Millennium Clock Tower Restoration

Many of our products are used for exterior surfaces and we spied one such special project on Facebook by a creative customer, CIP (Commercial & Industrial Painters), in Canada. The Millennium Clock Tower was erected in Ontario’s Oakville Town Square to help greet the millennium in style. In the 15 years since, it had lost its lustre and both the base color and gold details had become faded and discolored. With the help of our Metallic Paint Collection and MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, CIP was able to help restore it to its former glory. Their president, Ed Forte, walked us through the process.

The Millennium Clock Tower in Ontario, Canada is in need of restoration | Cafe Blog“From the 15 years of severe Canadian weather exposure, the rundown timepiece was in need of some attention. All the gold accents and lettering were worn off over the years. There really wasn’t much gold left,” Ed explains.

Clock Restoration with the help of Modern Masters | Project by CIP The clock also had corrosion, which had to be sanded down, grinded and then primed with a bonding primer.

Rich Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters helps restore the Millennium Clock Tower | Project by CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureEd shares, “Two coats of an acrylic aliphatic urethane was selected as the paint coat because of it’s excellent color retention and anti-corrosion properties. The gold accents were applied with three coats of Rich Gold Metallic Paint and top coated with three coats of MasterClear® for added UV protection.” The non-yellowing interior/exterior MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat is specifically formulated to maintain the shimmer of metallic paint and has inherent high abrasion resistance.

Restoration of Millennium Clock Tower in Ontario, Canada | Project by CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureModern Masters Metallic Paint in Rich Gold | Exterior Restoration Project by CIPModern Masters Rich Gold Metallic Paint enhances a Clock Tower Restoration Project by Ontario's CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureLettering and Painting on Clock Tower Restoration with Modern Masters Rich Gold Metallic Paint | Project by Ontario's CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureBefore & After Millennium Clock Restoration Project by CIP | Modern Masters Metallic Paint The Millennium Clock in Oakville’s Town Square is the centrepiece of Downtown Oakville​. “From the Christmas tree lighting, to the Jazz festival, Midnight Madness and so much more, it has stood in the forefront of visitors and passer-bys. We are proud of how the clock turned out and have received a lot of good feedback. Some people actually thought it was a completely new clock,” Ed says. “Many thanks to Modern Masters for a providing such a great product.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this transformation! CIP made a quick project video of that you can view above. For more on their projects, please follow them on their Facebook page and be sure to pin your fave images of this incredible clock restoration. If you have a special Modern Masters project you’d like to share with us, please e-mail us at with more information. Have an inspired day!

Stenciling with Modern Masters

Stencil Style with Modern Masters | Amazing Stenciling Projects on the Cafe BlogPaint and pattern enhances any space and stencils are one of the best ways to incorporate incredible motif or allover designs into a well-styled room. All of our Modern Masters products can be used to help create incredible stenciled finishes in a myriad of surfaces – but the proof is in the pudding! Come along with us as we take a tour of some favorite stencil projects by our creative customers…

Stenciled Venetian Plaster | Modern Masters | Project by Caroline Lizarraga and Photographed by Catherine NguyenDecorative artist Caroline Lizarraga created a stenciled Venetian Plaster finish with the Indian Paisley Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio for a feature wall in a design shop. She used a charcoal gray color scheme that not only enhances the retail space, it also showcases the furniture and decor accents well. Photography by Catherine Nguyen.

Stenciled Wall with Modern Masters ShimmerStone | Project by Caroline Lizarraga and Photographed by Catherine NguyenUsing lovely deep lavender and plum tones, Caroline Lizarraga also created an alluring raised stencil focal wall in a relaxing nook with our ShimmerStone. The pattern is the Florentine Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio and the beautiful photography is by Catherine Nguyen.

Stenciled Bath Wall with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Cedar Hill Homegrown DesignsLindsey Taylor of Cedar Hill Homegrown Designs used our Metallic Paint Collection for this beautiful stenciled bath finish. It’s the pretty Peacock Feather Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils along with our Hunter Green and Venetian Blue Metallic Paints.

