to your finishes.

Bronze and Blue Verdigris Door | Patina Inspirations via the Modern Masters Cafe BlogIs there anything better than an ornamental door with antique hardware? This beauty was photographed by Rachel Stander. Want the look? Use the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint with the Blue Patina Aging Solution.

Patina and Faux Verdigris on Wood Mirror Frame | Modern Masters Cafe  BlogYou can bring an old world patina to a relatively new decorative piece, such as a mirror, with Metal Effects patinas. This mirror was photographed by Heather Ann Design &  Photography and featured in Style Me Pretty.

Paint, Rust and Verdigris Patina Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

The now defunct House & Garden magazine featured a beautiful array of patina options for gardens. Iron ornaments, oxidized metal sculptures and pots with chipped layers of paint were suggested. Although these are antiques, the easiest and most cost-effective solution to speed up the process is decorative and specialty paints.

Verdigris Patina on Aged Wood Door | Patina & Oxidation Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe blogThis aged door in Peru features a verdigris look over wood – gorgeous! The Vogue Korea photo shoot was featured in the Sarah York Presents blog. Metal Effects is your key to this finish.Colorful Patina on Doorknob | Photograph by Jenny Downing | Patina Inspiration via the Modern Masters Cafe BlogAren’t these colors incredible? The verdrigris and natural patina create a beautiful palette of oxidized colors. A professional decorative painter can mix the right Modern Masters products to simulate this look. The image was photographed by Jenny Downing.

Let us know in the comments or via direct message on Pinterest if you’d like to be a part of the Patina & Oxidation group board — we’d love to have you share your finds as well! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest and pin these images to your own boards for continued inspiration!


Diamond & Harlequin Patterns to Inspire

Harlequins and diamond patterns are a classic pattern originated in Italy over 400 years ago and it has proven a perennial favorite by easily incorporating into any type of design style. Lately, we’ve been spying an uptick on this gorgeous graphic design paired with Modern Masters products. Its allover design allows for the inclusion of several colors and it has been used successfully in interior design for surfaces such as floors, walls and furniture.

Platinum Silver Diamond Harlequin Pattern on Dresser | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Heavenly Pieces

Platinum Metallic Paint from our Metallic Paint Collection was used by Heavenly Pieces to transform this unique dresser. We love its lines and fun, contemporary style.

Glazed Metallic Backsplash with an Allover Diamond Harlequin Pattern | Modern Masters Products | Project by Dixon Specialty Finishes

Decorative painter Tina Dixon of Dixon Specialty Finishes used our Metallic Paints and Tintable Glaze to create a striking harlequin pattern on her client’s kitchen backsplash.

Disney Inspired Dresser for Girls Room | Pharaoh's Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters as an Accent | Project by Vintage Charm Restored

Vintage Charm Restored used our Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint to accent a Disney-inspired dresser for a little girl’s room. It pairs so well with pink!

Harlequin Pattern on Dining Room Table Top | Black Pearl and Gold Rush Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Project by Southside Furniture Revival

Black Pearl and Gold Rush Metallic Paint were used by Southside Furniture Revival to create a fun harlequin pattern on a dining room table top.

Metallic Paint Finish in a Diamond Allover Pattern on Walls | LA Custom Art | Modern Masters Metallic PaintsSeveral colors of Metallic Paints were blended together to create this soft metallic finish on a dark diamond background. The beautiful artistry is by LA Custom Art.

Harlequin Diamond Pattern Ideas for Walls and Furniture | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Artist Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio recreated this classic pattern on dining room walls in ochre and gold.

Harlequin Pattern Inspiration via the Modern Masters Cafe BlogOf course, some of our creative customers choose to enhance an existing harlequin pattern with our products. Artist SK Sartell used our Metal Effects as the perfect compliment to an aged diamond pattern on a large wardrobe. Striking!

A diamond pattern will instantly add visual impact to any surface. One traditional rule of thumb is that the height of the diamond be twice that of the width while others just think of it as squares set at an angle. It’s important to note to keep the scale of the space in mind when incorporating a harlequin pattern – too small and the design can become too busy while too large doesn’t successfully create the necessary allover impact. Be sure to pin these fantastic projects and keep these creative harlequin project ideas close at hand. Have an inspired day!

