DIY Holiday Decor Accent Ideas

DIY Holiday Decor Accent Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe’re just over a week away to Thanksgiving and then we’re on to celebrate all the winter holidays – exciting! If you’re looking for great metallic and patina holiday decor ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Our Metal Effects and Metallic Paint Collection are perfect for holiday crafts large and small and better yet, take no time at all to create. Many of our creative customers and friends have been sharing their Modern Masters-inspired holiday projects and since caring is sharing, we thought we’d pay it forward. :)

Metal Effects Rust Finish on Candleholders | Projects by This Makes That | Holiday DIY Decor Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe talented Susan of the This Makes That blog used the Metal Effects Rust Finish for a trio of patinated candleholders. So pretty!

Bronze Metallic Paint on Antlers | Holiday Design DIY | Project by Studio 184 | Modern Masters Cafe BlogStudio 184 used our Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint to add a bit of bling to antler tips. Gorgeous! For even more shimmer, add a little glitter to the metallic paint while still wet.

Steampunk Holiday Ornaments | Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust and Verdigris Finish | Project by Carmen Handcrafts | Holiday Decor InspirationCarmen Hand Crafts wowed us with these wooden steampunk snowflakes patinated with both the Rust and Verdigris oxidizing patinas from our Metal Effects line. They’ll look beautiful hanging from the tree!

Metallic Paint on Pumpkins | Project by Pet Scribbles | Holiday DIY Ideas & Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur friend Laura Kuhlmann of Pet Scribbles recently shared her recipe for DIY Mercury Glass Pumpkins on the Pink When blog. Using Hunter Green, Sage and Oyster Metallic Paint, she created the faux look by layering the paints onto one another. Click the link for the shimmery tutorial!

Patina Pinecones | Metal Effects by Modern Masters | Holiday Mantle Decor by Emporium 228 | Holiday Feature on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogPinecones get a touch of patina – and aren’t the results so pretty? Dana McGarry of Emporium 228 used the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and the Blue Patina Aging Solution to add the beautiful time-worn color to the pinecone edges.

Noel Lettering with Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Project by Crafting in the Rain | Holiday Decorations DIY on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogSteph of Crafting in the Rain used her considerable talents in creating a gold painted noel cutout as her guest post for the Crafting Chicks blog. She used Olympic Gold Metallic Paint for the lustrous project on the lettering cutout.

Patina Owl Pumpkin Mural by Artist Bonnie Lecat | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Feature on Holiday Decor IdeasArtist Bonnie Lecat of Bonnie Lecat Designs always creates and shares beautiful holiday design ideas – check out her Etsy shop! This is a paint and patina pumpkin mural with an owl face and rusty, metallic accents with our Metal Effects. Stunning!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these holiday decor accent ideas with Modern Masters! They are great ideas for your Thanksgiving table, mantel, holiday porch, Christmas tree and more. Pin these ideas to your boards for merry inspiration and be sure to send us your holiday projects to! We’d love to see and share them!

Luminescent Wildfire on the Ceiling

We were recently scrolling through our Facebook shares and came upon an amazing ceiling by decorative artist Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. He used our Wildfire Luminescent Paints, which create dramatic visual effects, to paint a sky mural on a media room ceiling that changes as the ‘day’ passes along. Take a look!

Ceiling with Modern Masters Wildfire | Artifice, Inc. Project Feature on the Cafe Blog Bryan worked with a designer, Gene Delgado, for this incredible project. The designer suggested a night sky for the media room and Bryan added upon the idea by suggesting using the Wildfire paints for a powerful overall effect.

Widfire on the Ceiling allows a Mural to change from Day to Night as the time progresses | Project by Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. | Modern Masters Cafe Blog FeatureUsing the Invisible Flourescent Paint, Bryan painted a ceiling that could change from dusk to evening as the light changed. There are both incandescent lights and blacklights installed in the ceiling recesses to help control the visual effect. Bryan explains, “The room has a dimmer switch so that you can see the transition beautifully.”

