Glam Garden Accents Using Metallic Paint

Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

We are blessed and cursed with a long, narrow back yard featuring towering poplar trees and a huge party deck that my hubby built years ago. Left untended, the yard can resemble a jungle, with ivy crawling up the trees and ferns taking over everywhere. With so much shade and green, green, green, I do try to break it up with a few treasured garden accents here and there.

How about you? Are there a few items in your yard or garage that could use some revitalization, using your favorite color scheme?

I did a happy dance recently when I discovered a big box of Modern Masters paint goodness on my doorstep! They sent several Metallic Paint Collection colors that I selected, some glazes to play with, and a top coat for outdoor protection that keeps metallic paint glowing.

Check out this color palette of the Metallic Paints. I love that you can purchase small containers, and one bottle goes a really long way.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Colors |Modern Masters Cafe Blog

I rooted around in our yard to find a couple of items that needed a re-do. Though small, this little metal artichoke snugs in nicely among plants in large pots. She’s cute, but the finish is so expected, right?

The before. Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

I also remembered our very heavy cast iron piece that we mounted on the brick wall on the deck. How sad is this? We have tried to grow pretty plants in this great planter for years and years. This is what it always ends up like. So. Now I am calling the plants quits and converting it to a birdbath. We always have little babies born in spring nests just to the left, in our pergola covered in akebia vines.

I DO know how to fill it with water, LOL.

The before. Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Time to get creative! I gave both pieces a good hose-down and scrub outside, then primed them with a water-based primer recommended for use with Modern Masters products.

First, let’s revive the artichoke.




Painting primer. Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

The Metallic Paint colors are considered Semi-Opaque or Opaque, so over the white primer you may need more than one coat. The Green Gold was sheer enough that I used two coats to get it to the soft color I was going for.


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Since this is an outdoor item, I didn’t get crazy about perfection. After painting the Sapphire, paint Teal on the leaves just above it. Let dry.


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Mix the Green Gold Metallic with just a bit of water to create a loose wash. I really just used one thick, runny layer to dirty up the bright colors. I like some drips on pieces like this. Let dry.


Modern Masters metallic and indoor/outdoor protection. | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Now let’s do the birdbath.



Priming. Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog
This piece was painted with water-based paint, so one coat of latex primer is perfect. Let dry.


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog
Painting metallics on top of this white primer does show brush marks, so I just avoided ugly ones as much as possible.


Modern Masters Metallic paints and Glazing Cream glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog
In a container, add about 2 tablespoons of Furniture & Cabinet Glazing Cream with just about a teaspoon of Natural Brown Glazing Cream Color. Mix well. Brush on some glaze and work in sections.



Modern Masters Metallic paints and Glazing Cream glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog
Turn your hand in all different directions to soften the glaze. Wipe a clean spot of the rag across the raised decoration to expose the color underneath to highlight it. Adding the glaze will tone down the metallic paint and add patina. It will take longer because of the glaze mix but let dry completely.


Brush on a coat of Satin MasterClear® Topcoat for protection. (Since this is going to be a bird bath, I only painted and sealed areas just to the water line.)


Now it’s time to take these beauties outside. I moved the artichoke around to find my favorite spots.


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


I decided I liked to “discover” it in this giant hosta, since the pretty metallic colors jump right out.


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


The birdbath is nestled right up against this massive tree, near our little babbling pond. It’s perfectly positioned to awaiting all of the cardinals, owls, and squirrels that pass through. Wonder how long it will be before the raccoons will knock it over. Note to self: now thinking anchoring versus propping is a good thing.

Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


Or, our entry courtyard is calling too. Do you prefer it atop this old, rusty chair?


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


The electric metallic green and blues of the artichoke love it here too. The colors seem to jump right out of the shadows. So many possibilities!


Modern Masters Metallic paints glam up metal garden accents | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Colorful Garden Ideas with Paints and Patinas

Spring is here, Summer is around the corner and garden ideas are blooming! Color enlivens gardens and exteriors — and it’s not just the landscaping! Many of our products can be used to paint, patinate and protect garden decor to brighten your exterior and we’ve brought together some of our fave ideas to inspire you.