Stenciled Dining Room Accent Wall with Snowflake Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Project by C'Mon Get CraftyBlogger Megan of C’mon Get Crafty shared a Stenciled Dining Room Accent Wall DIY created with the Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio and our Snowflake Metallic Paint over a deep blue navy wall. Stunning!

Ornamental Ceiling created with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Beautiful Project by Craig Getty Craig Getty Decorative Painting used a Modello® Designs vinyl stencil with various shimmery colors of our Metallic Plaster for a gorgeous troweled and paisley-inspired stenciled ceiling.

Stenciled Fabric with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Cynthia Davis using her Wallovers Stencil CollectionStenciling on fabric is so easy with our Metallic Paints! Of course, you can always create a woven texture like artist Cynthia Davis did here for the wall base with a pink-red fuschia mix as the surface prior to stenciling with our Gold Rush Metallic Paint. Cynthia used the Batik Stencil from her own Wallovers line for the lovely project.

Stenciled Screen with Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Metal Effects Rust Finish | Project by My Patch of Blue Sky | Cafe BlogDecor accents and furniture are great surfaces to combine our products with stencils. Here, a living room screen is enhanced with a Metal Effects Rust Finish base stenciled with Platinum Metallic Paint. The unique project is Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky and the pattern is the Esperanza Lace Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio.

Stenciled Decorative Wall Finish by Jeremy Stanger | Amazing Stencil Projects with Modern Masters | Cafe BlogA flowered reverse stencil effect was created by decorative painter Jeremy Stanger by creating a decorative strie wall finish with our Warm Silver Metallic Paint over a deep brown base. It’s a charmingly comfortable space to relax in.

Stenciled Metallic Plaster Decorative Wall Finish | Project by Decorative Painter Shauna Gallagher | Cafe BlogDecorative artist Shauna Gallagher created an incredible plastered wall finish for Sacramento, CA shop Urban 57 using our Metallic Plaster in the colors Champagne, Shimmered Moon, Ice Blue and Tungsten. We love how she’s layered and stenciled the shimmery finish for an elegant, inviting look!

Modern Masters has definite stencil style! We love how each project is so creative and how the techniques add such panache to each and every room. Be sure to pin these inspiring ideas and let us know if you have a fave in the comments below!

Instagram Inspiration with Modern Masters!

One of our favorite social sites is Instagram. We love sharing exciting new ideas with our products but we also love to see all the Modern Masters projects our creative customers  share with us. The images range from behind-the-scenes shots of a decorative painting commission, to charming hand painted furniture on its way to Etsy, to unique surfaces with new techniques and so much more. The images inspire and amaze us with their creativity and we rounded up just a few of them to share with you here.

Ornamental Venetian Plaster Project by Le Graciux Creative | Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Douglas Funkhouser of Le Gracieux Creative shared his Venetian Plaster project  with gorgeous ornamental patterns. We enjoyed seeing the share of his Italian-inspired commission and style!

Handwritten Letter with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Handlettered with LoveMeriweather Adams of Handlettered with Love tried out our Metallic Paint for one of her commissioned pieces. She says, “I can’t stop using it!”. We can’t wait to see her future projects!

TG1 West Coast Rockscapes uses Modern Masters Theme Paints to create incredible poolscapes and water features | Cafe Blog FeatureTG1 West Coast Rockscapes creates gorgeous poolscapes and water features. They share many of the commissions that are completed with the help of our Theme Paint.

Stenciled Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish | "Iron Lady" Technique by Royal Design Studio Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio recently took a class with Hoity Toity Peacock and came away inspired with our Metal Effects line. This is a sample she created that features the rust finish and is entitled the ‘Iron Lady’.

Modern Masters Metal Effects on Truck | Project by Krystiano DaCostaDecorative Painter Krystiano Dacosta is no stranger to beautiful decorative techniques. Here, he incorporated our Metal Effects green patina to customize a truck. Wow!