Ceiling Media Room Mural with Modern Masters Wildfire Paints | Project by Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. | Cafe Blog Project FeatureHere is the night sky – isn’t it incredible? Bryan worked on the ceiling sky mural for two days, using the blacklight to guide him while working with Wildfire. “The effect really pops nicely and the client loved it,” Bryan shares. It was his first time using the Wildfire line and we think it was a beautiful success!

Wildfire Luminescent Paints are water base, easy to apply, color balanced and specifically formulated under UV blacklight for maximum brightness. We use proprietary, ultra-violet technologies to create them and they have been used for dramatic blacklight visual effects in film, television, theme parks, night clubs and entertainment venues. They’ve also been used by Walt Disney World and the Blue Man Group for their shows! Be sure to check out the entire Wildfire product line to find the best colors and paints for your next luminous project. They can easily be purchased online or found at a local retailer. Many thanks to artist Bryan King for sharing his radiant sky mural with us – be sure to visit his Artifice, Inc. website and become a fan of his Facebook fan page. Have an inspired day!

How-to: Letters with Pattern and Patina

Patina & Pattern on Letters Tutorial | How-to by Ali Kay featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogArtist Ali Kay of Positive Space is an incredible artist based out of Chattanooga, TN. We love seeing all her projects and have featured her work on our Modern Mastery series. We recently shared one of her Metal Effects decor accent projects for her own home on our Facebook fan page and our fans went crazy! She’s graciously agreed to share her Patina & Pattern on Letters How-to Recipe for us – so get your brushes ready for a seriously easy, fast and pretty tutorial!

Prepping Letters for Patina & Pattern | How-to by Ali Kay featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogSTEP ONE. Find your favorite letters at any home improvement retailer, home design store, hobby store, vintage shop, smaller retail design stores and flea markets to name a few. You can do this process on surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, paper, and more – just be sure to prime them properly for their individual surfaces and then start our process as indicated below.

Metal Effects Primer on Letter | Patina & Pattern How-to by Ali Katy | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSTEP TWO. Prime each letter with Metal Effects Primer. This primer is specifically formulated to protect your base surface from the oxidizing patinas we’ll be using later.

Adding Texture and Pattern to Letters | Patinated & Patterned Letters Tutorial by Ali Kay on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogSTEP THREE. Once the Metal Effects Primer dries, use your favorite stencil to trowel textured plaster through it to create a beautiful raised pattern effect. Ali used used the Florentine Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio and our Suede Metallic Plaster.

Patina & Pattern Letters How-to | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSTEP FOUR. Once the textured pattern were fully dry, Ali based the letters with Blackened Bronze Metallic Paint to provide an even colored surface. She then followed that with a coat of Copper Reactive Metallic Paint to prepare for the patina, leaving some areas with the Blackened Bronze peeking through. Ali used the two separate colors for added interest but you could also just use the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint by itself using two full coats.

Patina & Pattern Letters Tutorial on the Cafe Blog | Project by Ali Kay of Positive SpaceSTEP FIVE. While the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint is still wet, spray the Green Patina Aging Solution randomly. The letters will activate over the next few hours and you are done. Notice that Ali’s letters have both the Blackened Bronze Metallic Paint and Copper Reactive Metallic Paint peeking through the patina for a good amount of color variation and interest.

Textured & Oxidized Letters Tutorial on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Project by Ali Kay of Positive SpaceDecor Accent Letters with Verdigris Patina and a Textured Stencil Pattern | Tutorial on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Project by Ali Kay of Positive SpaceAren’t the results SO COOL?! Many thanks to Ali for sharing her process with us! Please be sure to become a fan of her Positive Space by Ali Kay Facebook fan page to keep up with all her artistic projects. If you love this tutorial, be sure to pin it so that you can try it on your own. Have an inspired day filled with paint, patina and pattern!

8 Perfect Powder Baths

Small baths, half baths and powder rooms can be limited in size but can have a giant impact when designed well. This is frequently an area where you can go bolder with your decor and many of our products can be used to help create various styles of beautiful finishes for your bathroom. Here’s a look at some of the inspiring ideas we found!