Modern Masters Texture Effects and Metal Effects help transform a bowling ball into garden decor | Garden Ideas on the Cafe BlogPatinas work perfectly in a garden and many everyday objects can be created to help color your garden. Can you believe this started as a bowling ball? Decorative Artist Allyce Lees textured the embossed swirl design with our Texture Effects and used the Iron Reactive Paint and the Rust Activator from our Metal Effects line to patinate it.

Metal Effects on Iron Garden Seating | Adding Patina to Your Garden | Cafe BlogTara from the Suburble blog patinated an iron garden bench with our Metal Effects line, too! She used the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Blue Patina Aging Solution for this stunning transformation.

Garden Pots textured with Modern Masters Texture Effects | Project by Finding Silver Pennies Texture Effects was used to add character to traditional terracotta pots. Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies textured and painted the small garden planters and filled them with artificial plants for an evergreen look.

Front Door Paint on Exterior Back Door | Project by Dwell by Cheryl Transform your Garden Shutters | Front Door Paint in color Mysterious | Paint & Patina Garden IdeasFront Door Paint can help do wonders for your garden! Blogger Dwell by Cheryl used the Cheerful color to paint the exterior back door leading to her garden while decorative painter Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky used the color Mysterious to paint and enhance the window shutters by her landscaping.

Stencil Your Garden Steps | Modern Masters Stencil Collection Country Living magazine featured our Modern Masters Designer Stencil Collection when they painted and transformed plain concrete patio stone. What a great idea!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on Garden Sculpture Statue | Project by Just Paint ItAn outdoor garden fountain came in a solid black though it was called ‘bronze’. Blogger Colleen Jorgensen from Just Paint It dry brushed the statue with Antique Bronze from our Metallic Paint Collection for a much improved finish! If your metallic paint project needs protection, we recommend our MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat which is made specifically to protect and maintain the metallic sheen.

Metal Effects on Garden Planter Pots | Project by Pet Scribbles | Paint & Patina Garden Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur friend and blogger Laura from Pet Scribbles used Metal Effects to update her old wooden planters in the middle of winter. They are still holding up beautifully!

We hope you enjoyed these garden paint ideas on boosting your backyard and landscapes with metallics, patinas and more! Keep an eye on our Garden & Exteriors Pinterest board as we’re constantly adding outdoor projects that may inspire you further. We’ll also have more gardening DIYs coming up in a few weeks so stay tuned!

Creating Unique Art with Modern Masters

An empty wall just cries for attention, don’t you think? While many of our creative customers beautifully finish the wall surface itself with many of our products, some also create custom art that complements a space perfectly. Browse our gallery wall of ideas in this post for creating great art for your home or finding an artist that can paint the perfect focal point for you.

Artist Ali Kay with a Flower Patina Canvas | Modern Masters Canvas ProjectsFlower Canvas Art with Metal Effects Rust Finish | Artist Ali KayArtist Ali Kay is an extraordinary decorative painter who also happens to be a prolific canvas artist. For one of her art series, she uses Metal Effects patinas along with artist acrylics to add depth and interest to her canvas works.

Rust Finish by Metal Effects | Canvas Waterfall Patina Art by artist Leslie RedshawHarley Davidson Canvas Art | Father's Day Ideas | Modern Masters Art Projects InspirationMany artists also prefer using Metal Effects as the focal product when creating their hanging art pieces. Canadian decorative artist Leslie Redshaw of Unfauxgettable Interiors used the Rust Patina finish in a waterfall effect for a client while decorative painter Paige Sisk of Beyond Finished used Harley-Davidson as an themed ornamental inspiration for the art she created for her husband. Both are wonderful!

Colorful Canvas Art by artist Sticky Shaw with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Canvas Art Projects on the Cafe BlogArtist Robert ‘Sticky’ Shaw uses lots of color and our Metallic Paints to create his fantastical, eye-catching and nature-inspired works of art. Follow him on Instagram to keep up with his works.

Hanging Art created entirely with Venetian Plaster | Artist Jane Head | Modern Masters Cafe BlogItalian-Inspired Canvas Art with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | Artist: Daniel QuigleyOur Venetian Plaster is another medium that many artists use to create their incredible works of art. Artist Jane Head uses it along with gilding materials for her paintings inspired by a local nature reserve while artist Daniel Quigley creates portraits that take quite a bit of time and finesse. Both are ‘painted’ entirely in plaster with not one drop of paint. Incredible!