Creative Holiday Ideas with Modern Masters

DIY Holiday Project Ideas by Modern Masters

‘Tis the Season! With the holidays just around the corner, we are feeling pretty festive here at Modern Masters! It’s the time of year for families and friends to come together in warm celebration. It’s also the time of year we spy incredibly creative holiday decor and gift ideas with our products – and you don’t have to be a champion DIYer to create these amazing handmade projects. We’d love to share some of them with you!

Update Tired Gift Wrap | Elegant Gift Wrap DIY with Modern Masters Matte Metallics

While creating our Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish How-to Video, we were inspired to take Blackened Bronze from our Matte Metallics to transform unused gift wrap. Now, it’s chic and oh-so-elegant!

Welcoming Holiday Home Entrance | Metal Effects Patina Projects

Creative customer Cara Conkle shared her welcoming fall home entrance – perfect for Thanksgiving! She created a lovely patina on the light accent with our Metal Effects.

Holiday Wood Marquee with Metallic Paint | PB & J Stories | Holiday Decor IdeasThe talented Pamela of the PB&J Stories blog took the Champagne and Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint from our Metallic Paint Collection to help create a light-up wood marquee for Christmas.

Front Door Makeover with Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Project by Sondra Lyn at Home

Sondra Lyn at Home decided to do a front door makeover just in time for the holidays!  She used the color Sophisticated from our 24-color Front Door Paint Collection. It’s curb appeal that’s perfect for the season – and so quick and easy to do, too! Be sure not to miss our How to Paint Your Front Door video tutorial for full instructions.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Table Setting Idea by Modern Masters

Our Matte Metallics are so versatile, you could use them to enhance your entire table setting! Perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas (or any special celebration), the table decor features a stenciled table runner and napkins as well as painted plate chargers with an elegant Blackened Bronze metallic finish. Of course, you can’t go wrong with presenting a gift wrapped with paper you painted yourself! See more in our Fall Table Decor Ideas post.

Pine Cones with Shimmery Metallic Paint | Holiday DIY Ideas | Stellar Junk Project

Simple and stylish! Jessica from Stellar Junk brush dipped pine cones in Metallic Paint for a quick, easy way to add shimmer to holiday decor accents. It’s a little rustic and a little glam, too.

Table Setting Inspiration with Metallic Paint Projects | Decor Adventures DIY featured in Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Jessica from Decor Adventures used Pale Gold Metallic Paint and scalloped FrogTape Shape Tape to add a fun edge to her holiday table setting. So pretty!

Matte Metallics enhance Holiday Decor | Holiday DIY Ideas and Inspiration via the Modern Masters Cafe Blog

The very Creative Kristi used Champagne Matte Metallic on a plain paper reindeer to add a luxe metallic sparkle to the holiday design of her home. She calls it her quietly sophisticated holiday decor.

Chrismas Holiday Mantel with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Homeroad

Susan from the Homeroad blog went all-out with our Metallic Paints in holiday colors. Using Sashay Red, Hunter Green, Silver and Snowflake, she created a very festive holiday mantel for Christmas. The Metallic Paints grace the mirror frame’s candy cane stripes, the pine cones as well as various decor accents such as the sleigh. Beautiful!

These ideas can easily be incorporated for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed these festive decor ideas for the holidays. Let us know in the comments if you’ve crafted some holiday decorations with Modern Masters as we’d love to see them!

Modern Mastery: Igor Turovskiy

We enjoy the Modern Masters projects that our very creative customers share with us daily via e-mail or on our social sites. We discovered artist Igor Turovskiy’s work on Facebook when he shared one of his incredible patina and metallic artworks with us and we had to learn more!  He graciously agreed to chat with us and share some of his insights as we feature some of his Modern Mastery.

Canvas Artwork by Igor Turovskiy using Modern Masters Metal EffectsArtist Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters CafeIgor Turovskiy grew up in Belarus, immersed in its natural and architectural beauty. The surroundings influenced his artistic interests and sparked his career as a graphic artist. In 1992, he moved to America and opened a graphic design studio. Several years later, he found his niche in the world of abstract art and opened his second studio, Igor Fine Art. He conveys emotions in his pieces through nuanced layers created with a mixture of metallic mica pigments, metallic paints, metal patinas and fluid acrylics. Let’s take a look.