Gorgeous Powder Bath | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Michelle Goodman | Powder Bath Inspiration on the Cafe BlogGo bold or go home — or rather, go bold and stay home! Creative customer Michele Goodman used our Metallic Paint Collection to add a powerful punch of color and pattern to the walls of this bath.

Venetian Plaster Bath Finish with Scallop Pattern | Project by Caroline Lizarraga and Photographed by Catherine Nguyen | Powder Bath Inspiration on the Cafe BlogDecorative Artist Caroline Lizarraga used a scalloped pattern with our Venetian Plaster to create an inspired wall treatment. She also took the plaster finish into the ceiling! We love that it’s in a beautiful neutral gray as well.Stone Texture Wall Finish with Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Patina | Project by Decorative Artist Gwen Woods Ware | Powder Bath Inspiration Projects on the Cafe BlogYou can never go wrong with color and texture! Artist Gwen Woods Ware of Bohemian Spirit Faux Art used our Metal Effects Rust Finish over a beautiful stone texture she created to both highlight and enhance the surface. It’s a popular wall treatment she creates time and again!

Tissue Paper and Metallic Plaster Finish | Modern Masters Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Creative Bath Walls Inspiration on the Cafe BlogTalented duo Dana DeBuck and Cindy Howard of Decorative & Faux Finishes created an opalescent feel for a client’s power bath. Troweled layers of our Metallic Plaster smoothed and settled into a tissue paper treatment that was the base. Lovely!Metal Effects Patina on Bath Cabinet Doors | Project by Debbie Hayes for Paint + Pattern | Small Bath Decor Ideas on the Cafe Blog

Patina and Pattern on Bath Cabinet Door DIY | Powder Bath Finish Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogArtist Debbie Hayes combined pattern and patina for her bath – but instead of the walls, she tackled an alternate surface: her cabinet doors. Using our Metal Effects, she created a rustic patina for her bath cabinetry. Wow!

Stripes with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Bathroom Wall Inspirations on the Cafe Blog | Project by Jeremy Stanger of Stanger ProjectsDecorative painter Jeremy Stanger uses and shares his Modern Masters projects frequently on his Instagram account. We always love seeing his new shares and this one, a striped bath with our Metallic Paints, was no exception. What a great mix of metallic colors!

Venetian Plaster Finish | Faux Mineral Treatment on Walls | Gorgeous Powder Baths | Project by Caroline Lizarraga Agate Design on Wall with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | Project by Caroline Lizarraga | Inspired Powder Baths on the Cafe BlogThere’s no question that minerals are hot right now in interior design and we swooned when we saw this agate-inspired wall treatment! Artist Caroline Lizarraga used our Venetian Plaster to create the silica rock’s grain and variations in color.

Mix of Metallic Paints on Spanish-Inspired Bath Walls | Project by Ashlie Bickford and Kindra Benge of a Fabulous Finish | Powder and Guest Bath Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThis bath exudes a Spanish-Moroccan flavor and the wall finish needed to enhance the room’s global decor accents. Ashlie Bickford and Kindra Benge of A Fabulous Finish used several Bronze and Silver Metallic Paints interwoven into each other to create the perfect effect.

Small spaces, BIG design! We hope you have enjoyed these glamorous, stately, modern and painterly finish ideas for your home. It’s so easy to create a stylish retreat for yourself and your guests and we hope we’ve motivated you to start planning and creating. Be sure to pin your fave baths and if you love the post, share! Have an inspired day!


Fall Front Door Projects

Front Door Makeover Ideas for the Fall Season | Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe holidays are upon us and what does that mean? We need to welcome our holiday guests in style! One of the most popular autumn DIY projects is sprucing up the curb appeal of our homes and the fastest way to do that is with a front door makeover. You can use any old paint but why waste your time? Front Door Paint by Modern Masters is easy to apply and super-quick to dry. You’ll be done in just a few hours and the color will never fade. [So really, you’ll be done for years. Big bonus.]  But don’t take our word for it! Check out the projects from some of our very creative friends.