Herringbone DIY Canvas Art by Kristi's Paintbrush | Modern Masters Olympic Gold Metallic Paint Stenciled Wood Art with Rich Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters and DecoArt Chalky Finish Paints | Cafe BlogDIY pros also love to create their own art! Using Olympic Gold Metallic Paint, Kristi from Kristi’s Paintbrush painted a herringbone art canvas while Steph from The Silly Pearl used Rich Gold Metallic Paint on a stenciled metallic wood art piece. Both are very cool, fun and easy to make. You can also customize these ideas using your preferred color scheme.

Artist Igor Turovskiy with Metal Effects CanvasMetal Effects Canvas Art by Igor Turovskiy | Canvas Art InspirationArtist Igor Turovskiy creates masterpieces with our Metal Effects patina products and he also teaches the art in his studio, Igor Fine Art. Exquisite work.

Aren’t these artist works fantastic? If you’d like a few tips on incorporating artwork that you’ve created yourself or purchased from an artist, the Houzz article 10 Design Strategies for Art Lovers will get you started. For further inspiration, we share many more beautiful art projects with our products in our Modern Masters Canvas Art Pinterest Board and continually pin ideas to the board as well. Send us an e-mail if you’d like to share your canvas works with Modern Masters products with us – we love to see them!

Modern Masters at Snap!

Modern Masters at the Snap Conference 2015The Snap Conference is almost here and we are so excited to see old friends and meet new ones during the three days of the event in Salt Lake City, Utah. Attendees to the event are some of the best bloggers representing modern handmade, contemporary craft and DIY. It’s a community where creative bloggers come together, learn and walk away invigorated.

This year, Modern Masters will be at Booth 11 and we have so many great things planned, starting off with a gift in everyone’s goodie bag! But we don’t stop there – bring by your gift to our booth for even more special gifts! There will also be photo contests and many, many giveaways on everything from Starbucks gift certificates to product kits to a Grand Prize worth almost $500. Our team will be there to answer questions, talk about partnership opportunities and share information on our super secret new products that are in the works. It’ll be a fun-tastic time so come by and see us!

Paint Your Shutters Using Modern Masters Front Door Paint!

Modern Masters Front Door Paint in color Playful | Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLast fall I had a blast painting our front door with Front Door Paint by Modern Masters in the purple color Playful. The fact that the paint is water-based, glides on like a dream, and comes in lots of gorgeous, curb appeal enhancing colors made my project fun, and I didn’t have to spend all of my precious Saturday getting the job done.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint ColorsI chose the bright purple hue because we have an unusual long courtyard leading up to our front door. Plus, we have a glass storm door that always dilutes any color that we choose. Though Steve and I really like our unusual entry, I felt like I wanted a trendy, bright color that can say “artsy” as well as show up from the street.

How to Paint Shutters with Front Door Paint | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

While I was painting the door, the shutters were suddenly screaming “paint me” but cold weather moved in. So, now that we have some beautiful spring days here in North Carolina, I chose a medium tone coordinating grey called Mysterious to cover our oxidized green shutters that were clashing a bit with our new jazzy purple front door. Modern Masters has 24 Front Door Paint colors to choose from and you can also use their free Front Door Paint app to find the best colors for you.

Front Door Paint in the color Mysterious | Gray Shutters

Use Front Door Paint to coordinate your Entrance and Shutter Colors | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

These courtyard shutters were a painters dream. Just a light cleaning and sanding here and there, and I was done with perfect coverage in one coat. Yes, one coat! I did have to watch the weather reports to dodge the rain showers, which is typical this time of year.

Painting Your Shutters with non-fading Front Door Paint | Spring Curb Appeal | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

I discovered how much the green paint had faded over the past 4 years when I moved the shutter dog.

How to Keep Your Shutters from Fading | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

The pair at the front of the house were definitely not a dream.

Redo Your Old Faded, Crackling Shutters with non-fade Front Door Paint | Spring Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

I scraped, sanded, and primed with exterior primer. Then I painted two coats of Mysterious, because the white primer needed extra coverage. You can see that I constantly fought with the shrubbery trying to position the ladder just to get situated. I know our neighbors got a few good chuckles watching me try to level up the ladder with a board out of our trash.

Exterior Shutter Makeover | Front Door Paint | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

I managed not to fall, although I was on constant snake patrol because a feisty little corn snake attempted to join me in the house as I entered for a coffee break. Then I had to go put on socks and shoes because he creeped me out.