Zebrawood Horizontal Stripes with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Jeremy StangerJeremy Stanger of Stanger Projects seemingly never runs out of inspired ideas and techniques. He frequently shares his Modern Masters projects with us, including this beauty with Metallic Pearl Paint over a gray base with a horizontal strié Zebra wood finish.

Amie Freling on Modern Masters Instagram Week of September 27, 2015 | Meme Hill StudioWe have more Insta-awesomeness to share! Artist Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio will be taking over our Instagram account the week of September 27th. She’ll be posting great ideas with Modern Masters so join in on the fun as she ‘photobomobs’ our account! In the meantime, if you’d like to see more projects, take a peek at the #ModernMastersInc and #ModernMasters hashtags – we also repost many amazing shares. If you’d like to join us on Instagram, we are @ModernMastersInc. Let us know what you think of these projects and leave us your Instagram handle on the comments below!

Modern Mastery: Hoity Toity Peacock

Based out of Brenham, Texas, Hoity Toity Peacock has been creating, producing and teaching incredible reactive and oxidized works with our Metal Effects patinas for years. We’ve been following their studio and projects on social media for quite some time and are very proud to feature their artistry on our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas on Buffet Table | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Series Feature on the Cafe BlogForty-two years ago, Melody Peacock Brooks started helping her mother, Beverly Coet, after school, weekends and during the summer on painting and wallpaper jobs. By the time she was twelve years old, Melody’s daughter, Meghan Martin Munson, could mimic her mother’s hand in Italian Plastering and it has since developed into three generations of artisans that create, teach and share their talents.

In 2012, they created Hoity Toity Peacock to combine their talents and focus on teaching Painting and Decorative Finish techniques. There was a high demand for painted furniture classes, but the three generations wanted something that would stand out from other workshops. When they discovered the Modern Masters Metal Effects line, it was love at first sight and there was no turning back! Melody began to experiment and create different techniques that would provide the rich, vibrant colors that the Metal Effects products can achieve. She soon began incorporating the patinas into the furniture they were painting and each piece proved so striking, they sold immediately. Their Metal Effects classes are also so popular that they have become one of the primary focuses at their studio.

Stenciled Patinas on Furniture Dresser | Modern Masters Metal Effects Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Studio Series FeatureWhat is your top finishing tip?
Never be afraid to experiment and try new things. If you make a mistake, you can always try again. In fact over the years, we have had so many “pleasant mistakes” turn out to be our best finishes! Most important, never skimp on the product! If you do, your results will be disappointing.

Oxidized Textured Anaglypta Wallpaper on Bookcase Back | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockPatina and Pattern on Letter Art | Metal Effects by Modern Masters | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockOxidation and Patina on Mirror Frame | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock with Modern Masters Metal EffectsHow has Modern Masters enhanced your business?
The Metal Effects Patina class has become one of our most popular classes that we offer at our studio at Hoity Toity Peacock in Brenham, TX. It can be used on walls, floors, furniture, art, and just about any object you are wanting that extra unique look. The possibilities are endless! We have also been traveling around the United States and Canada, teaching others these techniques. We feel Modern Masters has taken Hoity Toity Peacock to a new level with this amazing product.

Kitchen Vent with the Metal Effects Rust Finish | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Studio FeatureOxidized and Patinated Trunk | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Masters Cafe BlogVerdigris, Rust and Stenciled Patinas on Concrete Floor | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockWhat is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?
Without a doubt, the whole line of the Modern Masters Metal Effects is our favorite. We used to think the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint was our favorite, but then we started using the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and the Iron Reactive Paint for different techniques. They have all become favorites, for one reason or another. It’s like choosing who is your favorite child…you love them all, just in different ways!