Fall Front Door Makeover Ideas | Yellow Front Door | Project by Colour Saturated using non-fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters in the color OpmisticGilly of Colour Saturated has had issues with other door paints. “The biggest hassle was the dry time you had to wait between coats. I get impatient easily and so the fact that I could get this done in a day made me happy.” After installing trim for her front door makeover, she used the yellow color Optimistic. As to using Front Door Paint? Gilly shares, “I can honestly say I absolutely love the paint. I paint furniture for a living and I am very fussy about paints I work with and the door paint is such a dream.” Gilly is making more updates to her exterior so we’ll be sure to share more pics!

Front Door and Shutter Makeover with Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint | Color: Peaceful blue | Fall Front Door Makeover Ideas by the Cafe Blog“Replacing the color of your front door gives you an inexpensive update that totally changes the personality of your home,” says Aniko of Place of My Taste. She redid her front door and shutters with the color Peaceful. “It really only took me maybe an hour to paint my front door on a beautiful Tuesday night with a glass of wine while my boys were running around outside. I say go bold with your color choice! Bright and bold never goes wrong.” We totally agree, Aniko!

A turquoise front door looks great against brick! Project by Doodles & Stitches with non-fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters, Color: TranquilDoesn’t the turquoise front door pop so nicely against the brick? Nicole of Doodles & Stitches had a door that needed some serious rehab. For the transformation, she used the color Tranquil and shared it all on her Newly Painted, Happy Door post. She started in the morning and was done by Noon. That’s a fast project to DIY for!

Warm and Welcoming Black Front Door by The Crowned Goat | Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint in color Elegant | Front Door Transformation Ideas for Fall on the Cafe BlogThe weather was extremely rough on the front porch of CoCo, who pens The Crowned Goat blog. You can imagine how important it was to her to have a weather-resistant, non fade paint for her fall porch makeover! She used the color Elegant black, a classic favorite, and not only will her front door look good this fall, it will continue to look sophisticated and welcoming all year long.

Red Front Door | Fall Front Door Makeover Ideas on the Cafe Blog | Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint in the color Sophisticated | Project by Make Life LovelyLaura of Make Life Lovely always wanted a red front door and she used the color Sophisticated for her entrance redo. She shares, “I was able to turn my ho hum front door into an inviting and welcoming front door that makes a great first impression, adds a lot of curb appeal, and puts a little smile on my face whenever I come home.” We love that, Laura!

Front Door Redo by Spoonful of Imagination | Fall Front Door and Porch Ideas via the Cafe Blog | Color on Door: Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint in SpiritualThe artistic Erica Deuel of Spoonful of Imagination wanted a great front door color that had a lot of character. She used our free Front Door Paint app and found the perfect purple-blue tones of Spiritual. Erica loves the results! “Fall is so colorful with the beautiful leaves and now so is my front porch. Your front door is the one of the most important elements on the exterior of your home. Let it express you and say welcome!”

We couldn’t have said it better! Are you now inspired to make the change? Great! Pin your favorite doors to share the love and then check out our Top Five Questions with Front Door Paint before you get started on your own project. You’re on your way to front door greatness with the best looking door in the neighborhood. High five!

Copper Projects to Fall For!

Fall is in the air and so are the scents and warm colors of the new season! Copper tones are out in full force and it is a color that also works perfectly throughout the year in well-designed spaces and projects. The colors have a rich glow of deep dark orange and make a great accent against neutrals. We have a few Modern Masters products with copper tones and we thought we’d share some inspiring project ideas with you.


Fall Decor Projects with Copper | Pumpking Topiary | Project by the Interior FrugalistaMarie of The Interior Frugalista used our Copper Reactive Metallic Paint to add a metallic shine to real leaves and plain craft store letters in this pumpkin topiary. Because it is the metallic paint from our Metal Effects line, it will subtly patinate in the outdoors. Beautiful!

Copper Metal Effects Projects | Copper Projects to Inspire on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogYou can also use our Metal Effects patinas to patinate ordinary objects. Run to Radiance oxidized wood candlesticks and Where the Smiles Have Been transformed plastic succulent planters. Both of these would make great fall mantel decorating ideas!