Shutters painted with Front Door Paint | Summer Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

Long story short, we are so happy with the colors and Front Door Paint product, especially knowing that the colors will not fade.

Coordinate and Paint Your Front Door and Shutters with Front Door Paint | 24 Non-Fade and Weather Proof Colors | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

Now come on new petunias, pansies, rose bushes, azaleas and hostas. Grow!

Convinced the Front Door Paint is perfect to spruce up your out-dated or peeling front door or shutters? Great! Find Front Door Paint Retailers, shop The Home Depot Online Store, or the Modern Masters Online Shop and, too.

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Our Top 5 Guides for the Perfect Front Door Makeover

Top 5 Guides for the Perfect Front Door Makoever | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWho doesn’t love a Front Door Makeover? It not only freshens your curb appeal but you can also express yourself with a perfect color that welcomes your guests in style. Each year, over 13 million people paint their front doors and most will struggle with finding the right color, the right technique and equally important, the right product. With several Modern Masters products that can transform your front door, we’ve become quite the experts at creating a welcoming entryway. We’ve gathered up our five best guides on putting your best door forward.


Late last year, we introduced our new YouTube channel series, The Modern Masters Minute!  Sixty seconds is all it takes to showcase many of the amazing surfaces you can transform with our products. We launched the series with our How to Paint Your Front Door video tutorial that gave a quick overview of our Front Door Paint app and a front door project that’s a snap to paint, dries fast and never fades.


Tips & Tools for Choosing the Right Front Door Color | Modern Masters Cafe BlogIn our How to Choose a Front Door Color post, we shared three hot tips & tools for picking the perfect shade for your entrance.


How to Paint a Front Door | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project TutorialDebbie Hayes from My Patch of Blue Sky walked us through her Front Door Paint project using the color Playful. She covered everything from prep to finish. We also have a cool Front Door Paint Step-by-Step PDF on our Modern Masters website.


Front Door Ideas Podcast with the Porch Ideas NetworkOur President, Jim Rogers, spoke with the Porch Ideas Network on all things front door. Get his best advice on front door paint ideas and options with a quick listen to this fantastic podcast. They talk about the history of Front Door Paint, finding the perfect color and ignoring the ‘fear factor’ that can cause years of indecision.  If you’ve got a front door makeover planned, this is the show to listen to!


Haute Front Door Solutions | Modern Masters Cafe BlogOn this Fab Front Door Solutions post, we rounded up great ideas with all our products for your front door. Consider everything from glazing to patinas to metallics (Oprah magazine is a fan!) as well as our non-fade Front Door Paint. So much inspiration!

~ ~ ~

The front door is a focal point that connects a homeowner to their home – it sets the stage by making a welcoming statement and giving you a sneak peek into the personality of who lives inside. These five guides provide tons of front door ideas as well as solid tips and tutorials for making your front door redo a breeze with durable results. Check out our Metallic Paint Collection, Metal Effects and Decorative Painter’s Products for a unique take on front doors or try our Front Door Paint for a classic look that will stand the test of time. Find Front Door Paint at selected Ace Hardwares and Lowe’s,, and our Modern Masters Online Shop, too.  For all other products, use our Retail Locator to find the nearest shop. Can’t wait to see your projects!

Modern Mastery: Linda Gale Boyles

Are you on Instagram? We are! Come follow us as we share inspiring projects and creative ideas for decorative finishes on all manner of surfaces. You can also share your #ModernMasters projects with us, which is how we discovered the beautiful Modern Mastery of Southern Inspirations.

Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogLinda Gale Boyles is the Creative Director and Owner of Southern Inspirations. It’s the studio she founded in her home in 1993 as a way of following her dreams and pursuing her artistic leanings. Her business benefited from a Business Communications degree from Georgetown College, and she soon moved into a beautiful studio. Creating her own signature finishes after taking art and finishing classes around the world, she began focusing on furniture design and surface treatments as well as the pursuit of cutting edge products and techniques. We’re thrilled to showcase her versatile Modern Masters projects, encompassing walls, ceilings and her signature furniture treatments.