Canvas Art by Igor Turovskiy | MOdern Masters Metal Effects

Contemporary Abstract Patina Art by Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Igor works with most clients on commissioned pieces, with many clients seeing his art online and ordering a specific size or color.  Each piece normally takes 2 to 3 days to create, sometimes longer.  He started using Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects when they gave him the opportunity to create unique one of a kind art pieces. He explains, “I was painting with metallics for a while, using them for faux paint projects. I do art all the time, so it was natural to use the products and develop my own techniques.”

Metallic and Patina Canvas Art | Art by Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Igor has an art studio in Virginia Beach, VA, where he not only paints but also teaches art classes.  It is here that he creates his commissioned art for private collectors as well as larger projects for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality and commercial clients.

Modern Masters Metal Effects | Wall Finishes by Igor Turovskiy

After years of decorative painting commissions and his current work with abstract art, Igor consistently finds inspiration in many areas but one is close to his roots.  “The most inspiring place I’ve visited is St. Petersburg, Russia.  It’s an old historical town full of beautiful architecture and galleries.” You can see his love for both the modern and the historic in his patina art pieces.

Equestrian Horse Canvas Art by Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters Metal Effects

Abstract Canvas Art | Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Metal Effects | Art by Igor Turovskiy

Aren’t his artworks incredible? We hope you’ve found his amazing creativity and talent awe-inspiring. Many thanks to Igor for sharing his artistry with our products. Please be sure to visit his fine art website, Igor Turovskiy, to see more of his commissioned works. If you’ve enjoyed this article, be sure to share or pin it!

The Warm Allure of Copper

Copper Decorating Ideas and Inspiration | Modern Masters Cafe BlogCopper has such rich, alluring tones that it’s made it a haute 2015 color trend for Interior Design.  It’s a fascinating color that works perfectly with neutral schemes and is a great metallic to add as a splash of color, working equally well with golds, silvers and bronzes.  There are variations of copper in both color and textures in many of our Modern Masters products and we’d thought we’d share some of them with you.

Glazed Copper Ceiling by Broads with Brushes | Copper Metallic Paints by Modern MastersDecorative Artist Andrea Blair Murrill used both Copper and Antique Copper from our Metallic Paint Collection to help create this extraordinary ceiling.

Stenciling with Metallic Paints | Ideas & Inspiration by Modern MastersArtist Arlene Mcloughlin used our ShimmerStone as a plastered finish base for a beautiful stencil pattern in a rich, copper metallic gold from our Metallic Paint Collection.Wall Finish Ideas with the color Copper | Modern MastersCopper wall finishes are so versatile! On the left is a treatment by Faux Craft & Design using our Metallic Paints with our Transparent Troweling Gel Matte to create a faux plaster wall look. On the right, decorative artist Tara Damaini used Copper Penny Metallic Paint with glazes to help create a dimensional surface finish. Both are so beautiful!

Create a Metallic Copper Patina Range Hood with Paints | Modern MastersPeter Panagiotakakos of European Faux Finishes used several of our products to create a copper patina faux finish for a range hood.

Copper Metallic Door with Faux Verdigris Patina | Modern Masters Project by H20 BungalowThe very creative Wendi Wachtel of the popular H20 Bungalow blog is a big fan of Modern Masters. She wanted a patinated copper door and used our Copper Metallic Paint to help create the entrance she wanted – they are the perfect products to use if you’d like a metallic front door. (Even Oprah magazine agrees!) She also recently used our Copper Reactive Metallic Paint from our Metal Effects line to patinate her mailbox.

Metallic Copper Top Table | Modern Masters Cafe BlogDesigner and Artist Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations transformed a round dinner table by using our Copper Metallic Paint along the top, then aging and protecting it. Gorgeous!