Copper Metallic Paint on Furniture | Stool Transformation by My Creative Days | Copper Metallic Paint by Modern MastersJust a little Copper Metallic Paint and black paint by My Creative Days transformed what was once a trash to treasure step stool. It’s now a lovely piece to have in a warm, functional kitchen.

Copper Metallic Paint and Copper Leaf | Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationMixing Copper Metallic Paint and copper leaf, talented decorative artisty Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations created a unique and beautiful stenciled side table.


Using Copper for Front Entrances | Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur Metallic Paint Collection has great copper colors to choose from and when topcoated with our MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, they are perfect for exterior projects. On the left is a charming metallic front door painted with Antique Copper Metallic Paint that was featured in Oprah magazine. On the right, Susan of Living Rich on Less used our Copper Metallic Paint to update her exterior light fixtures and welcome planter for her fall porch makeover.

Metal Effects Patina on Garden Planters | Copper Color Project Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLaura of Pet Scribbles loves how her Copper Patina Metal Effects planters stand the test of time. These patinated beauties stay outside year round and will continue to oxidize nicely.


Painted Copper Range Hood | Copper Color Ideas | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsLinda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration strikes again with a gorgeous copper range hood project! This time, she mixed several shades of our gold metallic paint with our copper metallic paint to create a beautiful mixed metal paint finish.

Copper Metallic Paint Finish on Kitchen Range Hood by Sylvia Thompson | Copper Project Ideas and Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogSylvia Thompson runs Sylvia T. Designs, an amazing decorative paint studio. Here, she applied Copper Metallic Paint to the insets with Antique Copper on the trim. Using our English Brown Metallic Paint as a glaze, she subtly aged the kitchen range hood finish. Looks perfect with all the kitchen’s decor elements!


Using Copper to Create Global Chic Interiors | Project by Nomadic DecoratorStylish design blogger Deb of Nomadic Decorator used our Antique Copper Metallic Paint to create a shimmery copper colored wall in a room with high contrasts and bold patterns. The result is a beautiful focal feature wall with subtle tone-on-tone texture.

Custom Copper Metallic Patina Wall Finish by M&M Bender | Modern Masters Cafe BlogM&M Bender Designer Wall Finishes is another studio we admire. Working with a designer in her own home, they created a stunning patina and metallic surface finish with our Metal Effects and Metallic Paint Collection.

Metallic Plaster Waterfall Wall Finish by NCF Studio | Copper Decor Project Ideas by the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe NCF Studio of Decorative Arts sells and offers workshops with our product lines. Owner Nena Garza-Sexton created a unique and multi-colored wall treatment for a luxe bath with our Metallic Plaster. We love how the colors intermix beautifully.

Luxurious shades of copper colors have enjoyed great popularity this year and looks to have no end. With the versatility in our products, you can create finishes that are minimalistic and subtle as well as those that are more intricate and unique. Using the charm and natural patina of copper, you can easily design a space that shines.


Painted & Decorated Ceilings

Designing a great ceiling will help make a space brighter, create a beautiful focal point, enhance gorgeous architectural ceilings and complete the look of a room. They say it’s the fifth wall — so the next time you are planning the decor of a room, consider looking up with the following inspired ideas!

Stenciled Ceiling with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Decorative Artist Joni Fife | Ceiling Ideas on the Cafe BlogStunning, isn’t it? Decorative Artist Joni Fife used our Metallic Plaster combined with the Wallovers Gabriel’s Gates Stencil to create an unforgettable ceiling.

Turquoise Aqua Venetian Plaster Ceiling | Project by Garrison Tarnow Painting with Modern Masters products | Ceiling Inspiration on the Cafe BlogGarrison Tarnow Painting used our Venetian Plaster to trowel a smooth plaster finish on a dome ceiling. The color and effect is gorgeous!

Striking and Chic Ceiling by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Ceiling Inspiration on the Cafe BlogStenciled Metallic Ceiling | Modern Masters | Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Ceiling Ideas via the Cafe BlogCindy Howard and Dana DeBuck of Decorative & Faux Finishes always have extraordinary decorative painting projects. Here are just two of their awe-inspiring ceilings combining ornamental patterns and our Metallic Paint Collection.