Rust Patina Finish on Textured Table Insets | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock with Modern Masters Metal EffectsPanel Bird Art with Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas | Project by Hoity Toity Peacok | Modern Mastery Studio Series Feature on Cafe BlogVerdigris and Rust Patinas on Rustic Table Top | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockIsn’t their work extraordinary? Hoity Toity Peacock provides classes on these Metal Effects techniques as well as run the Brenham, Texas shop where they sell home decor goods and the pieces created with the beautiful reactive patina finishes. The newest project they are working on is a retreat center, with students staying on site 3 – 5 days while learning their incredible techniques, eating gourmet meals and getting pampered. Sounds amazing! Please contact Hoity Toity Peacock on their Facebook page if you are interested in a custom piece and/or taking one of their classes. We hope you’ve enjoyed their Modern Mastery!

Painting Your Shutters with Front Door Paint

With Summer almost over, we’re looking forward to lots of beautiful Fall projects! It’s a perfect season to spruce up your curb appeal as the weather gets a little cooler for exterior projects and the holidays are just around the corner. We’ve seen gorgeous front door transformations with our non-fade Front Door Paint but did you know they are also perfect for shutter makeovers? Painting your shutters a color that matches or complements your front door gives an overall complete look to the facade of your home and brightens your entrance.

Front Door and Shutters Painted with Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint | Front Door Color: Sophisticated, Shutter Color: Elegant | Project by Pursuing VintagePainted Black Shutters | Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint in color Elegant | Project by Pursuing VintageBack Porch Shutters | Color: Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Elegant Black | Back Door Color: Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Peaceful Blue | Project by Pursuing VintageKristen of Pursuing Vintage wanted a fresh, appealing feel to both her entrance and back porch and so she used a few colors of Front Door Paint to achieve that. She used Sophisticated Red for her front door makeover and used Peaceful for the back door – both are flanked by beautiful shutters painted in Elegant black.

Cohesive Colors for Front Door and Shutters | Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint | Door Color: Playful, Shutter Color: Mysterious | Ideas for Painting Your ShuttersPainted Gray Shutters with non-fade Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Color: Mysterious | Painted Shutter Ideas and Inspiration on the Cafe BlogDebbie of My Patch of Blue Sky used the color Mysterious gray for the shutters and Playful purple for the front door. The two colors provide a beautiful contrast to one another and add a lovely appeal when walking up the pathway to her home.

Painted Front Door and Shutters | Color: Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Peaceful blue | Project by Mad in CraftsJessica from Mad in Crafts shared that she had a dated color scheme on her front door and shutters and wanted an updated and cohesive look for her home’s exterior. She chose the color Peaceful blue for both – it looks wonderful!

Black Front Door and Shutters | Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint in color Elegant black | Project by Mom in Music CitySabine of Mom in Music City recently redid the exterior of her house – quite the job! She loved the classic look of Elegant black for both her front door and shutters.

Green Front Door and Shutters | Color: Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Natural | Project by A Sweet Berry's BlogCrisp white and green with pops of color – always a great combination! Katie from the A Sweet Berry’s Blog chose this beautiful color scheme for the exterior of her home. She used the rich green color Natural for her home update.

Front Door Paint can be brushed or sprayed onto shutters and best of all, the color will not fade. In fact, take a look at our Top 5 Questions with Front Door Paint for further guidance. Tag us on the social site you prefer – we can’t wait to see the curb appeal upgrade to your front doors and shutters!

Modern Masters DIY Projects to Inspire!

Gorgeous DIY Projects with Modern Masters | Cafe Blog FeatureWant to know a little secret? We’ve been experiencing an embarrassment of riches. So many of you are pinning, blogging, Instagramming, tweeting, videotaping and posting your #ModernMastersInc DIY projects, that we just had to share a few of them ourselves. We’ve been spying everything from garden accents to bedroom feature walls to porch makeovers and more. So, get ready to save these inspired ideas for your home with easy to use specialty paint products like our Metal Effects, non-fade Front Door Paint and the Metallic Paint Collection!

Metal Effects

Stenciled Bathroom Cabinet Doors with Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas | Cafe Blog FeatureStunning! Debbie Hayes of Paint + Pattern took a custom vinyl stencil and patinated the design with our Metal Effects. Be sure to check out her How to Stencil a Rustic Patina Pattern tutorial to do the same in your home.