Dresser Table Top with Modern Masters Copper Metallic Paint | Stiltskin StudiosPainted Furniture with Metallic Paint | Modern Masters Copper Penny | Stiltskin Studios ProjectStiltskin Studios creates gorgeous hand-painted furniture – and we love what they do with our Metallic Paint! On the top, they used Copper Metallic Paint as a table top color for a dresser and on the bottom, they used Copper Penny Metallic Paint on an updated Drexel desk.

Color Expert Maria Killam recently attended the High Point Furniture Market in October and came away with Coppers and Golds being one of her favorite takeaway trends. She feels they “add a sophisticated feel to furnishings and accessories”.  Designer Cheryl Hucks also attended the Market and noted that for 2015, “copper will the be the newest trend in metallics”.  Several journalists covered the market as well and one noted that “[Copper]…added sparkle to dozens of showrooms and displays, from painted walls to lighting fixtures.” Be sure to look for more of this luscious color in upcoming design features and projects – but we’d love to know what YOU think of Copper. Hit the comments and let us know!

Read more here:

The Rat Look on a Beetle with Modern Masters

We love to see incredible projects with our Modern Masters products and frequently receive images from all over the world. We recently were sent pics of an inspired project by creative customer Chris McQuaigue of the UK and we thought it was so inspired that we had to share it with you!

Giving a Rat Look to a Car with Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust FinishThe ‘Rat Look’ is a versatile scene in which the style and look of a car is highly personalized – very often with a rusted finish. Chris created ‘The Ratrod’ with the Iron Reactive Paint and the Rust Activator from our Metal Effects line. “It was an alternative to getting the car re-sprayed professionally by saving money and to create a car with more interest and character,” Chris explains. “It was a really fun project that certainly gets lots of looks and smiles. The great thing is that I now have a car that I don’t need to clean too much. When I scratched the fender the other day I was really happy about adding more character!”

Rust Finish on Car with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Rat LookEnjoying The Ratrod | Rust Finish on Beetle | Rat Look with Modern Masters Metal EffectsChris’ son Marco loves the car along with the six other Beetles he owns. “There is a community and ‘scene’ for Ratt’ed and rusty cars and there are a few ways of achieving the look. Some people sand the car back to bare metal and let it rust but I think the Modern Masters way is better!”.

According to the Rat Look website, RAT stands for Recycled Automotive Transport and is about keeping your vehicle on the road for as long as possible – however, many ratted cars frequently just sport the look and are in excellent mechanical condition.  If you’d like to learn more about this amazing car scene, please be sure to check out the Rat Look website for much, much more.

Chris let us know that he recently bought a sample pot of our Copper Metallic Paint to experiment with his newest Beetle project. He says, “The copper would look great – the paint is amazing!”.  We can’t wait to see what he comes up with.  Many thanks to Chris McQuaigue for introducing us to the ‘scene’ and for sharing his incredible project!

Creating a Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish

What if you could paint a tone-on-tone metallic surface finish with a product that is easy to use, fast to dry and looks gorgeous? We’ve combined two of our favorite products, Matte Metallics and our Metallic Paint Collection to create this lovely, shimmery Tone-on-Tone Metallic Paint Finish that works on walls, furniture, ceilings and so much more.  Take a look!

Matte Metallics are available in 15 of the most popular metallic colors and each of them have a subtle metallic glow as a compliment to the higher shimmer of the satin Metallic Paint Collection.  This finish, and each of the product lines, are perfect for multiple surfaces – in fact, take a look at our Fall Table Decor Ideas for more inspiration, including ideas for stenciling a table runner, adding a luxe finish to plates and chargers as well as transforming your outdated gift wrap into an elegantly wrapped present you’d love to give your guests. There’s nothing dull about Matte Metallics!

Matte Metallic Paint Week on Modern Masters FacebookIf you love all these ideas, be sure not to miss our Matte Metallic Paint Week starting October 19th on our Modern Masters Facebook page with great projects, contests and giveaways!  See you there!