Flash Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters on Ornamental Plaster Ceiling | Decorative Plaster Paint Finish by California Wall Design | Ceiling Inspiration via the Cafe BlogCalifornia Wall Design shared an ornamental plaster and wood ceiling project which was painted with our Flash Gold Metallic Paint. The color exudes a shimmery opalescent finish and is perfect for this luxe dining room.

Metal Effects Patina Finish on Dome Ceiling | Project by Heather Sanders of Fifth Wall Design | Ceiling Inspiration via the Cafe BlogOxidized patinas can make for a dramatic ceiling! Heather Sanders of 5th Wall Surface Design used our Metal Effects patinas to create a custom, linear stenciled finish. Incredible!

Glazed Metallic Plaster and Gold Leaf Ceiling | Project by NCF Decorative Studio | Ceiling Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogDrama is always in style! NCF Studio enhanced a foyer entryway by using our Metallic Plaster and Wall Glazing Cream on base of the groin ceiling and topped it off with a gold leaf stencil border. What an amazing result!

Platinum Metallic Paint Finish on Stenciled Ceiling with Mirror Tiles | Project by Arlene McLoughlin | Ceiling Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogTalented decorative artist Arlene McLoughlin used a custom finish with our Platinum Metallic Paint for this very modern and chic ceiling. She also used mirror tiles to add another layer of dimension to the stenciling as well – you can see them glimmering. Check out her other projects in her studio’s Modern Mastery feature.

Whether painted, patterned or given a decorative finish, a ceiling can truly make a room. If left alone, a ceiling can become it’s own bland focal point – it’s key to add a bit of drama without overwhelming a space and the design of the room. We hope you’ve enjoyed these inspiring Modern Masters project ideas from our creative customers and friends. Do you have a ceiling you’d love to show off? Tweet at us using #ModernMastersInc or send your masterpiece in to us at!

Millennium Clock Tower Restoration

Many of our products are used for exterior surfaces and we spied one such special project on Facebook by a creative customer, CIP (Commercial & Industrial Painters), in Canada. The Millennium Clock Tower was erected in Ontario’s Oakville Town Square to help greet the millennium in style. In the 15 years since, it had lost its lustre and both the base color and gold details had become faded and discolored. With the help of our Metallic Paint Collection and MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, CIP was able to help restore it to its former glory. Their president, Ed Forte, walked us through the process.

The Millennium Clock Tower in Ontario, Canada is in need of restoration | Cafe Blog“From the 15 years of severe Canadian weather exposure, the rundown timepiece was in need of some attention. All the gold accents and lettering were worn off over the years. There really wasn’t much gold left,” Ed explains.

Clock Restoration with the help of Modern Masters | Project by CIP The clock also had corrosion, which had to be sanded down, grinded and then primed with a bonding primer.

Rich Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters helps restore the Millennium Clock Tower | Project by CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureEd shares, “Two coats of an acrylic aliphatic urethane was selected as the paint coat because of it’s excellent color retention and anti-corrosion properties. The gold accents were applied with three coats of Rich Gold Metallic Paint and top coated with three coats of MasterClear® for added UV protection.” The non-yellowing interior/exterior MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat is specifically formulated to maintain the shimmer of metallic paint and has inherent high abrasion resistance.

Restoration of Millennium Clock Tower in Ontario, Canada | Project by CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureModern Masters Metallic Paint in Rich Gold | Exterior Restoration Project by CIPModern Masters Rich Gold Metallic Paint enhances a Clock Tower Restoration Project by Ontario's CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureLettering and Painting on Clock Tower Restoration with Modern Masters Rich Gold Metallic Paint | Project by Ontario's CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureBefore & After Millennium Clock Restoration Project by CIP | Modern Masters Metallic Paint The Millennium Clock in Oakville’s Town Square is the centrepiece of Downtown Oakville​. “From the Christmas tree lighting, to the Jazz festival, Midnight Madness and so much more, it has stood in the forefront of visitors and passer-bys. We are proud of how the clock turned out and have received a lot of good feedback. Some people actually thought it was a completely new clock,” Ed says. “Many thanks to Modern Masters for a providing such a great product.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this transformation! CIP made a quick project video of that you can view above. For more on their projects, please follow them on their Facebook page and be sure to pin your fave images of this incredible clock restoration. If you have a special Modern Masters project you’d like to share with us, please e-mail us at with more information. Have an inspired day!