Patinated Garden Decor Accents | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Where the Smiles Have BeenChristine from the Where the Smiles Have Been blog wanted to create handmade housewarming gifts. Using our Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and Blue Patina Aging Solution, she created patinated succulent planters that would be lovely to receive as a gift.

Front Door Paint

Modern Masters Non-fade Front Door Paint on Porch Shutters | Color: Natural | Project by A Sweet Berry's BlogThe non-fading Front Door Paint is recommended for both exterior doors and shutters and Katie from A Sweet Berry’s Blog took advantage of both as each was in severe need of a new coat of paint. She used the color Natural to give a crisp look to both during her porch makeover. Would you love to sit here a while, too?

Red Front Door | Modern Masters Non-Fade Front Door Paint in the color Passionate | Project by Mrs. Do-it-HerselfWe met the effervescent Mrs. Do-it-Herself at the recent Haven Conference and she decided to try Front Door Paint on her entrance. She thought the color Passionate was ‘one of the prettiest deep red colors I had ever seen’ – and now it’s transformed her front door! She had enough left over from her quart to plan a patio door transformation, too.

Metallic Paint Collection

Pewter Metallic Paint on Drop Leaf Dresser | Modern Masters | Project by Holy Craft | Cafe Blog FeaturePewter Metallic Paint gave Rachel of Holy Craft a smooth, seamless look to her previously wooden drop down leaf dresser. She says, “I couldn’t believe how well it covered and the shine is perfect. Both subtle and bold depending on the light.” If you’d like to see more of her project (including before pics), see her post on Painting a Desk with Metallic Paint.

Stenciled Bedroom Feature Wall with Pharaoh's Gold Metallic Paint | Uzma Circles Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Project by Albion Gould | Modern Masters Cafe Blog FeatureAlbion Gould is a good friend of Modern Masters and we always enjoy her projects. The latest is the guest bedroom accent wall she painted and stenciled with Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint. The pattern is the Uzma Circles Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio. Albion shares that this room went from ‘boring to amazing’ and she is so happy with it that she was considering moving in herself! We’d love to stay there, too! For her tutorial with sources, click into her Golden Stenciled Bedroom post.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these projects and discovering some ideas of your own. We’ll be featuring more beautiful DIY projects soon! If you’ve got your own Modern Mastery to share, be sure to tag us or send pics to Who knows? You might find your project featured here on our Cafe Blog as well!

Modern Mastery: Melinda and Marc Bender

We discovered decorative artists Melinda and Marc Bender on Instagram via their #ModernMastersInc project shares using our specialty paint products. Their firm, M&M Bender Designer Wall Finishes, was founded in 1998 and is a powerhouse studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are so happy to share their projects with you today as a part of our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Stenciled on Ceiling by M&M Bender | Roundabout Stencil by Wallovers | Modern Mastery Feature on Cafe Blog This gorgeous ceiling was created with the Roundabout Stencil by Wallovers using both our Pale Gold and Steel Gray from our Metallic Paint Collection to stencil the pattern.

Laguna Blue Metallic PlasterFinish with Glass Beads  by M&M Bender | Modern Mastery SeriesThe beautiful powder bath walls feature our Metallic Plaster in the Laguna Blue color with glass beads along the top. Gorgeous and shimmery.

If giving advice, what would be your top decorative finishing tip?

Every finish looks better with a final glaze. It just “sets in” the colors, enhances the metallics, and evens out the final sheen. Its also a great way to make any little color adjustments when you need to make the finish perfect for the room’s specific lighting and feel.

Gorgeous Powder Room Wall Finish | Metallic Plasters with Glazing Cream by Modern Masters | Cafe BlogA troweled Metallic Plaster finish in various colors is overglazed using our Wall Glazing Cream. Beautiful!

What is your go-to Modern Masters product?

Our go to product is Metallic Plaster. We use it in a large number of our projects. We love the body that it has, enabling us to use tools to create textures with the plaster that some other metallic plasters cannot hold up to. We also love it just on its own. Its shimmer and movement is a client favorite. We have completed dozens of ceilings using it.