Modern Mastery: Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio

Modern Mastery Feature of Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe’re excited to introduce another wonderful artist, Rochester, NY-based Amie Freling, for our Modern Mastery blog series. Amie’s lifelong passion for design ultimately led to the opening of Meme Hill Studio in 1989. Meme Hill Studio was named after her grandparents, a woodworker and art teacher respectively, who influenced her as a child and strongly encouraged her creative development. Today, she proudly offers such professional services as interior design, color consultation, murals, custom faux finishes, furniture painting and more. “I love when the client gets excited,” says Amie, who studied illustration at Syracuse University and previously served as art director for a Washington D.C.-based magazine. ‘”I love creating happy, inviting niches in homes and businesses.” Part of creating these welcoming spaces including using Modern Masters, one of her favorite go-to product lines, and she shared a few of her favorite projects with us.

Harlequin Diamonds with Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Meme Hill StudioOur Metallic Paint Collection helped create this beautiful harlequin diamond finish on the dining room walls.


Painted and Glazed Furniture | Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Meme Hill Studio

Painted Furniture Glazed with our Tintable Scumble Glaze.


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

I was introduced to Modern Masters fifteen years ago when a fellow faux finisher (say that 5 times fast) asked me to help him with a large job faux finishing an entire 15,000 square foot home. We glazed a two and half story great room with the Tintable Scumble Glaze and I was hooked. The drying time was longer than any other glaze that I tried and there were absolutely no overlapping lines. I now use it on all my faux projects from large rooms to small accent pieces of furniture. Plus clients love that I custom tint, giving them a one-of-a kind project!

Horizontal Stripes with Metallic Paint on Foyer Walls | Modern Masters Project by Meme Hill StudioThin horizontal stripes with several Metallic Paint Collection colors add interest to foyer entry walls.


Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Glaze on Dining Room Ceiling and Walls | Meme Hill StudioPlatinum and Warm Silver Metallic Paints were crosshatched on the ceiling and a glaze made with Antique Bronze and Blackened Bronze create a gorgeous subtle finish on the dining room walls.


Mural Painted with Modern Masters Products | Meme Hill StudioAn Italian Mural by Amie is created with the help of our Tintable Scumble Glaze.


Handpainted Metallic Ornamental Scrolls | Artistry by Amie FrelingPretty ornamental vines climb up the walls and shimmer enticingly with our Metallic Paints.


What is your go-to Modern Masters product?

My favorite products other than the Tintable Scumble Glaze is the Metallic Paint Collection. My all time favorite color is the Champagne Metallic Paint. It works with whites, creams, silvers and gold. Its a warm metallic that screams richness. I love horizontal stripes in the metallics. I roll it on with a 6-inch roller and then use a course brush to create so many effects. The way both artificial and natural lights interfere and create interest is amazing.

Soft Painted Stripes on Nursery Ceiling | Modern Masters Project by Amie Freling of Meme Hill StudioA beautifully designed nursery by Amie features loose and soft metallic stripes on the ceiling and a subtle glaze on the dresser and changing table.


Metallic Stripes in Contemporary Office | Modern Masters Project by Meme Hill StudioA modern office receives a decidedly contemporary stripe treatment on the entryway and glazed walls in the main area.


What is your dream finishing project?

Any public space. My tag line is “Follow me paint the town. Literally!” and I love working in public spaces like restaurants, schools, hospitals and anyplace where art can be appreciated by those who might not be able to have my painting in their own homes. I feel everyone should be exposed to art. I’m always eager to volunteer my talents for charity events and fundraisers. My dream would be a part of a whole house makeover for a deserving family or child.

Painted Bench with Glazed Ornamental Scrolls by Amie FrelingA creative bench with handpainted ORNAMENTATION AND florals. Amie used our Tintable Scumble Glaze with her color palette to help with the flow OF BOTH painting AND AGING THE DECORATIVE ELEMENTS.


Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio enjoys a dedicated following as a designer and artist. She shares her signature blend of patterns and colors with both commercial and residential clients. Her line of decorative hardware is carried by True Value and her original line of home accessories has sold in retail stores nationwide including Nordstroms. Her works have been featured on HGTV and in national magazines and she is also a contributing design editor for her local newspaper. Be sure to keep up with her as she shares more on her Facebook fan page. Many thanks to Amie for spending some time with us and sharing her incredible Modern Masters projects!

See Other Modern Mastery Features