Stenciling with Modern Masters

Stencil Style with Modern Masters | Amazing Stenciling Projects on the Cafe BlogPaint and pattern enhances any space and stencils are one of the best ways to incorporate incredible motif or allover designs into a well-styled room. All of our Modern Masters products can be used to help create incredible stenciled finishes in a myriad of surfaces – but the proof is in the pudding! Come along with us as we take a tour of some favorite stencil projects by our creative customers…

Stenciled Venetian Plaster | Modern Masters | Project by Caroline Lizarraga and Photographed by Catherine NguyenDecorative artist Caroline Lizarraga created a stenciled Venetian Plaster finish with the Indian Paisley Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio for a feature wall in a design shop. She used a charcoal gray color scheme that not only enhances the retail space, it also showcases the furniture and decor accents well. Photography by Catherine Nguyen.

Stenciled Wall with Modern Masters ShimmerStone | Project by Caroline Lizarraga and Photographed by Catherine NguyenUsing lovely deep lavender and plum tones, Caroline Lizarraga also created an alluring raised stencil focal wall in a relaxing nook with our ShimmerStone. The pattern is the Florentine Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio and the beautiful photography is by Catherine Nguyen.

Stenciled Bath Wall with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Cedar Hill Homegrown DesignsLindsey Taylor of Cedar Hill Homegrown Designs used our Metallic Paint Collection for this beautiful stenciled bath finish. It’s the pretty Peacock Feather Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils along with our Hunter Green and Venetian Blue Metallic Paints.

Stenciled Dining Room Accent Wall with Snowflake Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Project by C'Mon Get CraftyBlogger Megan of C’mon Get Crafty shared a Stenciled Dining Room Accent Wall DIY created with the Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio and our Snowflake Metallic Paint over a deep blue navy wall. Stunning!

Ornamental Ceiling created with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Beautiful Project by Craig Getty Craig Getty Decorative Painting used a Modello® Designs vinyl stencil with various shimmery colors of our Metallic Plaster for a gorgeous troweled and paisley-inspired stenciled ceiling.

Stenciled Fabric with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Cynthia Davis using her Wallovers Stencil CollectionStenciling on fabric is so easy with our Metallic Paints! Of course, you can always create a woven texture like artist Cynthia Davis did here for the wall base with a pink-red fuschia mix as the surface prior to stenciling with our Gold Rush Metallic Paint. Cynthia used the Batik Stencil from her own Wallovers line for the lovely project.

Stenciled Screen with Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Metal Effects Rust Finish | Project by My Patch of Blue Sky | Cafe BlogDecor accents and furniture are great surfaces to combine our products with stencils. Here, a living room screen is enhanced with a Metal Effects Rust Finish base stenciled with Platinum Metallic Paint. The unique project is Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky and the pattern is the Esperanza Lace Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio.

Stenciled Decorative Wall Finish by Jeremy Stanger | Amazing Stencil Projects with Modern Masters | Cafe BlogA flowered reverse stencil effect was created by decorative painter Jeremy Stanger by creating a decorative strie wall finish with our Warm Silver Metallic Paint over a deep brown base. It’s a charmingly comfortable space to relax in.

Stenciled Metallic Plaster Decorative Wall Finish | Project by Decorative Painter Shauna Gallagher | Cafe BlogDecorative artist Shauna Gallagher created an incredible plastered wall finish for Sacramento, CA shop Urban 57 using our Metallic Plaster in the colors Champagne, Shimmered Moon, Ice Blue and Tungsten. We love how she’s layered and stenciled the shimmery finish for an elegant, inviting look!

Modern Masters has definite stencil style! We love how each project is so creative and how the techniques add such panache to each and every room. Be sure to pin these inspiring ideas and let us know if you have a fave in the comments below!