Painted and Stenciled Furniture with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Southern Inspirations and featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Paint and Pattern on Dresser Interior | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration | Modern Masters Cafe BlogCombining both a Royal Design Studio stencil and our Metallic Paint Collection, Linda designed and painted a unique dresser with handblown knobs and killer legs. Do you like the sneak peek inside the drawers, too?


Contemporary Metallic Plaster Wall Finish | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Plaster creates a contemporary wall finish in Linda’s hands. Beautiful design and floor to complement!


What is the most inspiring place you have visited?
The Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Artistically, I don’t think there is any other place on earth where there is more art in one place. It is so awe-inspiring and the beauty is unspeakable.

Luscious Green Venetian Plaster Finish on Walls with a Silver Metallic Paint Finish on Ceiling | Modern Mastery Feature on Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Masters Cafe BlogVenetian Plaster in a fresh yet calm green color scheme graces the dining room walls while a Glazed Silver Metallic Paint finish on the ceiling complements it beautifully. Wonderful palette and design!


Stencils and Stripes on Wall with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsOur Metallic Paint was used to create the chic striped wall treatment as well as stencil the patterns within the stripes. Gorgeous! Linda also created and designed the striking mirror.


What is your favorite Modern Masters finish?
It is a finish that I created called Old World Metallic. We cross hatch 2 colors of Metallic Paint and let it dry. Then we glaze and pit or watermark it. We do this on furniture and ceilings and clients love it! It looks like beaten or aged metal.

Copper Metallic Paint Finish on Range Hood | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Paint Crosshatch Finish on Range Hood | Modern Masters | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsVarious Copper and Gold Metallic Paints mix to create a stunning range hood finish.


Crosshatched and Glazed Metallic Paint Ceiling | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLinda’s Old World Metallic Finish with our Metallic Paint Collection graces a bedroom ceiling. What do you think of the whimsical headboard she designed?


What is your dream finishing project?
I have many! I have designed many pieces of furniture and am in the process of looking for a manufacturer. Also, I would love to create furniture finishes for a furniture company. There is nothing like transforming a furniture piece into something a client could only dream of. I think furniture is useful sculpture.

Multi-Color Venetian Plaster Finish with Modern Masters Metallic Paints on Walls | Modern Mastery Feature of Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Linda designed and finished this multi-color wall treatment with our Metallic Plasters. It’s chic and the colors add incredible interest to the space.


Linda certainly has an eye for beautiful color combinations with a creative twist. We love her fresh take on mixing patterns and finishes on all surfaces! Her studio is able to accommodate custom orders and designs for virtually any furniture project so please be sure to visit her Southern Inspirations website if you’d like to learn more. Don’t forget to also pin and share these amazing Modern Masters projects. Many thanks to Linda for sharing them with us!

A Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish Creates A Soft Glow On an Accent Wall

Modern Masters Tone on Tone Metallic Finish TutorialI had so much fun last month using Modern Masters Metallic Plaster while creating a gorgeous, easy focus wall in our master bedroom that I could not wait to try both the Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics. Note that the Matte Metallics have a subtle metallic glow as a compliment to the higher shimmer of the regular Metallic Paint Collection. The Matte Metallics are available in 15 of the most popular metallic colors.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Wall ProjectWe live in a 70′s ranch where 8 foot ceilings and small bathrooms reign. No luxurious spa tub here. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but creativity rules in our home to make it cozy and unusual. Discovering that I could use the Metallic Paints to create a tone-on-tone effect on the small focus wall in our hall bath was so exciting. The project was speedy and provided immediate gratification!

I’ll bet you have a wall or perhaps a niche that would be greatly improved using this simple technique too. The process is so easy.

Choose a Matte Metallic color for the base coat and then choose the corresponding Metallic Paint to match for the Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish. The Platinum/Silver Matte Metallic I chose will work with both the Platinum and Silver Metallic Paint and I went with the Platinum Metallic Paint.

Modern Masters Matte Metallics

Before you start, don’t miss Modern Masters’ quick application video for the Tone-On-Tone Metallic Finish:


Platinum/Silver Matte Metallic (or your chosen Matte Metallic color)

Platinum Metallic Paint (or your chosen corresponding Metallic Paint color)

6″ Natural Sea Sponge Mini Roller

• Painting & Finishing: 3/8″ Roller, Roller Frame, Roller Pan and Liner, Lint-free Rag, Painters Tape, Drop Cloth and Roller Extension (optional)

Modern MasterTone-on-Tone Metallic Paint Finish Project Supplies | Modern Masters Cafe Blog How-to TutorialTAPE AND BASECOAT THE WALL WITH MATTE METALLIC


Remove all hardware. Tape. Prep the wall if necessary. Metallic paint, like gloss paint, requires a smooth, patched wall for the best results. Since I had an existing plaster pattern to deal with, plus some hardware holes, my hubby had to assist and skim some areas with drywall, then I rolled on two coats of primer before I could begin.