Stunning Ornamental Ceiling by M&M Bender | Aged Gold Metallic Plaster with the Pattern in Silver Fox Metallic Plaster | Modern Masters Cafe BlogThis stunning ceiling has a Metallic Plaster treatment. The base finish is troweled with Aged Gold and the contemporary flower pattern was detailed with Silver Fox.

What is your dream finishing project?

We joke about this! It would be our house, of course. Our “imaginary” dream house, the one on the lake in the mountains, where the weather is always perfect, after we have won the lottery! We would finally get to do all of our favorite finishes in our favorite colors…The hardest part would be deciding! Every time we learn something new in a class or through experimenting and creating our own new finishes, we find another favorite. Its always fun to dream!

Striking Faux Decorative Paint Finish on Foyer Walls by M&M Bender | Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Plaster | Cafe BlogBoth Metal Effects and Metallic Plaster were used to create this incredible wall finish. M&M Bender used the Rust Patina Finish as the base and troweled the stencil design with the Black Panther Metallic Plaster.

We’d like to thank both Marc and Melinda for sharing their studio’s beautiful work with us – what a pleasure to see our products in their artistic hands! What do you think of their work? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to also visit the M&M Bender Instagram account as they share their custom designer wall and ceiling finishes, plasters and hand-painted mural projects. We hope you are inspired to create your own one-of-a-kind projects!

Five Questions with Front Door Paint

Your front door is one of the first things a guest sees when visiting your home, so why not make it inviting while projecting your personalty? Here at Modern Masters, this question led us to develop our Front Door Paint Collection. By using the Emotional Color Wheel as well as the latest in color trends and home design, 25 non fade Front Door Paint colors were carefully selected for the color palette and since then we’ve been happy to see so many front door makeovers literally transform the appeal of a home. Of course, we’ve also receive questions about our line – everything from prepwork to finish – and we thought we’d share the most popular. Let’s dig in!


Yes! Modern Masters Front Door Paint can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto previously painted or properly primed exterior doors and shutters.

Easy, Instant Curb Appeal with Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Available at and selected Lowe's nationwide


If starting with a previously painted door in good condition and the product on it is water based, you are ready to start using Front Door Paint once you have cleaned the door and it is sound and dry. If starting with unfinished wood, metal or doors previously painted with oil based paint, we recommend using the acrylic primer, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 by Zinsser, before starting your makeover. Factory finished doors and shutters should also be primed with a good quality acrylic primer prior to painting with Front Door Paint. Using a high-quality synthetic bristle brush is recommend for water-based paints and will provide a great result. For complete information, check out our Step-by-Step Instructions and Front Door Paint Technical Data Sheet located on our Front Door Paint page as well as our How to Paint a Front Door video below.



You can easily paint and close your door in just a few hours. The paint lays on beautifully and dries quickly, allowing you to paint several layers in a short amount of time. It’s an easy one-day DIY!

Paint and Close Your Door on the Same Day | Modern Masters Non Fade Front Door Paint


No sealer needed! Front Door Paint is its own non fade amazing-ness all in one quart.

Never-Fading Colors, Guaranteed | Modern Masters Front Door PaintOK, I’M READY TO GET STARTED! WHAT COLOR SHOULD I CHOOSE?

We developed a free Front Door Paint app available on both iPhone and Android. Snap a pic of your front door and scroll through our colors so that you can visualize what the door would look like. Easy peasy! In case you’d like more information, also check out our Tips & Tools for Choosing the Perfect Front Door Color.

Pick Your Color with the Free App | Front Door Paint App by Modern Masters

Hope these five questions have opened the door to a world of ideas for you! You can easily find Front Door Paint by Modern Masters at Home Depot Online or selected Lowe’s retailers across the country. Be sure to share your front door transformations with us at!

Metal Effects on DIY Magazine!

Metal Effects by Modern Masters featured in DIY MagazineMetal Effects Mania is taking over! As we were checking out the Fall 2015 issue of Better Homes & Gardens’ DIY Magazine, we spied our popular patination and oxidation products featured on their ‘Stuff We Love’ segment.