Prepping and Painting for the Modern Masters Tone-on-Tone Wall Finish | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial by My Patch of Blue SkyPut down the drop cloth. Use the short nap roller to roll two coats of the Platinum/Silver Matte Metallic color (or your chosen Matte Metallic) for the base coat. Let dry completely between coats.


Rolling on the Matte Metallic Finish with the Modern Masters Min Sea Sponge Roller | Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish How-toUse the sponge roller to roll on the Platinum Metallic Paint (or your desired Metallic Paint color). Leave open space in order to get a two-tone effect. Blot any excess paint areas with the cloth, if necessary.

Can you believe you are already done? I told you this is magically quick!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Wall Finishe Project | Tone on Tone | Modern Masters Cafe Blog TutorialI love that the color changes as we move around the room and that it is subtle enough that we won’t tire of the effect quickly. The copper verdigris artwork by our daughter Jenny and the raku pottery piece look even more fabulous surrounded by the touch of platinum and silver glow.

Platinum and Silver Tone-on-Tone Metallic Paint Finish Tutorial | Modern Masters Cafe BlogContemporary Metallic Paint Finish How-to | Modern Masters Cafe BlogAnxious to jump on a similar project in your home? Find a retailer near you on the Modern Masters website. Don’t forget to share your finished projects, too.

Meet me back here next month when I will be painting my shutters with Modern Masters Front Door Paint.

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Modern Mastery: Mario Stanley Morales

Mario Stanley Morales of Artesanos Design | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Mario Stanley Morales

We’re happy to introduce another exciting artist for our Modern Mastery series! Mario Stanley Morales of Artesanos Design Group founded his company in 1985 and has been creating and designing custom finish concepts for over 30 years. He first came to our attention when he shared many of his unique projects with us on our Modern Masters Facebook fan page. His team has created a diverse portfolio of private and public commissions for projects such as governmental agencies, schools, retail stores, restaurants, religious facilities and residences. Based in Texas, his company straddles interior and exterior projects in both Mexico and the United States. The studio specializes in treatments such as Venetian Plasters, Faux Finishes, Murals, Gilding, Reactive Metal Patinas, Decorative Concrete, Stenciling as well as being well-versed in Feng Shui concepts and Color Therapy. Mario has kindly shared some of his favorite Modern Masters projects with us.

Historic Project with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Theme Paints | Artistry by Mario Stanley Morales of Artesanos Design Group | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMario used both Theme Paint and our Metallic Paint Collection to reinvigorate exterior accents of the Historic Brownsville Museum.

Black Venetian Plaster Wall Finish by Artesanos Design Group | Modern Masters Cafe BlogBlack Venetian Plaster enhances the walls of a contemporary space. We particularly admire the plaster seamlessly finished over the jib door.

Metal Effects Iron Rust Finish on Wall | Project by Artesanos Design Group | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMario used the Iron Reactive Paint and Rust Activator from the Metal Effects line to create an elegant Rust Finish Patina on his client’s walls.

Metal Effects Faux Verdigris Finish on Coffered Ceiling | Project by Artesanos Design Group and featured in the Modern Masters Cafe BlogFor a coffered ceiling, the Metal Effects Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Green Patina Aging Solution were used to create a stunning patinated finish on the insets. The beams received the Metal Effect Rust Patina Finish.

Metal Effects Patinas on Truck | Project by Mario Stanley Morales of Artesanos Design Group | Modern Masters Cafe Blog“Our client has trucking company and bought a truck he wanted us to further antique and weather as a showstopping ‘art’ piece outside of his business. We added the Metal Effects Rust Patina finish to certain areas and rusted more on others. Even some newly chromed areas got rusted!” Mario explains. What a fun project!

Retail Project by Artesanos Design Group using Metal Effects, JWR Acrylics and Theme Paints by Modern Masters | Modern Mastery Feature on Cafe BlogRetail Mural with Theme Paints and JWR Acrylics by Modern Masters | Project by Artesanos Design Group | Modern Masters Cafe BlogFor the upscale Nombe sneaker shop, Mario and his team created several murals with both Theme Paint and JWR Artist’s Acrylics. For the retail shop columns, they used Platinum Metallic Paint for the base and aged it with a glaze created with the Blackened Bronze Metallic Paint, keeping the shimmer intact. Finally, the patinated the corrugated metal running along the store with Metal Effects. Incredible!

Showcase Box painted with Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Decoupage | Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Project by Mario Stanley Morales of Artesanos Design GroupPapier Mache Calaveras created with JWR Acrylics and Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Artistry by Mario Stanley Morales of Artesanos Design GroupSmall art pieces are also created at the Artesanos Design Group studio. The Metallic Paint Collection and JWR Artist’s Acrylics are frequently used by Mario to create one-of-a-kind collectibles that include showcase boxes and papier-mâché calaveras (skulls) that honor the Mexican Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Mario handpaints and designs all the artistic ornamental touches.

Repurposed Chair Painted and Aged with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Mario Stanley Morales of the Artesanos Design GroupSilver Metallic Paint and a Blackened Bronze Metallic Paint overglaze helps create a stunning repurposed chair.

Stenciled Restaurant Bath with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Feature: Mario Stanley Morales of Artesanos Design Group | Modern Masters Cafe BlogArtesanos has transformed not only the main areas of several restaurants but also their bars, exteriors, private rooms and public baths. In this bath, Flash Blue Metallic Paint is used as a base while both Blackened Bronze and Black Cherry Metallic Paint are combined for the beautiful graphic pattern. Wouldn’t you love to step in this space?

We hope you’ve enjoyed the beautiful and unique artistry of Mario Stanley Morales! Please be sure to visit the Artesanos Design Group website for more and follow their Facebook page to keep on top of their latest projects. Many thanks to Mario for sharing his incredible work with us. If you’d like to share your Modern Masters projects, we’d love for you to contact us. Don’t forget to pin these projects and share this post!

Modern Masters Pairs Up with Hometalk!

Hometalk is the online home & garden knowledge hub and we love to browse and find inspiration on the site as well as share ideas and how-to tutorials on our page. Millions of homeowners, bloggers and professionals use Hometalk to share their project experiences, search for and share tips, ask questions as well as help other Hometalkers make informed decisions.

Helpful and Handy Hometalk Projects that Feature Modern Masters | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe were so happy to team up with them recently and have some of their fave Hometalkers try out our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects for the first time. Want to see some of the results?

Venetian Blue Metallic Paint updates a 1940's Desk | Hometalk Projects on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogHometalker Mary used Venetian Blue Metallic Paint and Pure White Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan to update a 1940′s desk.

Create a Stunning Table Tray with a Grate and Metal Effects Patinas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogA grate (!!) patinated with Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and Blue Patina Aging Solution from our Metal Effects line helps Hometalker Lian create a contemporary tray.

Funky and fun cupboard painted with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Hometalk Projects on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogHometalker Sherry used both English Brown and Snowflake Metallic Paint as well as new hardware, shelves and a colorful, patterned fabric to update a sad cupboard into a fresh, fun piece with personality!

Pantry Door with Metal Effects Patina | Hometalk Projects on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogHometalker Sherre updates a yellow pantry door with tin ceiling panels patinated with Metal Effects. Quite a change from just the standard white door!

Painted and Stenciled Headboard with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Hometalk Projects on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogAnother white to wow transformation was painted by Hometalker Marjorie. Marjorie painted and stenciled a headboard for her daughter’s room with both Champagne and Oyster Metallic Paints. Lovely!

Ceiling Fans are transformed with Metal Effects | Low Budget Makeovers | Modern Masters Cafe BlogCeiling fans can be expensive to replace so why not redo them yourself? Hometalk Sherre used the Bronze & Blue Metal Effects combination for her ceiling fan makeover.

Desk Makeover with Black Pearl and Steel Gray Metallic Paints | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSteel Gray and Black Pearl Metallic Paints help Hometalk Lori do paint a stunning desk makeover. Looks sleek and contemporary with just the right amount of shimmer!

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