Modern Masters Metal Effects | DIY MagazineCalling it the ‘Patina Maker’, DIY Magazine featured four Metal Effects line color variations (from top, right):

  • the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint with the Green Patina Aging Solution;
  • the Iron Reactive Paint paired with the Rust Activator;
  • the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint with the Blue Patina Aging Solution; and
  • the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint paired with the Blue Aging Solution.

You can find more on these products as well as others in the collection for priming and protection on the Metal Effects page. Our Modern Masters YouTube channel also has two great videos: Metal Effects Rust Finish Application and Metal Effects Patina Finish Application.  It’s a versatile product line that you could use for your DIY projects – even on canvas art and exteriors. See all the possibilities in our ever-increasing Metal Effects Products board on Pinterest.

We’ll soon have Metal Effects available in complete kits so that you can easily grab a box and create pretty patinas for all your DIY projects! They’ll be your go-to products for creating oxidized finishes in minutes. Keep your eye on this space as we share more soon!

Exterior Projects with Metal Effects

Metal Effects is one of our most popular lines and it’s no wonder why – you can create age old patinas virtually overnight! The line is also versatile as you can use it for both residential, hospitality and commercial projects on both the interior and exterior. We’ve rounded up some of the latest exterior Metal Effects projects we’ve spied to inspire your own outside projects for the summer and fall!

Metal Effects Rust Finish as featured in Tiny House Nation | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tiny House Nation on the FYI Network travels across America to show off ingenious small spaces and the inventive people who live in them. We love the creativity of this cozy home with our Metal Effects Rust Finish on the house facade as designed perfectly by Jess & Kevin.

Metal Effects Rust Finish on Restaurant Sign | Project by The Sign Depot and featured in the Modern Masters Cafe BlogRestaurant with Metal Effects Patinas on Exterior | The Sign Depot | Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe Rust Finish was also used on the exterior of Gusto 101 in Toronto, Canada. The Rust Finish is created with the combination of the Iron Reactive Paint with the Rust Activator. If you’d like to see the journey of the sign project alone, The Sign Depot shares it on their blog. We love the rustic, industrial vibe!

Metal Effects Blue and Green Age Verdigris Patinas on Exterior Projects | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetal Effects also has beautiful oxidized blue and green verdigris patinas. Soul Kitchen Interiors by Faux Studio Designs used the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint with the Green Patina Aging Solution on their awning for a warm, welcoming entrance. The Blue Patina Aging Solution over the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint can be seen on the right over an exterior light fixture.

Metal Effects Iron Reactive Rust Finish on Garage Doors | Project by Jen Brooks and featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThese stunning garage doors were patinated with the Metal Effects Rust Finish. The gorgeous work is by decorative artist Jen Brooks of Passion 4 Paint.

Verdigris Faux Patina by Modern Masters Metal Effects on Caesars Palace Las Vegas Pool Dome | Photography by the Vegas Mavens | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetal Effects is used for hospitality projects throughout the world, including Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Here, the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Green Patina Aging Solution beautify the dome overlooking the hotel’s grand pool. Photography by the Vegas Mavens.

Metal Effects Rust Finish on Building Exterior | Project by Raul De La Vega | Modern Masters Cafe BlogDecorative artists who work on exterior projects brave the weather and heights to create incredible facades. This was the case when Raul De La Vega enhanced a building exterior in Mexico with the Metal Effects Rust Finish. He says, “This project was not an easy task, but with your fine products and dedication it was possible”. We love the results!

Is your mind reeling with creative Metal Effects possibilities? We hope so! If you are using the patinas to enhance projects, we recommend protecting the Rust Finish with the Permacoat Xtreme, a protective sealer and topcoat made specifically to complement it. For the blue and green verdigris patinas, we recommend not topcoating them and leaving them to continue patinating naturally. If you’d like more oxidation ideas, check out our Metal Effects Projects Pinterest board and be sure to pin these inspiring spaces as well!